What I want - from the sales ( wish list ) part one!

1, These studded heeled boots
2, I love that flared jeans are back in style, these ones are my fave
3, I just love the colour on this faux suede top
4, Faux Fur Leopard Print Coat..need I say anymore?!
5, I've yet to wear a body suit as I've been breastfeeding for the past (what feels like) a lifetime. However you could even wear this one if you were,
6, This top would go perfectly with those jeans!
7, This anthropology dress (if I could work out how to do a heart emoji on my Mac it would go here)

That's quite enough to be getting on with for now right? Now someone buy them so I don't have to?

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Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

It's been ages since I brought my 'big camera' out, in fact taking more photographs is definetly on my list for 2018. Since I started making more videos I've found it hard to keep up with them both. I think I might just have to have 'photo' days and 'video' days and do it like that or I forget what I've taken of what!

Anyway, today we headed to the fancier part of town (Clifton FYI) to find a bit of festive cheer. We've been such homebodies lately and it's a nice reminder to be tourists in our own city and just go hang out in a different area for the day.

I posted over on my Instagram page that one of the reasons we've been going around our city a bit less is that neither of us drive. With one child this never used to really be an issue but with two we find it's taken us SO long to get to places (mainly because we tend to walk a mile or so on either end of the station to get anywhere). So we find that although Wilf is good at walking it does take a while, or Mabli want to walk too or someone is tired or has fallen over by the time we've even started.

We've never found we needed a car until recently but I have been finding I want to venture off the beaten track a bit more (as in somewhere without a train station). Although we do grab taxi's it hard to then have to store car seats etc and yer basically 2018 is definitely going to see my at least starting to learn to drive!

I'll do a proper round up of the year over the Christmas break and one about resolutions too, I'm feeling so inspired to make some big changes and the new year is always a good excuse isn't it. I mainly just wanted to pop on to share these snaps and wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Thank you to every single one of you that have supported our family in 2017, with a comment on here, a heart over on IG or a watch on my channel. It means a lot to have your support and without you I know we wouldn't be living the life we lead. I'm always so grateful for that and I'm more dedicated now then every to bring you content and updates you love reading and of course chatting to your guys over whatever platform I happen to be oversharing with at the time ;)

Have the best Christmas break and check in with you soon!
Love Fritha xx


Win a Fuji Instax Mini

Hey guys! It's only 6 days until Christmas!! I often wonder if I prefer the build up to the big day itself, I just love all the festive activities and how jolly everyone is right about now.

Anyway, you may know I'm running a little giveaway to win a Google Home that ends on Christmas Day but I also wanted to give away another couple of things over December just to say thank you for all your support over the years.

This week I'm giving away a Instax Mini with added selfie lens.

This competition will end on the 2nd or January and hopefully be a nice surprise for someone after the New Year celebrations.

All you need to do to enter if complete the Rafflecopter Widget below. Good Luck!

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A dinner party with friends / in Partnership with Miele

At the grand old age of (just turned) 32 I've learnt a few things, mostly that nothing else but the good health of your loved ones matters and secondly that you need good friends. I thrive on friendships and know how rare and special real genuine connections are. I feel so fortunate that I have friends that 'get me'. Ones that I can send random screen grabs or meme's too without it being weird, that I can cry in front of, that are supportive and excited about any good news I may have, and me them. Ones that pick you up when you're knackered and feeling low, basically be there for each other in an way that holds no agenda. When women really support women it's an amazing thing!

Anyway, I'm digressing a bit..

The other week I thought it would it would be nice to invite three of my very favourite women over for lunch. Each one of them inspires me for different reasons and I'm so proud of them all too. I have to say I'm usually one for dinner parties (the thought of tidying my house enough for people to come over is enough to put a stop to that idea) but when it's your good friends you know they won't actually care!

I'm working with Miele in this post who have Kindly gifted me one of their brilliant dishwashers the G 6820 SC from their Exclusive Collection (check the end of the post for a discount!). You might remember I actually worked with them this time last year creating a capsule clothing collection to wash in their washer/dryers. I'm thrilled to be partnering with them again as they are a brand I really rate. In fact I'm always raving about our washer and dryers ha!

I want to be able to get out my nicest crockery and dinnerware and treat my friends, and I want to be able to do this and be able to pop them all in my dishwasher at the end of it. Having friends over and using your fanciest things doesn't need to be a chore. I love that Miele are a brand that you can trust with your 'best'. The Exclusive Collection which our dishwasher is part of is a selection of Miele’s finest products with exclusive offers, only when you buy direct from Miele.co.uk

If you hadn't been able to tell I'm pretty obsessed with a pastel colour scheme. My plates are from Zara Home and the cake stand / cheese board stand, salad bowl and cutlery are from my faves Oliver Bonas.

If you don't follow these ladies then I'll pop their IG accounts below :

Whilst we were chatting away downstairs Tom was upstairs reading books to our children ha! Thanks Tom!

One of my favourite features of the Miele dishwasher is the fact that it self opens a couple of inches (on a latch) upon finishing so that the steam can be dispersed. Meaning that when you go to unstack it your dishes are not only super clean but dry too. Another design element I love is the fact that it lights up when opened so that you can stack your items easily. 

Unlike our old dishwasher instead of a cutlery tray to fit inside the bottom the Miele has three pull out racks including the top shelf that holds your cutlery. 

Having my friends round for an overdue catch up reminded me just how I should do this more, that there's no point in saving the house until its at it's best or scared to use my 'best'. 

Thanks to Miele for working with me on this post. I know that with all their products my treasured items are safe in their hands, especially my nicest dinnerware! 

Product gifted from Miele 
Dinnerware Oliver Bonas and Zara & IKEA 
Photography Viv Yapp 

You can get 20% anything from the Miele Exclusive Collection with the code TAE8221128. until the 22nd of December

Wish List / Gift Guide - For Her

Moon Clutch - obsessed

Plum and Ashby Candle - I've been burning mine non stop since I discovered this brand

Tipped Cuff - Love this bracelet so much

Warehouse Sparkle Print Jumper - An alternative Christmas jumper?

Nars Glass Tears - I'm a new convert to Nars and love the shades on this palette 


Happy 6th Birthday Wilf!

It's not exageration to say that this day 6 years ago was the best day of my life. I became a mum and as cheesy as it sounds I felt like I'd finally become 'me'. I'm not trying to rose tint motherhood, its bloody hard sometimes but its the very best thing thats ever happened to me and I have my little boy to thank for making me a mother.

If you want to read Wilf's Birth Story then you can read it here.

Fast forward six years (6 years!) and I now have a beautiful, thoughtful, silly, kind boy with a mischeiveous glint in his eye and a current obsession for writing stories about poo (tell me your 6 year olds are the same?!)

This was the first year we gave Wilf an actually 'proper' birthday party. Years 1-4 were spent mainly with my antenatal group and a few bottles of cava whilst our kids happy played around us. Last year was Wilf's first year at school but as he hadn't really made many close friends yet we had a little get together as our local forest school instead with the usual crowd.

So when I asked Wilf to come up with a list of people he wanted to invite to his birthday and realising it would finally involve school friends and people I didn't know I knew this was the year for a proper 'party'. We hired out a room at our local community centre and thankfully took up my friend Milla's kind offer to give the Adventure Team a go for entertainment. We are SO glad we did!

Having never hired entertainment (or thrown any kind of party) before I was nervous as to what it would entail. I am the most disorganised person ever and the thought of having to host something for people I didn't know gave me palpitations. I loved the idea of leaving that down to someone else ( The Adventure Team can also help with hiring a venue and catering if needed) and both adults and children were entertained from start to finish.

I have to say I often cringed at the thought of children's entertainers thinking that they will be over the top or patronising, these guys couldn't be further from that idea though. More 'adventures' than entertainers anyway Another thing I loved about the team were that they really got down to the kids level and were so inclusive. Especially with the children who were initially timid and who by the end were throwing themselves around and giggling with the others.

The bespoke service starts right from the start with a video message sent to everyone on your invite list inviting their child to the party. Wilf chose a Safari theme and so the video was tailored to the theme he had. Seeing the video we knew from the start it would be brilliant!

I don't want to give too much away about the story and adventure that they are taken on but hopefully the pictures speak for themselves! The whole experience was so thought out and felt really personalised with little touches like Wilf winning a T Shirt at the end and being able to play the didgeridoo (I totally had to google how to spell that).

We can't thank the Adventure Team enough for making Wilf's birthday so so special. I'm actually going to be running a competition in the new year so win one of their parties so keep your eyes peeled for that. If you are Bristol or London based do check them out if you are in need of a brilliant children's party!

We also made a little video as I was doing Vlogmas on this day if you want to watch!

Wilf's party was gifted to us by my friend Milla and the Adventure Team but we honestly can't recommend them enough and already planning on booking for next year!

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