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There was a time a while back when we literally didn't watch TV. I would spend all evening working on things I couldn't do in the day when I was looking after Mabli so when the evening came around we'd have dinner, I'd do a few hours work and then I'd be so tired I'd just fall into bed. It took a while to realise the importance of having downtime and whilst I'm not advocating people spending their whole day watching screens I do think it's great to just switch off and watch a good drama!

So on that note I thought I'd compile a list of some of the things we've been loving lately (both us and the kids!).

Starting with my favourite and a series I can't stop raving about - Keeping Faith.
I have to admit I started watching this in the hope it would be as brilliant as everything else Eve Miles is in (I love love love her) and I wasn't disappointed. I find this show (and her) even more brilliant when you find it was recorded in both English and Welsh and that Eve had to learn Welsh in order to play it. We were so gripped each week watching the drama infold and I felt for the characters so much, especially how she keeps it together as a mum though everything thrown as her oh my gosh. Anyway, if you can still find it watch it on catch up ASAP!

My favourite thing the kids have been watching, and something I can also enjoy watching (finally!) it a Series of Unfortunate Events. I remember loving these books so much as a child and I actually didn't think the movie was too bad either but the series is amazing, especially as it has some brilliant actors and dark humour. There's a touch of the Wes Anderson about it too which is always a win for me.

A series I've been revisiting it good 'ol Greys Anatomy. I started watching it for the first time when I was pregnant with Wilf. I went off at 36 weeks (he was born at 39) so I had a good solid few weeks of getting through about 5 seasons. Weirdly I then left it until pregnant with Mabli to watch the rest (must be something about being pregnant and wanting to watch medical dramas. I actually thought I'd watched the finale after what happend to Mc Dreamy so I didn't realise I had a whole 2 new seasons to finish. I'm watching the last one tonight!

Back to kiddos and we are on the 5th Harry Potter book and fourth film. I'm finding as the books go on they don't seem too scary but just deal with a lot of subjects that probably don't interest Wilf so much (like Ron and Hermione getting together). The films are a lot simpler though so even though we are reading each book before the films I think some of it is going over his head now. Still Wilf is loving everything Harry Potter and its nice for me to revisit the books myself to be honest.

Lastly, we just finished watching the second season of Marcella. I usually end of watching them with Tom saying 'this is too far fetched' every 5 minutes or 'Isn't it weird how its always someone she knows' ect ect. Still he did enjoy it despite himself and I hope they do a third.

Let me know if you like these kinds of posts. I'm always interested in recommendations of good shows so if you have watched something brilliant lately, do leave a comment below! 

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