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OK so I thought all three of these pictures were just too cute so couldn't decide, I mean how pleased with herself is she that she has the scanner?

I have to say I'm not usually a fan of the food shop. I've learnt over the years that I'm definitely the sort of person that needs a list or I walk out with a whole load of items that don't really go together ha! The main reason I used to find it pretty stressful though is that the kids would tend to get bored just at the moment we hit the till and then we spend what feels like forever waiting our turn whilst distracting two kids which would ultimately lead to me being stressed and the kids being impatient to leave.

I'm working with Tesco in this post to give their Scan As You Shop system a go, something I've strangely not considered trying before even though I've been aware of the little machines by the entrance. I'm not entirely sure why I've never given them a go before but I'm really glad we now know how much time (and meltdowns!) they can save.

Here are a few reasons we loved used the Scan As You Shop system :

You have to scan your Clubcard at the start. I'm always in such a rush usually by the end of my shop that when I'm asked for my club card I either just decide to not look for it or have to fluster around in my wallet to find it. I love that you can only access the scanners by entering it so thats one job sorted before you've even begun!

Mabli LOVED scanning the items, which made our whole shopping experience SO much more fun. I think she just liked the little beeps but she was so proud of herself holding it and overtime I chose an item she would remind me to scan it (which was good as I almost forgot on two occasions!).

You can see how much you are spending as you go around and if needs be put things back and delete them from your shop.

Quickest check out ever. Because we'd already scanned everything the check out was so quick, we literally just scanned the bar code above the till, paid and left. Within a couple of minutes! The only thing that took us the same time was we forgot to bring bags with us so we had to pack our bags. Next time we'll pack our items as we go around which will save even more time!

As you can see, Mabli had a blast! We were really impressed with how much of a stressfree experience scanning as we went around made doing the weekly shop so we'll definitely try it again next time.

Have you tried the Scan As You Shop system in Tesco's? What do you think of it?

In association with Tesco - All words, thoughts and images my own


lucy cotterill said...

We love scan as you shop! So much easier with kids in tow and Erin loves having some responsibility!!

Melanie Williams said...

Cute piccys and what a fab fun interactive shopping experience :)x

ana de jesus said...

Haha I am one of those people who need a list when food shopping. That's why I do online but I love the scanner idea.

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