Me and Her and my favourite time of day

I'm one of those super weird people that like Mondays, I know, weird right?

I used to hate Mondays, I used to have Sunday-night-Monday-dread. I'd start to get that knot in my tummy about going into a job I wasn't massively keen on, about the commute, about a whole five days before I got a lie in again. Since I left that job for Maternity leave that first time Mondays have totally changed for me. I not going to lie, since becoming mum the idea of a lie in is pretty non existent possibility but Mondays now feel like a fresh start. Even more so Monday mornings, start of a new day and a new week and all the possibilities that might bring.

Mondays are currently my day with my littlest, I have dedicated work days on Tuesday and Wednesday (and a few hours on Thursday too) so Mondays and Fridays are for just me and her whilst my biggest is off at school.

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I'm working with Kingsmill on this post to talk about my morning rituals and their new 'super toasty loaf'. I'm pretty particular about my breakfast, I rant to everyone (including my mum who has never eaten breakfast) that it is the most important meal of the day. I really can't imagine not having that first cup of tea at whatever ridiculous hour I've been forced awake by my toddler and then afterwards that first slice of toast (to go with your second cup of tea of course!).

When Wilf started school so went our leisurely starts, days where we didn't leave the house until at least ten o clock are no longer but since I've been blessed (ha!) with early risers we do still have a quite a lot of time in the morning from 6ish to when we leave the house at 8.30.

I'm super fussy over my toast and don't like it to be really thin which is why their new toasty loaf ticks my box. I'd say my perfect slice was crunchy enough on the crusts bit soft on the inside, spreading of choice would have to be marmite all the way but second would be marmalade and tahini. Honestly it is life changing, I LOVE that combination! If I'm feeling like a change I'll go for chocolate spread, it always makes me feel like a child again.

We were also sent their mixed berry toasties which have become a firm favourite for Wilf and also double as a super easy after school treat. I find that if I've not been organised enough I tend to struggle with snacks between the end of school and dinner time. I do tend to dish out the biscuits when I'm not prepared for snacks so these are brilliant for being 'treat snacks' but containing fruit sugars rather than a quick sugar fix.

I just love these pictures my friend Lauren took of me and Mabli, especially the one where it looks like we are deep in conversation. She is at such a fun age right now and just such a cheeky little thing. She can say a few words but generally just babbles away cracking us up with her funny little ways. I'm getting excited about her getting that bit bigger and the conversations we'll have but I'm also savouring her right now too. It's a funny thing being a parent isn't it, my favourite time is always right where we are at that time.

Ok serious question, what do YOU have on your toast?

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Anonymous said...

Morning Fritha & Mabli. I like to have just butter on my toast because I like to dip my toast in my tea. Sometimes stawberry jam or honey. Love reading your blog's. Love Jem & Betsy xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Fritha & Mabli,
I'm also a fan of marmite �� But when I fancy a change I do like peanut butter and of course always with a cup of tea.
Really enjoying your blogs.
Love Kay, Evelyn & Charlotte xx

fashion for lunch said...

I'm a fan of peanut butter and Nutella!

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