Me and Mine October and a trip to Legoland

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This month I've been so excited for one thing over everything else and thats half term. I missed having my little buddy around SO much, more than I thought I would if I'm honest. I big part of me was grieving having him around and both me and his little sister were left most days wondering what to do. The house just seems a lot quieter with him away having his adventures without me. We actually initially planned to go away over the break and Tom originally took the week off but seeing how tired Wilf was getting each week and on the advice of friends with kids already at school we decided a slow chilled break would be best all round.

Instead Tom took half the week off and we decided to make a mini holiday of a couple of days away in Windsor and to visit Legoland! I feel like Wilf is at an age now (almost 5) to really appreciate places like this and as he's also recently gotten into Lego in a big way that when we were invited up it seemed like the perfect fit. We didn't actually tell him until the night before, we considered telling him on the day but actually the hotel we stayed at was one that partnered with Legoland (the Harte and Garter which was ace) so he had a bag of Lego goodies and a map waiting for him on his hotel bed which was a big clue. I thought he might not be able to sleep because of being so excited but actually I don't think he could really comprehend it until we were there. It was so sweet watching his face as the bus pulled up to the entrance and him exclaiming 'oh wow! I just saw a giant lego piece!' Tom and I kept looking at each other like 'wait until you see what's inside!'.

One of things thats so amazing about being a parent is how incredible it feels to see joy on your childs face.  I know that probably sounds super corny but all the cliches about parenthood are so true, you care about someone way more than yourself and so seeing them happy makes you happy.

We hadn't taken a Me and Mine picture yet this month so whilst we jumped on the 'Heartlake Express' over in Lego Friends city I tried to take a quick family selfie. Thankfully a nice american lady with her family sitting behind us offered to instead. Usually we are too British to accept when people offer and always say 'oh no, but thank you!' I'm not entirely sure why, maybe out of embarrassment? Anyway this time we made our excuses again and the lady said 'are you sure, I'm actually a photographer so I should be able to fit you all in'  so then I kinda of felt obliged to say yes and you know what? I'm so glad I did! I think next time someone asks I'm going to stop being so awkward and just thank them and go for it!

We decided to take the day pretty slowly especially as we have two very little kids. We did get a Q
Bot which meant we could reserve the next ride as we walked along and so didn't have to queue but actually I don't think we would have had to have waited all that long on the rides we were going on. My favourite bit was riding the helicopter with Wilf in Duplo Valley, it was one of those special moments of just us two doing something together that I'd really missed. Mabli's favourite was the super cute water ride that went round Fairytale Brook and we all really loved the submarine in Atlantis (although that's about as much thrill I can take at the moment, I'm definitely not a thrill seeker ha!).

atlantis legoland windsor
heart lake express legoland
legoland storybrock

I think because we had decided to take it really slow and not try and see everything it felt like the perfect amount of time to stay without anyone getting overtired or too hungry or too full of sugar (ha!) We all really loved the tiny lego cities and could have spent ages there following the trains round. It really was such a lovely day and the perfect half term activity and staying over in a hotel either side of the day meant we were all rested but got to spend some quality time together. The pass we had meant we could have made it a two day trip which I think if you have older kids would be ace but we felt like as we were only going on the little rides a day was plenty.

October has been such a great month for us, after feeling pretty lonely in September and dealing with the big changes school and life has thrown at us I'm feeling so good about the future. I love Autumn as it's the lead up to mine and both the kids birthdays and then Christmas of course. So much to celebrate and reflect on.

legoland miniture village
legoland miniture village
legoland miniture village
legoland lego friends
legoland lego friends

Wilf's so excited to get back to school tomorrow and tell all his new buddies about his half term adventures and I'm looking forward to spending some one on one time with my little girl too.

P.S if you want 10% off a Legoland booking just click here we really want to go back and stay in the Castle hotel that will be finished next year!

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Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Legoland is so much fun with little kids, we took our three when Kitty was almost five and they were just at the perfect age to see everything with awe inspired wonder! It's a gorgeous picture of the four of you too, you look ready to burst with happiness!

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