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Ok how did my two babies become two little people (or I mean Wilf looks like a teenager here right?!) I love seeing their little sassy personalities shine! Wilf's outfit is from Hip Little People

I wanted to share a few photos from the past couple of days. I've been asked a lot about what camera/lens/editing software we are using lately because our photography is looking a little different. The truth is that we've been using Tom's new Google Pixel 2 as our sole camera for the past fortnight and the quality is just so amazing. I mentioned a bit more about this on my IG feed but truth be told Tom has never massively been into social media or tech and his phone was about 5 years old and totally dying. It was always something I would nag him about because his phone was too rubbish to take pictures of us when I asked him to, ha!

Anyway since he got this new one (this isn't sponsored or gifted in any way btw!) I've been so impressed with it that I've switched sides too! My phone arrives today although I'm a bit terrified of moving to android over apple the camera really swung it for me.

So what else is new?


I recently dug out this book again which I bought when Wilf was about three years old. I have to say I found three SUCH a tricky age and having chatted to friends about it I think thats quite a common theme. I think as it goes we are fairly chilled parents, we have rules obviously and things that we have to enforce for their own good (bedtime, not eating too much sugar or staring at screen etc etc) but with most other things I'm more of the opinion that things can be a conversation and we're open to listening to their reasons for not wanting to do things or wanting to do things.

I think the trickiest thing we deal with as parents is the frustration of being 'ignored' a lot of the time we find that when we clash is when we're asking things twice, three times (or more) over. Or when we are asking questions and don't get a answer. If it can be helped, and I find it often can I want us to shout as little as possible. I hate shouting so much and I really don't want our kids to feel like they are being barked orders at that they have no choice over. Anyway, I found this book so helpful back then and I totally forget we had it so I'm going to dipping it some more as a reminder to stay on a track where we can both talk and listen to each other.


We've been watching Jessica Jones as the new season is back on, it's not the same as when David Tennant was in it *sigh* but it's still pretty easy watching. When I was sick last week I gave myself a day off and took myself to bed with Grey's Anatomy. I had no idea there were two seasons I hadn't watched so I'm rectifying that! Also - Queer Eye for the Straight Guy!


I've been loving the checked jacket I'm wearing in the last of the photos above, it's from Nasty Gal. I'd never shopped their before but I also picked up the flared cords and I love them both.

Check out my latest Wish List for some other things I'm loving!

This 'Little Loves' is a post set up by my friend Morgana, its a great way to find new recommendations!


Morgana said...

I completely agree on the photo front, the quality is gorgeous. If I wasn't so married to my iphone I'd be so tempted to switch.
Your kiddos are just so gorgeous and it's lovely getting to see their little personalities. Enjoy the weekend xx

Kerri-Ann Hargreaves said...

I do love the style of the photos Fritha, and I adore that jacket on you also. And yes your littles are growing up fast, I noticed last weekend on the Sainsbury's campaign. Gorgeous photo of you all by the way! Have a lovely weekend #littleloves

Kara Guppy said...

Awww they are looking more and more grown up by the day, not quite a teenager yet though :)

Sarah Rooftops said...

SUCH a teenage pose!

That's my favourite parenting book - I wish it was handed out by health visitors at the two year check! One thing somebody said on a local Facebook parenting page recently which resonated with me was that it took her ages to realise that her very verbal child simply didn't understand some of her questions - I'm constantly having to remind myself that Matilda might not know what all of the words I'm using mean, but it really helps to take that moment to double check; sometimes she's ignoring me because she doesn't understand what I'm asking.

Nicolette Lafonseca-Hargreaves said...

I love the photos and really wanted to get the phone as my next upgrade but then read that it has no headphone jack have you (tom) found it an issue. I use my phone with the minirig all the time for Spotify and as a microphone port so I am.really torn because the image are amazeballs

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@sarahrooftops Thats so true! And something I also forget quite often, I think I expected A LOT from Wilf from an early age as he was so good at talking to young and now looking back I feel bad I expected so much of him! Wilf still says this from time to time and it breaks my heart when I realise I'm doing the same thing! It's a really good reminder thank you !x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@nicolette it does have an adapter but we both dont use headphones tbh! The Iphone 10 also doesn't have a jack so they are both the same in that respect. You can also use blue tooth headphone too I guess! x

Mum Reinvented said...

Wilf really does look like a mini teen in that photo! Love that jacket, I've been looking for a spring jacket although as I type it's snowing a blizzard yet again, so I may well leave it another few weeks! Love the style of the photos, phone cameras can do some amazing things these days! #littleloves

Laura Ferry said...

Believe it or not, I've never watched Greys Anatomy before but all of my friends have been telling me that I'll love it so I think I'll have to start it soon! Theres a lot to catch up on! xxx

Naomi said...

Great post, so difficult to find honest reviews and the thought of moving on from apple is scary lol, but photos speak volumes!!!

Carly Markham said...

I love your recent photos and I am so glad you posted where your jacket was from because as soon as I saw the photo I thought 'ooh I like that!' I will have to check out the brand.

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@naomi I found it scary too and tbh I'm still working it out but the camera makes up for it! x

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