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Earlier in the week I shared a post telling you all that I would be posting a picture of my kid’s snacks every day this week. If you follow me over on any of my social channels I hope you liked them! Just in case you missed seeing them I thought it would be fun to share here and go into each day in a little more detail.

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Monday - We went for a pretty simple snack plate on Monday (because Mondays just need to be a little simpler in general right?). We used the Super Yummies breadsticks in Pumpkin and Rosemary flavour which they both can eat so much of. I find that if I mix things like breadsticks in with things like carrots and cucumber they are more willing to try the veg when they might ordinarily shy away from. I also popped in a few blueberries and added a strawberry flavoured Super Yummies dairy pot too.

On Tuesday we went for bananas, Super Yummies breadsticks, grapes (cut in half lengthways!) and a Super Yummies dairy pot in Peach and Pear. I find that the Dairy Pots are a great way for the kids to feel like they are having a 'pudding treat' (as they call dessert ha!) whilst also meaning they are getting a source of calcium. Super Yummies Dairy Pot's also have no artificial preservatives which is great!

On Wednesday we went for a Peach and Pear flavoured Dairy Pot again, this time with breadsticks, celery, strawberry and little chopped up pieces of cheese. As you can see they both couldn't wait to tuck into this one! I like to place the snacks on these fun plates to encourage them to eat a bit more. Mabli often plays a game of feeding the character on the plate first before herself.

On Thursday we went for blueberries, raspberries, breadsticks, cucumber and a dairy pot straight from the cupboard!

Last but not least on Friday they ate cheese squares, the Pumpkin and Rosemary breadsticks, strawberries and a dairy pot too!

I really loved sharing these snackspiration plates with you as it reminded me how easy it is help make sure your kids are getting a balanced diet. Don’t forget to try out the brand new The Super Yummies Dairy Pots which are available to purchase only at Morrisons.

I must admit that I'm as guilty as the next for often making the kids the same thing for dinner as I know they will eat it (pasta for the third day running anyone??). However if they've had a balanced snack in the early afternoon then it helps me feel a bit better!

What do you think of the snacks I made this week? I'd love to hear your thoughts and please continue to share your ideas with me using #snackspiration.

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Rebecca U said...

Such a cool idea. Simple but effective. Love your plates too - I think they'd even make my two want to eat their food lol x

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