Do you still read blogs?

how has blogging changed the way we communicate
It feels like forever ago since I had a chance to sit down and just catch up with guys. Tom is off for the evening and so I'm sat here with a cup of tea, a purring cat to the right of me and the baby monitor to the left of me hoping my *almost* two year old will sleep long enough to let me finish this post.

I've been blogging now for about eight years (what?!) and I've seen this whole world change SO much since I started. I started a blog because I wanted to show people my illustrations, because I was a bit lonely and wanted to strike up online friendships and because I wanted an online scrapbook of things I liked (before Pinterest!). I was 24 and I never thought it would anything more than a way to have a conversation with people.

Fast forward a year or so and becoming a mum meant my blog changed because my life changed. No longer was a trying to carve a career for myself from illustration, I was fully immersed in my new life as a parent and just very happy documenting life. I look back on those posts and cringe (A LOT) because quite frankly they were pretty dull haha, talking about the ins and outs of newborn baby life, sleep, feeding and no sleep. Luckily though these kind of firsts are universal, other new mums found my blog, we chatted on twitter and I joined Instagram. I felt like I had so much help and support from people I would most likely never meet but were so part of my life and me theres I suppose!

(who would have known a hand in frame with a latte would be a thing 8 year ago?)

When Wilf was about six months old I was offered my first sponsored post (from Ecover funny enough as I worked with them again only last month) I was thrilled! I think I even called my parents I was so chuffed. A brand I used and loved had heard of me and wanted to work with me. I was paid £40 and Tom and I were able to pay for a meal out and that to me was as far as I though this would go to be honest.

I blogged first and foremost to connect with people and every single comment would make my day. I remember someone tweeting me when I had posted twice in one day saying 'oh my gosh I just called my sister to say there was a double post and we both ran to read it'. I was sat next to Tom on the sofa in my PJ"s thinking 'really?! did that really happen, are people that interested in me??' I'm not going to lie it gave me a massive boost to know someone loved my content as much as I loved writing it and I guess in the end that's what it comes down to. If I didn't want that conversation or gratification then I would have just always had comments off.

I wasn't going to return to my job after maternity leave anyway but when more and more work came up (still for fairly small amounts) it made sense to see where this all might go. About six months later I was earning enough as I would have done at a part time job and my goal really was to reach the same amount as my old job. I started blogging daily and saw the same names popping up in the comments. Mums I think, like to talk, to chat about their own experience and to take part in the conversation. It felt like filling in friends of your latest news over coffee.

Somewhere along the line Instagram began to take off, I had used it pretty much from the beginning but often just popping a load of pictures up in a row with no captions or (gasp) no filter! Nothing like the big business it is today and again I think something that no one really saw coming as a earning potential.

Fast forward another few years and my hopes of making a full time wage not only came true but surpassed my expectations, so much so that a couple of months ago Tom was able to leave his job and we are both able to be at home with the kids. Something I never would have thought of in my wildest dreams!

About a year and a bit ago I made the decision to start vlogging over on my YouTube channel. I actually looked back on some of these first videos and cringed so much, yikes I was so nervous and awkward! It's amazing how much can change in just over a year so I'm excited to see where that might lead, even though I'm very much starting from the beginning over there I'm happy to learn and hopefully grow and I'm so enjoying documenting our lives in a different way.

So what with Instagram & You Tube now taking over a little bit I often worry that I'm neglecting my blog. It will always be my first love and my favourite platform but rather than being the only space to pop down my thoughts we now have so many, and so many we are tying to keep up with.

I know that blogging have changed in these past eight years, I mean it's changed my life for a start! It's turned into something no one could have expected and I don't think it's about to shut down because people are micro-blogging on Instagram (as much as I LOVE IG) or filming their day to days. I actually think that there are almost three different audiences on each and those of you reading this might not be interested in seeing my day-to-day on either of those which is totally understandable! I mean there is only so much of me wittering on anyone can take right ;)

Our lives have also changed, with Wilf starting school last year it felt only natural he would appear on here less. Mabli is almost two and whilst being a mum is of course the most important thing in my world its not my only passion. It's only natural I think that content changes as a person does. I'm now 31 and not 24 for a start I guess!

Do you think blogging has changed? Do you still read blogs as much? Do you watch YouTube or only really have time for a quick scroll through Instagram? I'd love to know.

Thanks as always for reading and commenting, it truly means the world, in fact I still get that buzz when I read a new comment. I owe you all so much for sticking around and supporting me over the years so I'd love to know what kind of content you'd enjoy seeing too.

Ok I'm going to make another cup of tea if my sleeping baby lets me! Speak soon xx

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Nicolette Lafonseca-Hargreaves said...

Ahh I am in an odd place with this atm. I am certain still a blog reader.

My blog started as a distraction when I had breast cancer. I was a project manager at a charity at the time. Then I was picked up to present segments on superscrimpers and my hubby moved to Paris so the blog taking off allowed me to take redundancy and move to paris.

I get a book published my blog stats are great then brands start asking about IG and you tube....WHAT I had no idea I had to do everything. Trying now to build IG only started hashtagging a fee months ago.

I personally only go to you tube for how tos and love stories on IG but the new algorithm means I keep missing the image I love in my feed

Sorry just took over with the world's longest comment x

Danielle said...

I love blogs and enjoy writing about being an expat very much, although I did discover you on Instagram. I suppose I have a lot of catch up reading to do on your blog!
I use YouTube to entertain my children, mainly. ��

Kerry said...

I’m still a blog reader, does that make me a fossil? I mostly hang out on Instagram though. I went through a phase of watching YouTube videos (when we met at that Yazoo event, actually), but largely, you and The Anna Edit are the only people I watch on there now. I wonder whether maybe it isn’t a case of blogging dying and more that it’s become diluted because we all consume in different ways now. Either way, I think you’re ace on all platforms xxxx

Lisa Hodson said...

I really don’t read many blogs at all at the moment, although I’ve actually read more than I have in months, probably because I’m in my sick bed and have time! I’ve gone completely onto YouTube now and I only really have time to for that, but I’m interested in seeing where to blogging world goes. I think there will always be room for it as not everyone wants to watch video and would rather read, I think the world is just so much more saturated with different media it’s not got the monopoly it once had.

Laura, Power of Mum said...

I loved this. I think you’re spot on about the different types of content and the different reader/ viewer. I also think that a blog has a wonderful, timeless feel, and there is nothing better than the written word (which is why I’ve finally started doing it!), but that making vids makes a more instant connection with people, which is why I use a lot of Facebook live for my business and must start using YouTube (the channel Mum account is wonderful, as is yours!)

Farmer's Wife And Mummy said...

My initial feelings on blogs vs vlogs is that the written word is mightier than the video. Although now I think I may be outnumbered on this view. Personally I still prefer to write-not lest because I can do it at 4 in the morning when the baby is awake and no one can see me without makeup :) I feel like I have to put effort into myself and my surroundings with YouTube before I've even started speaking

Jane hungrycityhippy said...

My blog is my favourite platform. Keeping up on social media gets tiring sometimes!! Xx

New Mum Online said...

I guess the trick is to link the platforms so they complimemt each other like the various dishes in a five course meal or the platters in a buffet each offering up something different but part of the whole. For example I am an instagram addict but I've come here as your IG stories said Is Blogging Dead? Had to have a read. Your blogging story is a lovely one to read. I need to rev mine back up once again and gwt back on thw blogging hobby horse see if I can make something out of it xxx

corinne marbrow said...

I really enjoyed this post Fritha - and I still love reading blogs - I perhaps access them differently to say Instagram - by reading them maybe weekly like a magazine and then going on instgram every day. I seem to have phases of what I like - but I like the way blogs make you think and perhaps it feels a bit more personal - a bit slower ina good way love corinne xxx

Sarah Ann said...

I still read blog posts but very few catch my eye nowadays. I watch a lot more YouTube videos, I think because I can have them on the background it makes things easier.

Sarah said...

I like all 3 but I have leant towards vlogs more since having baby number 2, maybe because they're easier to consume than reading blogs and Instagram stories can seem a bit all consuming. I seem to have maybe 4 bloggers/vloggers that I check in on on all their platforms, I suppose like having your favourite tv programmes?! For me it's you, MummyDaddyMe, Mamalina and MeettheWildes (but you're my fave ��)

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