Agent Wilf!

We've been working with BEAR for a few months now and it's one of those brands that I think just really fits so well with our family and ethos. I remember first discovering them when Wilf was a toddler, we were in the supermarket and he asked for a packet of the fruit rolls, I initially said no assuming they were sweets packed with all the nasties and then was pleasantly surprised to find they were just made out of fruit. Since then we've always had a pack or two knocking about the kitchen cupboards. Many years after we first discovered them we now use them as after school 'treats' and his little sister is starting to enjoy them too.

If you already buy them you might know that each packet comes with a little collectable card. I still remember how exciting it was to collect things like this as a child (although I used to collect Spice Girl cards!) and Wilf is just as excited whenever he opens a pack to find a new card. He seems to have collected a great number of them over the years! 

The cards that currently come with the BEAR Yoyos are the super spy cards and BEAR were kind enough to send Wilf a little parcel of spy goodies along with some of their Yoyos. Although we are lucky enough to get to work with some amazing companies which provide lots of experiences for us and the kids, honestly I've never seen Wilf quite as happy as he was when he tried on his Agent Wilf costume'. 

It just so happened that we were off that day to celebrate the Chinese New Year but Wilf insisted on keeping on his outfit to hunt for clues. So many people at the celebrations stopped to talk to us or smile at him and when we went for lunch later that day the chefs told Tom he had litrally made their day! 

If you're wondering what’s going in the pictures above he was writing with natural invisible ink AKA lemon juice. Once it's dried you can hold it to a heat source (like a radiator or light bulb) and the juice will turn brown and be visible again. I think we maybe didn't use enough juice for ours as it didn't have a dramatic effect but we're going to try a similar activity using candle wax (rubbing a candle onto paper) and then painting over it to reveal what it says.

Have you seen the new BEAR Super Spy cards? Do your kids love collecting them as much as mine?
Free from added sugar, concentrates and naturally full of fibre, with absolutely no added nonsense, BEAR Yoyos are available in a range of recipes: Strawberry, Apple, Blackcurrant, Mango, Raspberry and Pineapple.

Did you know that your cubs can collect bear cards from packs of BEAR Yoyos, send them to The Spy Cave and receive a free Spy Kit?  To find out more visit: http://www.bearnibbles.co.uk/ and follow @Follow_The_Bear

In association with BEAR

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