Cute sausage dog draft excluder DIY

I'm not sure about you but household objects with faces always give me so much joy, for example a door stop is just a door stop until it's got eyes and a tail (ours is a fox) and then its part of the family. Similarly a draft excluder although practical doesn't really have the cute factor until its a sausage dog with a pretty pink collar! I'm teaming up with Smart Energy in this post to share a super quick and easy DIY draft excluder to help you keep your house warm in the winter. Mabli is currently so taken with it that it rarely stays by our door and ends up being carried around our living room.

This craft is so super simple to make and you can use items that you probably already have around the home (e.g old tights). If you don't own a glue gun then you could use a needle and thread but I picked up my glue gun for about £5 so they are quite a inexpensive (and save so much time than sewing!).
First of all, you will need :

Old tights (you just need one leg)
Felt squares – For this I am using the colours white, brown, black and pink
Glue Gun
Stuffing (you can pick up a small bag from most hobby shops, I used 250 grams
String (to tie a nose)

To start, cut out your eyes from your white felt and then smaller circles out of your black felt to make the pupils

Fold your brown fabric square in half and draw a rough outline of an ear shape. Next cut along the line of your folded piece so that it cuts out two ear shapes of the same size.

Next up cut out a collar out of your pink felt along the width of your fabric square

Cut off one leg of your old tights and fill with stuffing.

Get a small amount of string and tie it around the foot end of your tights to create a nose

Now its time for sticking!

Stick on your ears using the glue gun to glue along the top.

Next up stick your pupils onto your white felt eyes, then stick them onto your dogs face.

Lastly glue your collar around your dogs neck

The last thing to do it tie the open end of your tights into a knot, this will both seal your draft excluder but also acts as your dogs tail!

That's it, you're done!

I think this might be one of my favourite DIY's yet, whats more as well as being super cute (if I say so myself) it's also super handy! I'm writing this post in collaboration with the folks at Smart Energy GB to highlight how much smart meters can help and you can find out more here. They show how much gas and electricity is being used in your home in £s and pence meaning you can then pin point which appliances are eating up your energy (or even to show you the difference you can make by turning off a light). This information can then aid in helping you to save substantially on your household bills. Find out how you can get one here

In the future we can look forward to seeing cheaper tariffs at 'off-peak' times. So for example you can decide to put on your washing machine when electricity isn't in such a high demand and pay less for it. If you have a smart appliances you could even set your machines to come on at certain times when it is cheaper but you're not in the house, clever hur?!

I made a little video on how to make this cute sausage dog draft excluder if you want to give it a go yourself and insulate your home a little better and saving you money. I hope you like it!

In Association with Smary Energy GB



fashion for lunch said...

This is soooo much fun!!!! Love it so much!!

Old Fashioned Susie said...

What a cutie! It looks like one we had as a child

Lucy Loves Ya said...

Love this! Reminds me of a similar draft excluder when I was little!

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