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First of all, can we address my coat obsession? Will there ever be a time I don't get to Autumn, swear to myself I have enough already and then find one that makes you feel like you're wearing candy floss and a big warm hug all at once?! (FYI this one is from H&M!)
Even when your husband tells you that your arms will be cold, it's not waterproof, looks too big and doesn't even have any buttons?! I often wonder that my most favourite pieces in my wardrobe are Tom's most hated ;) ... take this pinafore for example..the one that I discovered through my friend Erica's site and was then told by said husband made me look amish..

Can we also address the fact that my baby smashed my DSLR on the floor and broke my lens (my fault for putting it so close to little hands to reach) and then my laptop broke on the same day? I'm not sure what my technology is doing to me right now but I'm going back to phone blogging and y'know what? I kinda like it in a nostalgic way! Me and a friend were chatting the other day about about blogging, about how it used to be the shy, awkward and the unsociable who'd start blogs and online friendships (I'm talking about myself here, I pretty much am the biggest awkward person ever). Remember when things like internet dating used to be something that people would snigger about? Now the world is online and blogging is taking over magazines and YouTube is taking over TV. I find it fascinating!

On the subject of YouTube I'm getting more into it and I made my first 'tag' video the other day if you fancy a watch.. and if you like what you see and fancy subscribing that would really mean a lot to me too! Talking baby names is one of my favourite things EVER, I'd love to know what your favourite names are, I actually wrote a post about this early in the year too! I'm currently planning a whole load of cats in our future with the below names..

Ok so this Duplo castle won't built itself, I'm off to help my little family build the biggest one ever before bath and bedtime, wish me luck ;) Speak soon!

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Kirsty Hijacked By Twins said...

I love the pink coat! Coats are one of the things I love most about autumn, coats and boots! Oh no what technology bad luck! Hope you got it all sorted x

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