Crumble making a yearly tradition

There's something so nostalgic about blackberry picking. I loved the ritual of the yearly foraging and then returning home with all our spoils to eat with crumble and custard. I remember my dad telling me that the ones on the bottom were for the mice, the top the birds and the middle for us. It was one of the things I was most excited to do with my own children when I first became a mum.

We're working with Robinsons on this post because they challenged us to get fruity this Summer holidays just like their 'no added sugar' squash . We actually took their 'Squash'd' with us on our trip to fill up the kids drinks bottles because it’s a great way to keep them refresh’d whilst out and about. We then came home to bake with our spoils.

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It's always good when you have a dad to lift you over the brambles when you're five!

Mabli's role was mainly spotting the ones she wanted us to pick for her!

All Robinsons products contain Real Fruit in Every Drop which is ace for helping kids drink enough water. I have to say both mine are pretty good at drinking water but the Robinsons no added sugar squash is great as an alternative to the kinds of drinks that I consider 'treats'. I guess that's why 4 in 10 families buy it!

I'm pretty impressed with how many we managed to find, there were quite a few people out with the same idea as us but thankfully enough for all ;)

When we got home from our morning we set about making a 'no sugar crumble'

Me and the kids had some Apple and Blackcurrant squash to help keep us refreshed though the important task of crumble making!

We had such a lovely morning and it was a great way to remind us that the simplest of activities are often the best!

In association with Robinsons and their delicious No Added Sugar range 

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