Hey February!

Isn't it weird how you can blame things on certain days or months? Like Monday's and January. I always feel bad about myself if I've had a Monday where I got nothing done when actually Tuesday can totally be your Monday if it feels like it right? 

Me pretending to be all candid and Mabli totally busting me with her tongue out at Tom haha

I wanted to pop on here and do a little 'life lately' there are so many photos I take these days that go straight to IG stories and then disappear and sometimes I miss the whole adding them here and just documenting them for old times sake.

So the past couple of weeks have been very very chilled. I do sometimes get a pang of anxiety when I think of how lazy we are being. I think it's really hard to shake out of the glorifying 'busy' that I definitely let myself fall into sometimes. My biggest goal for this year was work less and enjoy my family more, which sounds pretty obvious but is sometimes a strangly hard thing to let your mind do. When I started becoming a the sole earner for our family last year I felt like I was in 'flight or flight' mode and that I needed to work at 100 miles an hour and earn as much as I could because it could all end tomorrow. This wasn't actually any pressure Tom put on me of course and actually when we looked at our earnings we did have a safety net but it's taken me a good few months to realise that and chill out. I think now we are more in the groove of things and with Mabli starting 9 hours a week in nursery Tom has been such a help when it comes to our business, he actually often has much more creative ideas than me which has made it really fun to work together. It's so strange to think this geeky little hobby of mine 8 years ago has become something that allows us to be with our family. I feel thankful for it every day!

The other thing I'm LOVING lately is spending one on one time with this little boy. Every Thursday we have me-and-him dates which usually are just hot chocolate in Asda cafe (his choice every single time, he really like Asda cafe ;)). Last week we did something a bit different though and we went to see the Greatest Showman together which was just so lovely. I think it will always be one of my lovelies memories. Wilf has been learning to songs in his class as his teacher is a big fan and I'd been dying to see the film myself so when my friend told me it was totally suitable for 6 year olds I jumped at the chance. We had such a blast and the cutest part was when Wilf stated singing during the first slow song, I had to ask him to save it until we got home as there were two other families in the audience but when he did he sang it in full to me and Tom and I thought I might cry!

I'm very much enjoying having a six year, especially one that enjoys musicals as much as me ;)

We actually spent a whole 24 hours together last month when we went to London for a job I was working on. Wilf hasn't slept in our bed for over a year now so it was really lovely to cuddle up with him and co-sleep again. We even got breakfast in our room the next day and just hung out and chatted. The stuff I always dreamed motherhood was about.

We also popped to London (we've been so much in the past few weeks!) to see my dad and couple of my siblings (I'm one of 5) before he caught a flight to Spain to see my mum who is out there at the moment. I don't see my parents very often (maybe twice a year) so it's always kind of bittersweet. Both the kids adore my dad as he is very much the fun grandpa (or Grumpy as he is called) and I wish there was a way we could all live a bit closer.

Anyway I think that's it for now! If you want to see our 'day in the life' video of the day we went to see The Greatest Showman you can see it here. I've not been doing many videos lately but I'm hoping to get back into it soon.

Hope you are all as glad as me to get out of Jan and that February brings lots of exiting things!


Linda Hobbis said...

You actually made me feel a bit guilty as this is just the kind of thing I should be doing with Caitlin and Ieuan - separately because I think each child needs their own time with their parents. I'd love to see the Greatest Showman - I bet Hugh Jackman was fab and Wilf must be pretty musical if he can repeat a song with a couple of hearings.

Jenny said...

That's good to know that the film is suitable for a 6 year old, I can't wait to take my two now !

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

ah Linda it's so hard to do though logistically! we're just lucky that we are both pretty flexible with how we work, thank you xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Jenny - you'll LOVE it! x

Lara Jarvis said...

Your photos are SO lovely. I always love looking at them. And I love the date afternoons with Wilf! x

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