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As winter arrives and Mabli approaches her second birthday (how has that happened?!) I find myself reminiscing about this time of year two years ago. I was 37 weeks pregnant and pretty ready for my baby to arrive any day. Pregnancy is such an amazing experience, despite finding it very difficult at times I was also so aware that this was something I would only experience once or twice in my lifetime and so I really tried my hardest to remember little moments as best I could.

I was very lucky that the midwife I saw when I was pregnant for the first time was actually the one that delivered my baby! I know the chances of that happening are super rare and the fact I saw her all the way through my first experience of pregnancy and then she helped me welcome my baby was just incredible. I think she will always be one of the most important people in my live even though I've never seen her since that day.

Another reason more personal to me to be in awe and admiration of midwives is my own mum before getting ill was also a midwife. I remember as a child seeing her come home from a nightshift where I would wonder how many babies had been born, what had gone on and only now as a mother myself knowing the important role she must have played in supporting those women. She was also able to assist me on my first birth, both as my mum and as a midwife.

(a couple of hours after having Mabli!)

I had a homebirth with both my babies and having someone I knew and trusted sit with me in my living room and guide me through that experience was just incredible. I feel such gratitude towards my lovely midwife (Nikki) who was able to assist me. She was actually joined by another midwife towards the end of my labour who I am just as thankful for, both of them were exactly what I needed for different reasons. Likewise, with the birth of my daughter, although I'd never met my midwives before they were both so brilliant. They were just the most incredible champions and made me feel like I could do anything. I felt so empowered being around such wonderful women.

I'm working with Pampers in this post to share their 'Thank You Midwife' campaign, something I think anyone who has experience the amazing work they do can get behind. It's so sad to hear that a third of midwives feel undervalued in their job, one that surely is one of the most important. Pampers recognise that midwives do a truly extraordinary job; in ensuring babies' healthy development and bringing them safely into the world. However, despite best intentions most parent don't get the chance to say thank you.

(my first picture of me as a mum - note the socks on the radiator haha!)

Midwives need our appreciation and support now more than ever. Which is why this Christmas, as part of a longer term commitment, Pampers is helping parents say thank you and showing the nation's midwives how truly valued they are.

Do you want to thank your midwife? Do so on social media with the tag #ThankYouMidwife. For every post shared on Facebook (PampersUKIre) or on Twitter (Pampers_UK) with #ThankYouMidwife, Pampers will donate £1 to the Royal College of Midwives Trust. Money which will be used to support midwives over the festive period and beyond.

I'll be posting on my Instagram too so I do hope you'll join me in sharing our thanks to those special people.

Thank you to Pampers for working with me on this post.

Sponsored by Pampers


The Emerald Dove said...

Loved this post! I completely agree with you that midwives do amazing work - I'm convinced they're actual angels after all the support I got throughout my pregnancy, birth, and the first couple of weeks after too


Unknown said...

I really loved this post! Midwives are incredible! Even if the BBC’s call the midwife isn’t completely accurate, there’s a strong love for them! Mabli is such a beautiful name and she’s so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing such a lovely post!

Melanie said...

Seems like you got very lucky with having the same midwife. It's nice when things work out like that x

Jenni said...

Oh this is such an amazing idea! I had a midwife and a student midwife at Lucas’ birth and they were both incredible x

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