A little of life lately, being a first time second time mum and my favourite

First off, Wilf took this picture of Mabli! I found it on my 'big camera' after I'd let him play with it and I was so struck by it. It's such a beautiful picture but it was like seeing how he looked at her and how she looked at him, like a little insight into their lives I wasn't part of. I just love it!

I wanted to pop up a post with a few random shots I've taken over the past week or so. The below shot was taken after Mabli had a bit of an emotional morning, she's at an age where she wants exactly whatever Wilf has just started playing with and even though Wilf is so (SO) patient with her it sometimes involves some tears.

I was just walking down the stairs and she was at the bottom with her little lip quavering. I scooped her up and just cuddled her here like this whilst she sobbed at the injustice of her two year old world. I'm so thankful for Tom picking up the camera and taking this shot. Even though she was upset I'm so glad this moment was captured, it sums up what a lot of parenting a toddler feels like sometimes.

We realised this morning (the day after this was taken) that Mabli must be teething, as her temperature is high and she is showing other tell tale signs. It made me think 'how did I not spot this? I've done this before!' It's funny how even though you have you can feel like a first time mum all over again sometimes!

Whilst I was getting on with some chores on Saturday Tom built the kids this 'mid century modern' dolls house out of some recycling. It really reminds me of the houses my dad would bring back from uni when me and my big brother were small. Once he didn't need them for his architecture assignments then we would be allowed to paint them!

My brother and I were pretty close whilst we were little like this and had a similar age gap as Wilf and Mabli so their relationship feels really nostalgic.

And one of just me, my dress in case you are wondering is from here :)

Just a few 'bits and bobs' of our life lately. I don't know if its the weather but I've been fully embracing staying at home and just chilling out with this little gang. Every day with small children is different no matter what you are doing so it never really gets dull ha!

Oh and my lovely friend Lauren took this one of me and Mabli and I LOVE it so much (did I say I love it enough in this post?)

I swear I must say a million times on this blog that my favourite age is now but...it's really is ;) I remember Wilf turning two and it just being so wonderful, being able to chat with him and see his personality take form. Now that Mabli is doing the same and being her own crazy little person it feels a little bittersweet. First time round it made me think 'I can't wait to have another child and experience another beautiful soul. This time it makes me think 'this is the last time I will experience two years old'. It makes me feel sad at times but at the same time spurs me on to soak it all up now, to really appreciate these days when they are small enough to need me so much. When they eagerly clamber for hugs and kisses and want to spend all their time with us. At times it can be overwhelming for sure but I'm just as aware that there will be a time soon when they wont need us so much.

Ah motherhood!!

Thanks as always for reading xx


Nicola D said...

These pictures are so good! The first one is absolutely adorable.

Gaynor Vincent said...

My boys are hungry all the time and want snack after snack!

MichelleTwinMum said...

Yes I love the age from about 20 months upwards when everything really starts to progress and their personality shines through. Such beautiful pictures in your post and I love the candid captures. Mich x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks so much Mich! I totally agree you really get to start to see what type of little person they are going to become don't you! x

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