Me and Mine May

There is so much I love about this picture! First thing, mainly Wilf's face but also that we've both naturally crossed our legs (he is my mini me in so many ways) and then there is Mabli's grumpy face ha!

Earlier this week we took a SUPER quick trip to Paris (like 48 hours pretty much) and visited Disneyland Paris when we were there. This was actually taken on the last day of the month and I've only just had a chance to upload it (less than a week late is OK right??). I had this idea in my head about this picture, I wanted that classic shot with the castle behind us, all wearing Mickey ears, you know the one right? Well turns out Disneyland in half term is BUSY (go figure!) the kids ears didn't fit them and this was a 'just remembered moment' before we left. It's not what I had in my head but we're in it all together and we're all looking at the camera so I can that a win..

I feel like Wilf and Mabli have changed a lot this month. Mabli is speaking more words and making her personality known a lot more (that's a polite way to call being very vocal haha!) Wilf is finding things he is really interested in outside of what we've done together. For instance wanting to take an interest in scarab beetles or writing his own little stories or plays. It's so nice to see them both grow into theirselves.

On the flip side I've found this month to be super hard! Both kids are finding each others buttons to press. Wilf is finding it hard when Mabli messes up his games or plays with one of his toys, Mabli in turn doesn't fully understand or will straight out just go try and mess up something of his. She also gets really jealous whenever I cuddle Wilf or show him attention over her, something I'm finding really hard. I'm not sure if it's because there is a 4 year age gap so that they both have really different needs but I'm struggling a little with trying to right by them both. Oh motherhood guilt!

Ok so that turned into a bit of a ramble!

We've also got some big news that we've put our house on the market! It's really early days as it's only just happened but hopefully June will be the move we'll sell it (fingers crossed) and start planning our next move. We love our home and part of me will be really really sad to leave it but we're all ready for a change and to start a new project!

I hope that you and your families have had a great May. I can't wait to have a look at your pics. You can see all our other Me and Mine pics here.

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