Mabli's First Shoes

When it comes to those milestone moments, I have to admit that Mabli's might have been met with less anticipation than Wilfs. So it goes with second children I think, rather than the dedicated 'tummy time' Wilf would have for example, the moment he first rolled over recorded in not only his baby book but my blog and social media and probably a call to my parents as well. Mabli on the other hand was rolling over and sitting up with more of a sudden realisation of 'oh my gosh, when did you learn to do that?!'.

Still first steps are always ones to be noted and celebrated. They signify not just another developmental leap but a change from baby to toddler..(although lets be honest I think I'm going to be calling her the baby until she's at least three). As with Wilf we picked up those all important first shoes at Clarks, like so many other parents before us (I think my first shoes were also from Clarks). They are a company I'm so pleased to be teaming up with on the blog with Mabli's first pair.

We chose the Little Atlas cruisers in light grey, I think they are a super sweet design without being overly girly. In fact I think they are probably quite gender neutral and the easy to fasten velcro straps mean the Mabli can actually attempt to do them herself. I don't know if it's because she is a girl or just that she's a different person but she's definitely already showing an interest in what she does or doesn't want to wear which is interesting! Wilf still to this day is happy for me to dress him in anything I choose and never has a preference which has made things really easy (as I love to dress my kiddos!). I have a feeling that Mabli will be choosing her clothes much sooner than he does!

Clarks were kind enough to gift us all a new pair of shoes so I picked the Zest Tex for Wilf. He's still not really ready for laces so I love that they are so easy for him to take off and on himself.

My lovely boy making daisy chains with me and putting them in his hair. I want to freeze his innocence, I know there will be a time when he doesn't want to spot flowers or make 'jewellery' together, thankfully that time is not now.

Tom chose the Lander Cap in white which I wouldn't mind wearing myself to be honest and I chose the Clovelly Sun in yellow suede. They are my favourite colour and so super comfy, I think they'll be brilliant for spring and summer.

I really love these last two shots so much. Tom and I never really do couple shots as I think we are just too awkward when the camera gets put on us together but my friend Nell managed to capture us really naturally.

This one of Mabli and the ducks just cracks me up, she was following them all over the park and at one point they got into a V formation with her at the back! So funny, she was squealing with excitement!

Thanks so much to Clarks for sponsoring this post! Did you get your kids first shoes from Clarks? Or maybe even your own as a child? I wonder how many generations have done!

In association with Clarks - Pictures Nell Mallia 
Wilf is wearing Tootsa jumper and jacket 
Mabli is wearing this dress from Monsoon
My dungarees are from here

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