The prettiest hues, a magical Christmas party and the importance of supporting each other

A couple of weeks ago now (or was it only last week??) these days are blurring into one! Isn't that always the way? I headed to London for two days of the most beautiful events.

First up was attending the Pandora Christmas party. This year I have been working with them as one of their ambassadors which was such an honour as they are such a classic and iconic brand. I invited my friend Charlotte and together we were greeted to the most magical sight! Honestly I never been to a more beautiful Christmas party, they really pulled out all the stops! You can see a bit more of the night in this video if you fancy a watch.

Charlotte and I were roomies that night and so chatted away (waay past my normal bedtime) in our twin beds, ordering room service and discussing this funny old world of blogging. Each year I do this job I get more and more thankful for finding women that genuinely support each other. There's nothing worse than being in a group of people clambering over each other when there is MORE than enough internet to go around for us all y'know. So when I find those people I cling on to them for dear life (sorry about that pals!).

The next day we both headed to the Christmas Weekend:In event. This is the third event I've been to run by the lovely Oliva and championing small and beautiful brands. The pace for this day was slightly different to the last two I've been to and was mainly focussed on just hanging out which was perfect. It also led to me and Charlotte completely changing into some of the Stalf collection and having a sleepover (a pretend this one this time!).

Also discussed was the size of people's heads. I had always though of myself as having a huge head, turns out its just average, what a disappointment.

The event was held at the gorgeous Leman Locke which was just so dreamy! Instead of hotel rooms they have beautiful apartments, definitely a place to consider on another London trip.

The most beautiful knitwear by Miss Pom Pom

The dreamiest jacket by Stalf Studio

I shared a picture from this event on my Instagram and was told that as a mum I shouldn't be attending events like this and should instead be at home always with my children. I thought about not mentioning this here but I've got to be honest was pretty taken aback by such old fashioned thinking. I just want any women/mother to know that it's OK to be all things, to run a business, be a friend, a mother and even to wear nice clothes and enjoy yourself from time to time ;) It may be a juggle but leaving my children from time to time only makes me appreciate them more once we're reunited. I know that as a working mum like so many I am showing my children that it's OK to earn your own money, even to be a sole bread winner! It doesn't mean I love my children any less and whilst I only have the UPMOST respect for full time stay at home mums I know that I personally happy being a few different things at once. My kids are ALWAYS the most important thing to me but it's kinda OK to have other things going on to y'know? 2017 not 1947 right?

As women lets support each other, we are all amazing, all doing our best and the possibilities are endless if we stop putting each other in boxes xx

90% of these images were taken by Sophie Careful (the pretty ones!) who is a hugely talented photographer based in Bristol

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