Our weekend at Fistral Beach Newquay with Beach Retreats

I'm pretty sure that if I didn't love Bristol quite so much my spiritual home would be Cornwall. I remember visiting for the first time with a group of friend when I was 23 and haven't no idea there were places in the UK that were quite so nice. At the time I went to St Ives, it was gloriously hot I watched seals from a boat excision and eat cream tea, it was bliss! 

Fast forward a few years and I've been lucky enough to visit again recently with friends, but I'd never been back with my family. When Beach Retreats asked us if we'd like to stay a couple of nights at one of their apartments I was so eager to spend some quality time in one of the UK's best countys. 

We chose 12 Pearl at Fistral beach as we loved the look of the contemporary modern ascetics and the fact that it looked straight out onto the sea. It was also super easy to get to without a car (yep Tom and I STILL don't drive, working on it..). We just hopped on the train to Newquay and with a fortuitous £3 upgrade to 1st class and a well timed toddler nap we had a really enjoyable journey down!

As Mabli still co-sleeps Tom and Wilf shared the room with two singles and we had the king size bed. It's so funny as we've been doing this set up every since Mabli was born when we travel so Wilf always choose the 'boys room and the girls room' haha. I think its nice for him to wake up with someone in the room though as it's sometimes funny when you're little and you're in a new place.

The apartment had a balcony out the front that the kids spent the whole time running around and around. It was brilliant as we could just watch them from the living room and enjoy a glass of wine. We've been saying since that we need one at home instead of a garden just a small minimal spot to potter around in is all you need really!

On our first morning we headed out to explore the rock pools and build some sandcastles. It was super windy so we all needed hats and coats but it wasn't raining so I feel like that was a win. We had so much fun exploring caves and jumping on rocks. With Mabli asleep for a while in the sling on Tom me and Wilf held hands and imagined who would live in the deep dark caves (Wilf said maybe a bear).

I just love these pictures of me and the kids. I was calling them over to get a family snap, of course neither wanted to stop and pose and instead I had to rugby tackle them into the frame whilst they toppled me over. I think that makes for a better picture anyway! We were so happy in this moment, it's the little things in life that are just the very best aren't they!

My lovely lovely boy. My favourite time is now, I want to freeze this age and his innocence and loveliness. I'm so proud of him I can't even describe it. Sometimes I just can't catch my breath because it's so overwhelming that he is half of me, that I created something so beautiful.

oh Wilf!

Tom headed out to get some supplies from the local supermarket (one of the reasons we love self catering) and when he was there he spotted this pack of ponnies on offer. He hid them all over the apartment over the evening so when Wilf woke up the next day he kept gasping and running around spotting them all and getting so excited. He still loved things like My Little Pony so he was over the moon and spent the morning playing with them whilst it rained outside. We loved staying in an apartment like this as it felt so open and we were also able to watch the sea from our living room all cosy when it rained outside!

Some more pics from the beach, I took so many!

Another attempt as a posey pic with my boy, love his cheese face haha!

We mainly ate at the flat for the couple of days we were there but we did eat lunch out whilst we were exploring, we got a pasty one day (compulsory when in Cornwall right?) and chips of course the next.

My little girl looking so busy (and so big!).

It was so nice to have a quick weekend break and quality time with my family. Now Wilf is at school we are more restricted with when we can get out and about but sometimes all you need are two day away from home and the beach at your doorstep right?
Thanks to Beach Retreats for inviting us! If you are invested in where we stayed we were at the Pearl Apartment at Fistral Bay.
I also made a little video of our weekend if you fancy a watch!

Prices start from £665 for seven nights and you can book via here

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