Grey Suede - Three Ways

This suede skirt has been one of my most worn items this month (bar the week of intense sunshine we had when I wanted to wear as little as possible and definitely not suede haha!). As we live in the UK though and heatwaves are few and far between I think I'll get quite a bit of wear out of this skirt and especially so as we move into Autumn (my favourite season!).

I thought I'd create a little post to show you how I'd style it 'three ways' the items I've chosen in these pictures are Saltwater Sandals and a vintage top but there are a few more options below!

Photography Lauren Jayne Hall 

Next Charcoal Suede Skirt 
Slinky Polo Neck
Asos Rhoda Boots

I have a lot of love for a Swedish Hasbeen ( I even more them on my wedding day ) I think they would go perfectly with a suede skirt for a retro vibe - Swedish Hasbeens
Next Suede Skirt
White embroidered top from Fat Face

For the third look I was thinking of how this would transition to an evening look

Satin Wrap blouse from Mango
Next Suede Skirt
Misguided pink flats
Duster Coat French Connection 

I hoped you liked this style of post! let me know what you thought of the looks I put together in the comments!


The Meditation of Cleaning plus WIN a hamper with Seventh Generation

I'm first to admit I'm not the cleanest person, you'll probably never see me doing a speed cleaning video (yep thats really a thing!). Recently however I've been cleaning a lot more because we have been having house viewings and family over and dare I say it I've been appreciating the moments completing a task like this, almost like a mediation or process of cleaning the mind.

When you have small kids getting anything accomplished can feel like a mammoth task. There are days when you feel like you have literally not got anything done so doing something simple like washing up can actually give you a sense of satisfaction (an insight into how exciting my life is??).

I'm working with Seventh Generation a company that sells green cleaning products in this post. I'll be  sharing what we thought of their products but also give five of you the chance to win a hamper including all the products pictured below!

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Share a little kindness?

Hey guys! I wanted to share a video I posted to my channel this week as I thought it's an important subject to chat about. Honestly its been so hot this week hasn't it?! On one of the hottest days we were walking home from the school run and lady from the Sikh Temple called us over and handed me a cold can of Fanta and Wilf a bottle of water and I was so taken aback by this simple act of kindness. It's reminded me of how little things can mean so much. Hope you enjoy the video and do like and subscribe (if you fancy it!)


Summer Wish List

As this weather keeps on spoiling us I've put together a little wish list of some gorgeous summer items to keep feeing and looking cool in!

1. This beautiful Next Cover Up also comes in  a 'mini me' version!

2. Salt Water Sandals - I have these in tan and white and they are comfiest sandals I've ever owned (plus they are waterproof!). Thinking I should add a yellow pair to my collection.

3. M&S Long Sleeve Maxi Dress - M&S are one of my favourite shops at the moment and this yellow number is so bright and stylish.

4. Boden Sunglasses - I just love the pink tips on theses frames.

5. M&S Floral Print Jumpsuit - Another seasonal favourite from M&S.

6. Matalan Girls Straw & Pom Pom Tote - How cute is this bag?!

What's on your summer wish list?

*this post contains affiliate links 


David Lloyd for families

With a few weeks left of school and the UK going through a mega heatwave right now we are really feeling the summer. I'm so looking to six weeks off with my buddy after his first year of school but I'd be lying if I wasn't daunted by the weeks stretching ahead with no childcare and entertaining two kiddos, especially adding to that the fact I work from home.

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Afternoons in the sun

A few snaps of the past few days, in this glorious heatwave! I say 'glorious' but by bedtime I'm definitely cursing the heat and the fact neither of my children will go to sleep.

On Sunday (Fathers Day) we met up with Tom's family and had a little picnic in the park, I didn't manage to get any pictures of Tom that day (whoops!) so on Monday we decided to eat dinner in the park and I'm so glad we did. It's reminded us how nice it is to break up the routine a bit and forget about bedtime routines now and again, especially when its too hot to sleep anyway.

Thanks for always being a human climbing frame for the kids Tom!

Mabli is 18 months now and her personality is really starting to shine. She is a crazy little mischief maker with a ever so naughty glint in her eyes always. It's such a contrast to how chilled and calm Wilf was as a toddler. I can even only remember one occasion before he was three that he ever had a 'tantrum'. Mabli on the other hand has about one a day ;) I think I'm going to have my hands full with this little fire cracker. I wouldn't have it any other way though..

Wilf appears less in my blog now since he started school, largely because he is there for most of the week but also because as he grows up I think he will just naturally appear less. He's never asked me not to take a photo (and will often ask to look at photos on my Instagram and 'heart' friends pictures) but I'm conscious to be respectful of his childhood. Especially as he now has a few hours a day away from me, making his own friends and memories. It's a reminder that I'm letting him go and be his own person. I addressed this subject a little in this video if you're interested.

FYI these are the most comfiest harem pants EVER - here

I hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine too and have had a lovely weekend! I'm sorry it's been a while since I checked in, summer makes me slow at everything! xx


A super quick trip to Disney with Airfrance

Hey guys! I wanted to pop on and share these pictures of a super quick trip we had over the half term. The folks at Airfrance asked if we'd like to give flying with them a try and we chose to head over for a couple of days in Paris and a quick stop at Disney!

We flew out from Birmingham and the flight only took a little over an hour. As it was mid afternoon they offered mini cakes each (and drinks) and they were kind enough to give Mabli some too (even though she is under two so didn't need a seat). The seats felt spacious and the crew were so kind and helpful. On the way back we got sandwiches and drinks and we were honestly SO impressed with the food. We were worried as veggies there might not be an option for us but everyone actually got given a vegan option even which was something we loved and whilst you usually expect plane food to be a bit tired this was really delicious! Plus having a glass of wine on a flight is always a nice touch ;)

In hindsight travelling for such a short amount of time with two under five was a bit too tricky and as such we didn't really stay that long at Disney in the end but it's given us a taster at least. I'd certainly be keen to fly with Airfrance again on another trip as we were really impressed with their service.

As you can see Wilf was pooped after all that travel!

*we received free flights to Paris for return for our opinion on Airfrance's service but all words and thoughts are my own


Our weekend in Picture plus a new weekend vlog

So half term flew by in a flash and I still have so much to catch up on with that as it was such a busy one!

In the meantime I thought I'd drop my weekend video in here in case you don't hang out over on YouTube and also a few pictures from the last few days :)

On Friday I was SUCH a shouty mummy. We were all tired and I had a house to clean before viewings and I was so mean to the kids it resulted in me finding them like this..clubbing together and being the best of friends to avoid me..silver lining ey?

I love this Morris Minnor near us and finally managed to take a pic of it...

We popped out to check out Sputino at Wapping Wharf and ate the best mac and cheese and was served by the most understanding waiter (because hey Mabli you were not on your best behaviour ;))

On the weekend we visited Spike Island which is one of my favourite galleries in the city and they were showing the UWE Fine Art degree pieces too. It reminded me so much of my own uni experience, such a strange flash back feeling..espeically as it is now ten years ago since I graduated (whaaaat?!)

Anyway, thanks for checking in, I hope you like the video, speak soon! xx


Life Lately - Bobby Fitzpatrick's and the Eating Room

A couple of weeks back we explored a new to us area of London (West Hampstead) and in doing so we stumbled upon a place called Bobby Fitzpatricks. I did mention it in my round up of  things we did that day but I took so many pics there I wanted to post them in a separate post too :)

On the same note I stumbled upon The Eating Room whilst out shooting pics for this Fat Face post with Lauren and was so glad to find somewhere with similarly amazing aesthetics in my own city.

We have been viewing a couple of houses in this area to get an idea of what is an option for us, I keep getting tempted by the real do-er uppers. The ones where someone has lived in all their lives and still have the avocado bath suite. Tom says the novelty of a genuine sixties/seventies house would wear off but I'm willing to bet it won't ;p


Me and Mine May

There is so much I love about this picture! First thing, mainly Wilf's face but also that we've both naturally crossed our legs (he is my mini me in so many ways) and then there is Mabli's grumpy face ha!

Earlier this week we took a SUPER quick trip to Paris (like 48 hours pretty much) and visited Disneyland Paris when we were there. This was actually taken on the last day of the month and I've only just had a chance to upload it (less than a week late is OK right??). I had this idea in my head about this picture, I wanted that classic shot with the castle behind us, all wearing Mickey ears, you know the one right? Well turns out Disneyland in half term is BUSY (go figure!) the kids ears didn't fit them and this was a 'just remembered moment' before we left. It's not what I had in my head but we're in it all together and we're all looking at the camera so I can that a win..

I feel like Wilf and Mabli have changed a lot this month. Mabli is speaking more words and making her personality known a lot more (that's a polite way to call being very vocal haha!) Wilf is finding things he is really interested in outside of what we've done together. For instance wanting to take an interest in scarab beetles or writing his own little stories or plays. It's so nice to see them both grow into theirselves.

On the flip side I've found this month to be super hard! Both kids are finding each others buttons to press. Wilf is finding it hard when Mabli messes up his games or plays with one of his toys, Mabli in turn doesn't fully understand or will straight out just go try and mess up something of his. She also gets really jealous whenever I cuddle Wilf or show him attention over her, something I'm finding really hard. I'm not sure if it's because there is a 4 year age gap so that they both have really different needs but I'm struggling a little with trying to right by them both. Oh motherhood guilt!

Ok so that turned into a bit of a ramble!

We've also got some big news that we've put our house on the market! It's really early days as it's only just happened but hopefully June will be the move we'll sell it (fingers crossed) and start planning our next move. We love our home and part of me will be really really sad to leave it but we're all ready for a change and to start a new project!

I hope that you and your families have had a great May. I can't wait to have a look at your pics. You can see all our other Me and Mine pics here.

Don't forget to link up if you have a picture to share this month and don't forget to check out all the other lovely Me and Mine ladies too!  Lucy, Katie, JennyAlex, Charlotte and Lucy


We bent water!

It's the half term in just a few days and I think we are all so so ready for it! I know it's not been very long since the Easter Holidays so maybe it's just this time of year, getting so close to the summer and the end of the school year but I think we're all ready for some time together (and no school run to get two kids ready for!).

Anyway as much as I long for these holidays I do often find myself stuck for ideas with what to do together. Especially with the unpredictable english weather and there really are only so many cupcakes you can bake or pictures to colour in (my go-to boredom activities). So when the BBC got in touch to ask if we'd like to give one of the fun experiments from BBC Terrific Scientific a go I was intrigued!

The one we tried out is how to make water bend, I've never seen this trick before myself so I think as was just as amazed as Wilf. All you need is a balloon (any shape) and a bit of static! We found that rubbing the balloon on a wooly jumper of mine worked a bit better than rubbing it on your head but both should do the job fine.

All you need to do then is ensure you've given the balloon a good rub to build up enough static charge and hold it near a very thin stream of running water. We made a little video to show you in better detail and so you can see how surprised Wilf was! He wanted to do it over and over and it's been a great talking point for the rest of our Sunday. I'm really eager to try some of the other DIY experiments from the BBC Terrific Scientific online hub.

Wilf's reaction about seeing us bend water!

If you're interested in why this trick works (I was!) its basically because when you rub the balloon on hair or a jumper some invisible particles called electrons transfer from your hair/clothes onto the balloon. Water has no static electricity but if something with static is close by it is attracted to it so you will see the water bend to towards the balloon.

If you don't have a balloon to hand then a comb will also do the same thing!

I love the idea of introducing science to kids like this, making it something for all of the family and learning new things whilst having fun. You can head over to the BBC Terrific Scientific online hub to find out more and try out some of the experiments for yourself, I hope you do! Let me know in the comments if you give this one a go too.

In collaboration with BBC Terrific Scientific Hub
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