Jumpers and Friends

Happy Christmas jumper day!

2016 has been a funny old year ey? Some major lows, both in my personal life and the big wide world (I mean what the hell is going on right now!?). There's also been some amazing lovely moments, lots of new friends made and a big reassessment about what I want in my life and what is the most important. I've been having quite a lot of anxious days lately (today being one of those ones where I can't quite catch my breath or breath deeply enough) but I also feel massively grateful and thankful for the people I'm now surrounding myself with. 

I feel that at the grand old age of 31 I'm sort of figuring it all out a bit better. I'm not sure if it's having a little baby again but friendships and having a support network is the thing I value over everything at the moment. I honestly don't know what I'd do without being able to have a moan and a laugh with some of the amazing women I know. I always used to be a bit of a loner, never one with many friends. Although that being said I had a couple of close ones. The ones you can call at whatever time of day or pick up where you left of every time you see each other, but I don't think I realised how much I needed that when you no longer live by your close friends. 

I once had a boyfriend who when I suggested going out to any social occasion with people he might not know would say 'I don't need to meet anyone new. I have friends and I don't need anymore'. Its always stuck with me in a funny way as I feel really different. Now more than before I LOVE meeting new people and making new friends. 

A lot of the time with having a job that is so online I often feeling like I'm communicating with people all day long (over social media) but it's not until lately that I've realised the difference between that and real connections. Pretty much all my fiends now are ones I've made over the internet and I'm so thankful that they are ones that I can also meet up with in real life but I think it's really important to make space for those real life meet ups and connections. 

The other day one of those internet/real life connections (Lyzi) asked I would fancy checking out a space in Bristol called the Forge and taking some pictures together for our blogs. I'd wanted to take a look at the space for ages and so myself and Mabli headed on over to meet her. We also met up with Lyzi's friend Lauren a photographer who has just moved to the area from Australia. She kindly offered to take some pics for us both whilst we were there and I just love her photography so so much. We worked out we actually live really close together in the city so I'm really looking forward to meeting up in the new year as we all got on so well. It made me so happy to make another friend and just hang out together (although oh my gosh we got the longest journey back in a bus that smelt like wee and a man accidentally poked Mabli in the eye which has made me want to learn to drive a million percent faster ;))

The Forge is just the most stunning location too, I think I could just live there (in fact I would definitely swap my messy house for beautiful exposed brick and Scandinavian furniture thank you very much). Hanging out with these two left me feeling so creative and I already have plans to return a bit more prepared and take lots more outfit and blog pics. 

With the craziness of Christmas now in full swing I'm really looking forward to taking a work break and concentrating on whats most important. Good friends, healthy family, my two beautiful kiddos that I can't wait to spend some real quality time with, for adventures with my Husband and not worrying about the housework or renovations (we are going away for a few days this Christmas break). 

I hope you all have a chilled Christmas break! (I'm writing this a little early as school breaks up today so it sort of feels like the start of the holidays). I'm sure I'll be back with another post before the big day! 

My jumper is from Pull and Bear here and as it's national Christmas Jumper day you can also donate to Save the Children here


fashion for lunch said...

I love this jumper and what a beautiful place


Unknown said...

I've seen the Forge online a lot and it
Looks amazing. I love these shots of you too- SO photogenic

Adorngirl said...

You look so lovely, 2016 really has been a funny old year

Unknown said...

What a fab place! Enjoy your time out X

jhon said...

A little less focused on bodily function, a little more focused on the cuteness overload. Jumperoo

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