Working in the corner, peaking over shoulders, waiting for my time to come

'Working in the corner, peaking over shoulders, waiting for my time to come' - I'm good I'm gone - Lykki Li

When I was 16 I used to take self portrait shots with my £30 digital point and shoot, a camera probably so bad that pretty much any cheap cell phone would undoubtedly rival it in quality these days.

I'd upload them on the family desktop and edit them in Photoshop 6.0 always, ALWAYS with a heavy filter, an emboss or a thick black and white..moody and what I thought was sophisticated! I'd edit them listing to whatever band I was into that time and add a lyric of two as text over the image and that was my way of expressing myself. Id print them off onto cheap printer paper and then stick them into my sketch book, sometimes writing a dairy entry next to it.

It's only now 15 years later that I realise how similar my little teenage angst hobby is to the job I have today. Granted it's a bit more professional now (I hope) but it's still my way of self expression.

I'm very lucky I now am friends with some amazing creative people including my friend Lauren who took these pictures.

I'm wearing this dress from Topshop which I love, I feel like it's the perfect shade of mustard and has such a seventies feel about it. If I was the sort of people who went to festivals (I'm not) it would 100% be what I would be wearing.

Myself, Lauren and my pal Lucy went to Jamaica Street Stores for lunch and it was the perfect backgrop for these shots. If you live or ever visit Bristol then defo give it a try, we had the three dishes for £10 deal which was so delicious and we actually didn't even manage to finish. I'm really looking forward to going back with Tom sometime.

I've posted some similar styles below as this dress is a bit on the pricey side, but for something a little bit special its still worth a look!


Melanie Williams said...

These pictures look fab and that mustard top shop dress really suits you and your style x

MissSparkles said...

Your friend is an excellent photographer and I agree with the above comment you really suit the mustard colour!

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