A very good weekend and filming for the West End! Life Lately

It's been a while since I've done a Life Lately post. I think I tend to use my Instagram account to pop all the photos up that don't make a post but then forget that I'm missing recording some of my favourite memories here. My last 'Life Lately' post was in August, what?!

Always one to hatch up new ideas and projects we have decided that moving house is potentially on the cards for this year.. yes after we made our dream bathroom..but I guess we can always recreate it one day in the next place.

As such we've been taking little trips to the area of the city we are potentially thinking of relocating and its making me feel like I'm on holiday. I don't know if it's because its coinciding with the lovely weather we've been having lately or if we are just seeing things with rose tinted glasses but we are definitely falling in love with south Bristol. I'm excited to discover new to me places and make new pals there too!

Mon Pote - SUCH a good shop, I came away with three things from their first birthday celebrations (could have come away with A LOT more)

We hopped on the bus to the garden centre on the weekend and ate some cake in the cafe there before a ride around the plants in a wheelbarrow. I just love these pics so much!

Last week I did something that was kinda a big deal for me and spent the day filming a project with a agency and film crew for something I'll be sharing tomorrow (the 5th of April) on my Insta . Maybe it seems like I wouldn't be but I don't actually think of myself as a very confident person. I share my life and am comfortable in front of the camera..on my terms, usually in my own home and not in front of anyone! I have to admit the first few takes and I was shaking a little, my mouth dried up and this voice in my head was like 'what on earth are you doing? You can't do this!'

The crew were just so patient and helpful though and quite soon I was at ease. I do have a new found respect for anyone who memorises lines though oh my gosh, my memory is shocking. I was reading a line before the take and then only remembering half of it when they were recording, ah!

Anyway, I've just seen the vids and they are looking so good (if I say so myself). Its a really fun little project I did with London's West End and you can win some brilliant prizes by playing along so defo give it a go if you're going to be in London on the dates I share in the videos!

I went up the night before as it was an early start and ended up walking the 45 min to my hotel, I was really glad I did as I did a little tourist spot of Buckingham Palace and St James's too. London is so pretty in the sunshine (doesn't beat Bristol though obviously ;)

We also ended up spending a bit of time in Bath, I popped into my favourite store and we also found a brilliant magazine shop called Magalleria which has just about every beautiful magazine you could want. I went away with Lunch Lady and Wilf picked up Okido. Just our luck that this issue was a special all about poo. Anyone with a five year old will probably know that this is something 5 year olds find very funny, and so it was the subject of topic for days and days.. ;)

The prettiest of pretty displays!

So many magazines!

When we were south of the river we also got to try out a place that's been on our list for ages, VX! It's a vegan junk food cafe which I immediately loved the sound of because who says vegans want to eat healthy all the time? I hate the misconception that because I'm plant based I just live off salads, believe me I eat my fair share of fried foods and cake. Not ALL the time but a little of everything is a good idea I think..apart from maybe when you have a 5 year old and you let him have the vegan Oreo milkshake then realise just how big it is and you probably should share so his sugar intake isn't through the roof haha!

Anyway I definitely recommend!

I think thats it for now! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and week ahead! x

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