House Renovations update

So over the past six months we've had A LOT going on in our home. Pretty much everything I earn..well OK minus the odd dress or two..oh and the odd (daily) latte and cake treat.. so not quite everything but a large part..has been going towards doing up our home. In might sound strange to some but Tom and I have never had a joint account, he's always been in charge of the mortgage and all bills and I've always been in charge of the food and childcare..on top of that I'm in charge of meals out and holidays. It might sound like Tom gets the worst part of the deal but he's a natural saver and I'm a natural splurger so by me feeling no guilt about us going out for breakfast he feels less worried about it because it feels like I'm 'treating' us. In reality all the money is of course shared but it just seems to work better done like this. I'd be curious to know if any of you are the same!

Anyway, I'm getting distracted! If you remember from this post we recently knocked out an inbuilt wardrobe and decided to do up our landing. A few months later and for various reasons this isn't quite finished and we're still waiting for a carpenter to finished the banister, shelving and skirting so that's sort of been left on hold for a while..

(this is before all the work)

Instead we started thinking about getting cracking on the back two rooms of our house. The backdoor corridor and old toilet. When we moved in we decided we didn't want to use it as a toilet and instead it became a place we kept our tumble dryer and freezer. The space where the backdoor was we blocked up with boxes of my old stock as we had french doors put in from our living room this time last year.

I've been needed an office for a while now and so we decide that by knocking down the two rooms into one made best use of the space. That's currently happening right now (I'm hiding in a cafe).

We also decided to tackle our bedroom and wallpaper it which is something we'd been planning for a while so whilst it was empty for that it made sense to carpet..so all our room was moved into Wilf's room, Wilf then lost his room for a week or so..and the list goes on.

As yet none of these places have been 'finished' enough to share with you guys but I've been filming little bit son the way, hopefully it will make for a good before and after!

So our home has been having work done in most room which has been pretty full on if I'm honest. Not happy enough we that we've now booked in for our bathroom to be finished this week! I'm hoping that February will bring a calmer more complete household as living with boxes and bits and bobs of building work isn't ideal.

I'll hopefully be able to share our bathroom with you in a couple of weeks but do keep an eye out on IG as I've been doing little updates on my stories.  This was it two days ago!

In the meantime I've been pinning away like crazy! You can check out some of my boards here and here.

I have this wallpaper bookmarked for my office! It's only £6.74!

hope you all have a lovely weekend xx

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