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January is one of my favourite months. Yes the days are short and dark and the weather has much to be desired (especially in the UK) but I love how it feels almost like a 'fresh start'. Like so many others I'm using this time of year to reflect on all that we did last year, to feel thankful for what we have and and to feel excited for what 2017 might bring.

 We have taken so many pictures over the years and I'm always so grateful that this blog gives me the inspiration I need to do so. Quite often days can go by when I don't pick up the camera but I think without my blog to remind me to do so then months would quite easily slip by without me noticing. Every month we take a 'me and mine' picture and every month it's almost always on the last day of the month, it's aways in a rush and there's always part of me that thinks 'lets do this tomorrow'. Without the prompt to publish a photo of us all each month then I'm fairly certain there would be only a couple of photos with us all in them each year rather than 12.

I'm working with Blurb in this post to share with you the photobook we created using some of our favourite pictures of 2016. I love the idea of doing this at the end of every year to look back on and to give as gifts to family (we actually gave one to grandparents as a Christmas gift this year). 

Blurb make the process really straightforward, you start with the book size, pick the style, paper type and a few other options and then simply chose which pictures you want to use and where to place them. I chose not to in this instance but you can even add text to each page if you want to. I love this idea for something like printing out some of your favourite blog posts at the end of the year, especially our travel journals. They also have templates to chose from for the design and layout of your pictures which makes placing them and creating the look you want really simple.

Something else I found really neat about Blurb is their bookshop where you can purchase books other members have made. There are some absolutely stunning looking books on there, like this one called 'The Lifestyle Notebook' which is packed full of simple vegan recipes that I'd love to try. I also got a bit lost looking through their travel section and I'm really tempted to pick up this beautiful book  on the Arctic and Greenland. I could buy so many beautiful books from their bookshop if I'm honest!

After picking some of my favourite shots from the year I placed my order and the book arrived via courier ten days later. I was so pleased with the quality of the book and especially the paper used in the pages. It's been lovely to have on our coffee table and flip through with the kids. I'm really keen to do this yearly so we have a little collection of our lives and the kids growing up. I also have plans to print out a few separate ones of our travels as they hold such special memories for us. 

I'm so excited to get started on our next book! I think I'll go back and make some of the last few years  first. I can't wait to see what 2017 brings us and what moments we can capture for this years book! 

Have you ever made a photo book

Sponsored by Blurb
Photos by Nell Mallia 


Lucy Loves Ya said...

Love this! Too many family photos never see the light of day. Would make a lovely gift X

Old Fashioned Susie said...

My other half makes me one of these every year- but yours looks much better quality

fashion for lunch said...

This is just lovely!!! I want one!!

Lori Taylor Arnold said...

Love this I really need to make more photo books of our daily lives and adventures x

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