Venice with kids (picture heavy post!)

Oh Venice! You were just about one of the prettiest places I've EVER been too but oh my gosh you were a mixed bag of emotions. Just a disclaimer on this post, I found visiting Venice with two small children HARD WORK!

We LOVE city breaks, having started traveling with Wilf when he was around two we first took him to Paris which we found so easy we returned to twice more in the next few years. Similarly we have loved taking the kids to Amsterdam and of course London many times. We often find city breaks easier than our other trips so I was a bit surprised to find Venice hard work. Of course I didn't really take into account how tricky it would be to be surrounded by water and canals all the time and how much my hear skipped a beat every time my five year old ran too close to the side or how his little legs got tired walking over so many bridges or how he felt sick on the bumpy water taxis. I didn't really take into account how our 16 month old would get annoyed with spending most the day in a sling and unable to get down and walk along the pavements because of the amount of tourists and water risk.

I guess I was a little naive maybe about this trip as all our others have gone so well but I found traveling with a 16 month old and a five year old particularly challenging. I found that Mabli was getting tied and fractious and then Wilf would get bored and I wouldn't have the patience for him that I would normally.

I guess the other thing was I didn't really realise how BUSY it would be everywhere (can you tell I didn't do much research on this trip?) I just didn't realise how much of a tourist attraction it is. It's undoubtable one of the most beautiful places in the world but then everyone wants to go see it's beauty of course!

Picture from our Venice Airbnb which I'll write about separately!

My top and skirt are both from Boden, top here - skirt here

This is Wilf and my little sister, I know I'm bias but what a dude! He loves wearing this shirt with a bow tie and his 'inspector' mac!

Here comes a bunch of architecture spam..

We heard that the Damian Hirst 'Sunken Treasures' instalation was being exhibited whilst we were there and after looking it up thought it might be something that Wilf would enjoy too. I'm not massively into Damian Hurst usually but we all really loved this one. We were surprised by how much Wilf took away from it and has been chatting about it ever since.

We grabbed a water taxi to the Giardini Publici in the Castello areas for the kids to run around in the many play parks which was our first chance to really just let them go free. My anxiety levels were super high from watching him like a hawk by the canals, ha!

Will picked me these beautiful blooms, my heart!

We stopped at Caffe La Serra for lunch and they had a great veggie selection. Luckily my sister can speak Italian so we let her order for us the whole trip. It was lovely and chilled and we enjoyed a couple of cheeky Aperol Spritz there whilst one of the guests at the cafe started playing the piano. It was so peaceful even with two under fives!

I don't want to put anyone off visiting Venice with kids because its a wonderful city with so much culture and beauty but I did find travelling there with a toddler and a five year old really tricky! I'd definitely love to return, maybe as an adult only trip though ;)

I made a little video of our time in Italy if you want to watch it

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