Review - Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

The first thing you should note about this review is it's going to be pretty glowing, I've been so impressed with this bit of kit since we've testing it out and have literally been singing its praises to all my mum friends. I say mum friends as I feel like this tablet is perfectly designed for children, in many ways more so than the tablet we currently own. There are a few features that I think make it such a great buy and I'll start with the price. 

For £49.99 the Amazon Fire 7 it's a really reasonable price, so good in fact that I was hesitant at how good it would be for that money. When Wilf was a toddler and we took him on his first holiday abroad we bought a tablet for the same amount and we didn't rate it, afterwards I always felt like you needed to invest in much pricier tablets but I think that in the past four years technology has moved on a lot (thankfully!) and I don't believe this to be the case anymore.

My favourite part is that you have full control over what your kids can see or use. I already did this to some extent with our current tablet like using the YouTube Kids app. However Wilf is at an age now where he can easily access google by accident or click on any of our apps like Iplayer for example and could potentially see something not aimed at a child. 

With this tablet you can create separate profiles for your kids with child only approved videos shown through Amazon (of course). You can also download all the big apps such as Netflix etc but there are over other 800,000 apps to chose from too. Whats even more reassuring though is that you can check in remotely through your Amazon account and check what your child has been doing on the tablet and for how long. 

You can also limit the amount of screen time they spend on certain activities (such as games or movies, Wilf loves the Lego Star Wars games and the CBeebies app) but allow unlimited reading time for example. As well as that you can set the tablet to turn off completely at a certain time (like bedtime) or after a certain amount of time used if needs be.

The Amazon Fire 7 also comes with Alexa and all that has to offer which is of course an added bonus (Wilf is a big fan of asking what the weather will be like on any given day).

As you can see the quality of image is brilliant. The table is also really robust which is great when kids are using it. You can also pick up covers or a protective travel case though if needed.

If I'm being really picky the only slight downside I could think of is the camera, whilst totally fine isn't something you'd use for taking your best family snaps (not that you would really with a tablet away I imagine). For video thought it's great and is comparable with other tablets I've used.

I've been so impressed with this tablet, it's perfect for children and the price is in my opinion brilliant value for money. I actually decided to pick up another in the Prime day sale for when Mabli is old enough to use them. Although I don't want the kids to use screens all the time they are incredibly useful at times and with a holiday due in a couple of months I think having one each with different apps on each would be a lifesaver for the flight!

You can pick up an Amazon Fire 7 here for £49.99 

In association with Amazon all words and thoughts are my own.


Unknown said...

He looks like a happy boy!

Unknown said...

We've an older version of this and I completely agree about it being so great for kids and parents too!

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