Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

It's been ages since I brought my 'big camera' out, in fact taking more photographs is definetly on my list for 2018. Since I started making more videos I've found it hard to keep up with them both. I think I might just have to have 'photo' days and 'video' days and do it like that or I forget what I've taken of what!

Anyway, today we headed to the fancier part of town (Clifton FYI) to find a bit of festive cheer. We've been such homebodies lately and it's a nice reminder to be tourists in our own city and just go hang out in a different area for the day.

I posted over on my Instagram page that one of the reasons we've been going around our city a bit less is that neither of us drive. With one child this never used to really be an issue but with two we find it's taken us SO long to get to places (mainly because we tend to walk a mile or so on either end of the station to get anywhere). So we find that although Wilf is good at walking it does take a while, or Mabli want to walk too or someone is tired or has fallen over by the time we've even started.

We've never found we needed a car until recently but I have been finding I want to venture off the beaten track a bit more (as in somewhere without a train station). Although we do grab taxi's it hard to then have to store car seats etc and yer basically 2018 is definitely going to see my at least starting to learn to drive!

I'll do a proper round up of the year over the Christmas break and one about resolutions too, I'm feeling so inspired to make some big changes and the new year is always a good excuse isn't it. I mainly just wanted to pop on to share these snaps and wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Thank you to every single one of you that have supported our family in 2017, with a comment on here, a heart over on IG or a watch on my channel. It means a lot to have your support and without you I know we wouldn't be living the life we lead. I'm always so grateful for that and I'm more dedicated now then every to bring you content and updates you love reading and of course chatting to your guys over whatever platform I happen to be oversharing with at the time ;)

Have the best Christmas break and check in with you soon!
Love Fritha xx

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