The big switch up - Do it together

On the whole I feel like Tom and I have the balance of work/childcare roles quite balance. It's not perfect by all means but its much more flexible than most I think. I feel very fortunate both that Tom is the sort of dad that wants things like this to be more equal and also that his work have been accommodating in regards to flexible working.

I'm not sure if you remember (or if you are new to my blog I'll just recap) but when our second child Mabli was born I decided to not take any more maternity leave than the mandatory two weeks. Instead Tom applied to be able to take my maturity leave and had six months off work so that I could work. Clearly this was made A LOT easier by the fact that I work from home. I can say with certainty that if I had an office job that meant long hours away from the home there would have been no way I would be returning after only two weeks.

He's also been able to cut down his working week to four days so that I can have an extra days childcare and work three days (I have childcare covered for 8 hours a week over two days). In reality its still a massive juggle because I'm packing in 40 hours work in about 16 hours so it means that I work weekends and evenings. Often it does feel less than perfect when Tom is able to go to his office job and complete his work in relative peace whilst I'm trying to fit it into naps or take photos whilst entertaining the baby. Add to this the general house admin which as I'm home I feel like the larger share is passed on to me and I do crave a more 50/50 split of our roles. I think that largely things like the cleaning, taking kids to school, making dinner, food and cloth shopping and all the other home tasks do tend to fall on the mum and it's hard not to feel resentful sometimes when it's all getting a bit much!

That being said I bet there are loads of things Tom does that I don't really notice him doing as well so it would be interesting to fully swap roles for the day and see how we both liked it!

On 9th May, Indesit will be launching their Big Family Switch Up campaign. The campaign will be challenging families to switch roles for 7 days with one goal of becoming a family who #DoItTogether. Indesit believe when we all work together with equal responsibilities, everything is made easier for the family and the results are always better.

So what is a “Switched Up Family”? It’s a family where everyone contributes to the household chores, switching roles and tasks whenever needed. Indesit believe that working together, things work out best! And Indesit “life-proof” appliances are designed to be part of your team, everyday, in your daily routine.

You can see a bit more about what the campaign is about here. The video is the first main episode in the series and you can watch the remaining episodes each week on the homepage.

Like I said I do think that Tom and I have and are working towards a more equal split in terms of things like this but it's definitely not perfect for sure. I'd love to really swap roles for the day and see how we each found our new positions! They are asking you guys if you do try to switch up your roles to share any pics using the hashtag #DoItTogether I'd love to see your pics if you do!

You can find more info here and the link to the survey carried out here.

In collaboration with Indesit

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