Life made easier with Persil

Over the past week I've been trailing a new product from Persil. The Persil Powergems have made doing laundry for a family of four (rather messy) people a whole lot easier. Be it grass stains from end of year sports day or the array of things I manage to spill down myself whilst eating dinner with a baby on my lap!

When I first send the information about this product I was really intrigued, its not only been created entirely from scratch using 100% active ingredients its also uses a unique format to use fewer chemicals per wash whilst removing stains expertly.

One of Mabli's favourite jobs is helping me potter about with housework, she loves filling up the washing machine with clothes and taking them out when they are done. Clearly I'd never let her help but the detergent into the drum (and they are kept up on a high shelf very far away from little hands!)

I'm not sure about you but laundry is one of those tasks that simultaneously seems to never end but also feels like one of the most satisfying chores. I love the process of popping in dirty and then folding out clean and crisp smelling clothes into everyone's piles. There's something nostalgic about doing the laundry, I'm not sure if it harps back to finding my pile of clean clothes in my room as a child or perhaps washing all those teeny tiny baby grows as a new mum.

This new breakthrough technology is set to transform our clothes care routines, making one more job just that easier and more effective! I can also testify that it really does work well on stains, I thought I'd ruined a brand new top I bought Mabli but it came out perfect again, phew!

This post is part of a collaboration with Persil


Emma Julia said...

I'm so envious that you enjoy laundry in some way - I've definitely got Powergems in my next grocery list!

Michelle Twin Mum said...

Bless your little girl helping you, that is so cute. Mine always loved to be involved when they were that age too and even now they are not so bad! Mich x

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