What I eat in a day - Reduced sugar and salt with a busy lifestyle

As a working mum of two, my life is always a little bit busy. I feel like I'm constantly chasing my tail and I often find myself getting a quick fix of sugar or something quick and easy to make but not all that nutritious. I have to admit that on my busiest days the kids will have something beige from the freezer (their favourite haha) and I'm left vowing I will be more prepared the next day!

Tesco asked me to try out their reduced sugar and salt range so swap out some of our usual go to snacks and easy meals to make. I thought it would be interesting to show you in a 'what I eat in a day' sort of way. I always find these posts and videos so intriguing!

6am - The kids are both early risers so I usually get up around 6am and bring a cup of tea back to bed for me and Tom to drink as we slowly wake up. The rule is for the kids that they have to play in their room until we have drank our tea haha, it never actually works though and they usually pile into our bed after about five minutes asking to be read books ;)

We picked up the Tesco instant golden syrup porridge in our shop and they have been so useful for a quick and healthy breakfast. Wilf really enjoys them and they are super easy to make as you just add boiling water and leave to stand for a few minutes. I add fruits like blueberries and raspberries to sweeten. I also had mine with the Tesco reduced sugar orange juice.

After the school run is done and me and Mabli have had a morning of activities together I'll make lunch for us both. Mabli doesn't tend to eat much at lunch but she'll have a piece of bread and a little bit of this soup to dip her bread into. It's great to be able to eat something that is low in salt so I know its not an issue to share with the toddler too. I used the low in fat Tesco olive spread for the organic brown bread which helped increase our fibre intake.

Around 2pm I'll have a cup of tea and a biscuit..or two!

4pm School run done and we all have a little snack whilst we chill out for the couple of hours before Tom gets home from work. I make me and the kids some hummus on toast. Mabli in particular cannot get enough of hummus! We try and eat this with carrot sticks or celery too for a slightly healthier snack. As you can see the hummus is the low in fat version but tastes just the same!

6pm Tom's home and we all gather round to eat dinner together, we like to do this as much as possible as I feel like meal times are such an important time to be able to chat to the kids about their days and just reconnect a bit again. I'm cooking a bit of a family staple pasta, sauce and cheese. I don't usually go for pre grated but sometimes having things like this to hand is just so much easier.

We added the reduced salt garlic bread which also tasted exactly the same as the regular garlic bread in my opinion! I think these little swaps will make a big difference in our every day life as it all adds up quite quickly when you tally just how much salt, sugar and fat you are consuming each day.

Like I said I'm the mum who's running around unprepared most days so easy go-to dishes are a must and I think Tesco have nailed it with their healthier versions of some of our favourite meals. What do you think? Would you give them a try? You can find out more about the campaign here.

In collaboration with Tesco 

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