These two.

Like ALL kids there are times when Wilf can be pretty 'free spirited' and by free spirited I think you can guess what I mean ;) there's no 'naughty step' in our house but we definitely have a 'thinking step' and it's used pretty frequently.. 

Being a big brother can be hard work sometimes. Sometimes your little sister can wreck your carefully built train track for no apparent reason at all and part of me thinks 'fair enough! I'd be mad too!'. I'm still learning how to be fair to both these kiddos, how to explain that a toddler can't really understand in the same way as he can (despite that cheeky eye glint in her eye!). Anyone have any ideas on how to tell off a 20 months old then I'm all ears. 

Sometimes when Wilf gets that cheeky glint in his eye and he's told his sister to drink some of my wine (that FYI I left well out of her reach but not out of his – true story). Then thinking time on the stairs is required. Trouble is his sister thinks its a treat and jumps up to join him. Tom took these pictures of these two sillies the other day when I was out the house, his first reaction was to remove Mabli so Wilf could 'think' a little longer on whatever he had just done but when he saw him reading to her of course he couldn't. I just love how these photos totally depict both their personalities. 

Thanks for indulging in me in what is essentially an entire post over one picture but this blog is like my scrap book. I gave up on baby books, and milestone cards. Neither of the have a special box full with things like first shoes or locks of hair much to my guilt but they'll have this blog should they want to look at it. Providing they haven't sued me for putting their picture on the internet right? ;)

Oh and some how as well as being ready with the camera to record these sweet moments, my lovely IG husband also happened to dress them both in colour coronating outfits. Top points there Tom, this blog life thing is rubbing off on him slowly I'm sure. That being said having posted all of two Instagram pictures over the past 5 years I doubt we'll ever be an IG couple so don't worry too much. 

P.S in case you're wondering Wilf's bat top from here . Mabli's top here and skirt here.

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Varnika Jain said...

Hahaha that was some payback by Wilf! These two are adorable. No need to tell off a toddler though, big brothers usually always step up and understand. Wilf will too, soon enough. Then he'd be the one protecting little Mabli for all her naughtiness. Enjoy their childhood, they're so precious!

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