Our Weekend in Pictures and going a bit slowly

Like most parents of school age children (I imagine) I'm counting down the days to the summer, six whole weeks ahead of us to be together and five of those with Tom starting his new role as stay at home dad.

I'm excited about our new pace of life and slightly daunted too. We're stepping into the unknown and doing things slightly against the conventional stereotype so we have little knowledge to draw upon. Whilst I do know quite a few creatives they are either the only freelancer in the family or if they are a couple they don't have children. We don't have any friends we know of who are doing the same so we're just seeing how things go!

Wilf has totally loved his first year of school, he has learnt so much in so many ways, both socially and academically. He now knows the love of reading a good book and is writing and drawing his own stories. He actually said what he wanted for his birthday this year (a good 5 months away) was a stapler so he could create more books and bind them together, ha!

Over the weekend we took a trip to one of the city farms here in Bristol and enjoyed the simple pleasure of smelling flowers, giving the lovely pigs a good scratch behind the ears (I LOVE pigs so much) and spending time together.

Mabli found a stray balloon and claimed it for her own

She also dressed herself this day, Wilf still shows no sign of being interested in what he's wearing and is happy for me to pick his outfit out for the day. I don't think this will last as long with her!

So looking forward to these two being together more over the summer

This picture cracks me up, Mabli was actually quite timid of the pigs and was looking the other way by the fence as this one crept up on her. She only realised he was there when he started snuffling her toes! She promptly jumped up and bust into tears (I took a picture first of course haha).

We've been thinking a lot about our family lifestyle, how this choice for a slower pace extends to Wilf and his school week. I'm massively conflicted because I actually love Wilf's school and think he is thriving there. He is in such a small class (due to the fact another local school became outstanding and most sent their kids there) so he's been with about 16 children all year. He's different to me in many ways and I think whilst I would have thrived on creativity his brain is more academic, he loves maths and is good at it, he reads and writes and craves knowledge and I think the transition to year one will be easy for him.

HOWEVER I just hate that its such a long week, by Thursday he is practically falling asleep in his dinner and I feel like we hardly ever see the best of him during the week as he's so exhausted by being so 'good' at school.

I wish they had a shorter day or shorter week as it is quite a lot when you're five (I think I would feel just as tired if I'm honest and I'm 31!). So whilst I'm fairly happy with the situation part of me if always wondering if there is an in-between option. Or if we will have to move to Scandinavia as their schooling models always appeal to me a lot!

I'd love to know what you thought or if you're experiencing the same with your school age children. Also i'm thinking of doing a video all about our decision for Tom to quit his job so if you have any questions do pop them below! x

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