Our new eco bed

Firstly I had to include the shot of my cat Maddie as it keeps making me laugh haha her face!
A couple of weeks back I was contacted by Silentnight to tell me about their eco range. As a family we try to be eco conscious as much as can. We're certainly not perfect but I'm always interested to hear about recyclable products on the market.

The eco comfort mattress is made from 100% recyclable plastic bottles and sustainable fibres that are both breathable and eco-friendly. We were asked if we'd like to try it out and I can confirm that their is no compromise in comfort. The mattress has actually won 'Which Best Buy' for five years in a row!

We chose the medium firm mattress in the slate grey colour-way. We also chose the Bloomsbury Headboard and the option of 2 + 2 continental for the storage option which offers two large drawers and two smaller drawers to leave space for a side table.

The kids filled our storage drawers with their toys ha!

We did previously have a super king bed as when Mabli was smaller we'd find we would often have both kids in our bed come the morning as we need the space. With them getting a bit older we downsized to a king and think it works much better in our space. Although as have a really large bedroom the super king did overwhelm it a bit and we still have plenty of room with a king for those little nighttime visitors!

I love the headboard too as it really fits with the mid-century/scandi kind of look we tend to go for in our home.

I'd love to know what you think of the look of it and if you'd consider the eco alternative when buying your next mattress?

*We were sent the Silentnight Eco Comfort Pocket bed and mattress in return for an honest review but all words and thoughts are my own

Neutral 0% for Sensitive Skin

Mabli has a best friend, his name is 'dog dog' (original I know) and he comes pretty much everywhere with us. Only parents will know the fear of possibly forgetting a favourite softie on a trip away (we've actually turned back on a journey for Wilf's 'Panda' softie before!) and how much that little bundle of fluff means to them. Consequently he needs a good wash fairly often before he is replaced back into her arms and squished against her face as she sleeps.

We're working with Neutral 0% in this post to highlight how brilliant it is for those with sensitive skin which as a mum I'm always conscious of with my two little ones. I was surprised to hear that 1 in  4 people in the UK suffer from allergies and this number is growing by 5% year by year .Currently almost half of households are affected.
We've actually used this brand a lot since being introduced to it last year but Neutral 0% have a range of products designed specially for s
ensitive skin with 0% fragrance and 0% colourants’. It's perfect for sure on her blankie and softie as these are items that are used daily and are in contact with her skin throughout the day.

It's also brilliant for using on Wilf's school uniform which also gets washed A LOT ( how do they get so dirty every day??). We used to find that Wilf would come out in a rash along his back where his trousers rubbed and despite changing the brand of uniform it would often still flare up. It's really important to us for that reason to use products made for sensitive skin to stop any rashes or itches. It's also used our bedsheets and duvets, there is nothing worst then having sheets that irritate you as you sleep.

I'd love to know if you've heard of the brand before and your experiences of sensitive skin.

Neutral 0% has received the Allergy UK Seal of Approval and is recommended by Netmums. 
If you’re interested in trying the products, the Neutral 0% Washing Liquid and Fabric Conditioner are currently on promotion in Ocado and the range is also available from Sainsbury's and Amazon. To find out more about Neutral 0% visit www.neutralsensitiveskin.com.

In partnership with Neutral 0%

Open to UK residents 18+. To enter, visit the competition post on the Instagram account of tigerlillyquinn and share your skin story and tag a friend. Opens 08:00am on 23/07/2018 and closes 23:59 10/08/2018. One set of 3 Neutral 0% products to be won. 1 entry per Instagram account. 


A weekend away with friends

I've just come back from a weekend away in the Cotswolds and I can't tell you how good it's been for the soul.

After a pretty emotional week of stopping breastfeeding and colds and generally feeling a bit overwhelmed and run down a break was 100% appreciated. We were invited to Marsden Manor in the Cotswolds by Kate & Tom's and it was such a perfect venue and I'm really excited to share the pictures with you.

I also couldn't resist sharing a few outfits with you whilst I was in such beautiful surrounding of course ;) The top outfit is a two piece from Zara and the below is a dress from Anthropologie

Marsdon Manor sleeps ten couples or 20 friends (beds can be made as king size or twin) so its brilliant to have with a group of friends or a couples weekend away but also totally set up for families too. There is a play room for smaller children, a games room for older children (think pool table, ping pong ect) plus loads of books, dvd's and boardgames. It also has an amazing outdoor heated pool which was just perfect for an early morning swim!

Only an hour away from Bristol it really felt like the most tranquil secluded location. I wasn't sure what to expect from the interior of the manor  being that it it such an old building (some part of the house are 600 years old!). The owners however have managed to make the bedrooms modern and luxurious whilst keeping with the country feeling of the place. I can testify that the beds are so comfy and a good sleep was had by all which as most of us were mums was very much needed.

I loved that their was an Aga in the kitchen as it really brought back memories of the farm house my parents used to live in. It also had a 'normal' oven and hob for those not used to working Aga's (although they are really easy to use!). Diana the owner also had baked us a cake and left us essentials on our arrival like bread, tea, coffee, milk etc. We took it in turns to make meals and as we were a group of 90% veggies this worked so well.

As well a beautiful grounds and manor house they also had a tennis court! Whilst there were only 7 of us you can really feel that even at full occupancy you would never ben under anyones feet. The house also has two living rooms, a dining room and a eating space in the large kitchen. Pretty much all the bedrooms had their own bathroom also.

Thank you so much to Kate and Tom's for inviting me and my friends for a weekend away. If you are new to their site they have some beautiful properties that I'd definitely recommend checking out. We were guests at Marsdon Manor but all words, thoughts and pictures are my own.

I also made a little video of our time away if you fancy a watch!

Being the sort of person with a tidy house..

I've always wanted to be one of those people that 'can't relax until the house is spotless', that can always invite people over whenever as it wont involve a panic clean up and that always make the beds in the morning before they leave the house. I've come to terms with the fact I'm never going to be one of those people as as long as things are clean and a bit jumbly thats OK.

I have become much better at keeping on top of the household jobs lately though and find that as long as I don't let it get 'too bad' it's pretty easy to maintain. There are a few areas in our home that need cleaning daily and thats around the dinning room (think crumbs from breakfast or tiny bits of paper and fluff from the kids crafts). We pulled up the carpet off the stairs around a year ago and although I love that it is wooden floors throughout it also means that it just collects fluff. We have two very hairy cats who seems to malt just as soon as you touch them and the stairs are the worst hair collectors.

We're working with Bosch in this post to test our their new Unlimited Vacuum. It's unique in that it is battery powered and whilst you are using one battery in the machine the second one can be charging in the battery doc whilst you're not. You can use this piece of kit like a normal vacuum below but my favourite aspect of it is using it with the hand held element. It's perfect for the stairs and we now store it on the landing so we can do this really quickly daily. I never used to vacuum this often with our machine with a cord as it's a real pain to lug up and down the stairs like this.

The charging time on the batteries are so quick that it actually charges faster than when it's being used! This gives it an infinite and unlimited lifetime of use.

This is another way you can use the vacuum to suck up dust in hard to reach places (and not as Wilf thought as a light saber ahem..)

I found the design really simple and uncomplicated. It was immediately easy to see how to use it and empty the cylinder. I definitely love the small handheld dust vacuum the best and can really see how it will help keep on top of everyday cleaning without it becoming a chore. It's also really easy to store and you can attach the charging station to the wall over a plug so that its always there to charge up. We haven't done this yet as we're about to move house but I'm looking forward to tackling the new place with this new piece of kit!

In Partnership with Bosch 


My favourite basics

(illustration by Laura Redburn)

1, Short Jersey Top 
2, Bershka high waisted mom jeans
3, Weekday mom jeans 
4, Pink blazer 
5, Hollie Trainers 

Some of my favourite favourite basics right now..and that blazer just so happened to fall into my basket right now..

Where are we moving to?

So I've put off posting this for a while now as I just don't want to jinx anything but I figure that it's going to take a few months for things to happen anyway and to save me being rude and literally not replying to your questions on this I need to come clean.

You might remember I wrote this post a few weeks back when we literally didn't know what to do and where to go. We are in a unique position I guess in that we are both freelance and apart from not being a crazy distance from London (I need to be there maybe twice a month) we don't really have ties anywhere.

We love this city we live in but over the past year have seen how crazy the prices have got here and how much we could get for our money just a hop over the border. We started taking trips to Cardiff and really loved what we saw but when it came down to it I didn't get the gut feeling it was 'right' for us. I feel like of course we'll never actually know what it could have been like, it could have been just what we needed or it could have been a bad move for us. That's life I guess, nothing is certain or clear cut you just need to do what you feel is right for you..

After we accepted an offer on our house we looked in earnest of places and houses and we did actually fall in love with a property in Exeter but still felt like it wouldn't quite be right for us.

Feeling pretty uninspired by the properties coming on here (or priced out) we were in no clear situation about what we wanted to do. Instead we booked in to see three in the area we liked the best and after bursting into tears at the first (as in it made me cry in a bad way) I was starting to feel really anxious. I was feeling like actually maybe we wanted to stay here, by my friends and in this beautiful bustling city but that we were almost being forced out. The next house showed no promise on the pictures and having been on the market for a few weeks hadn't been snapped up yet (which is rare for Bristol) and I didn't hold out much hope of it being suddenly amazing when we arrived.

It wasn't 'amazing' but oddly when I first set foot in it it felt 'right' you know those gut feelings you get? I am a firm believer in them. It needs a bit of work but we like to have project and I'm proud of how much we did on this house. We loved the location and although the fact it was a beautiful sunny day probably helped we could step out of the house and see the harbourside and the beautiful pastel houses on the hill behind and I felt like how could we live anywhere else?

Maybe it seems like a bit of a deflated announcement, we're actually going nowhere new. We're not being massively adventurous but maybe we don't need to. There's something in knowing that what you have is a good thing. That you are content with where you are. I moved around so much as a child and there's part of me that thinks that's what you are supposed to do. The other part of me wants a stable home, a great friendship group and a city full of art and good food. Where there is always something new to see and that we can have as a base to explore the rest of the country if we want to.

Obviously we are on the start of this journey, things could fall through but we are pretty settled now that we know where we want to be which is always a good start. If all goes well I'm really excited to show you our new place, and to start all my interior projects!

(pictures of our current home by Viv Yapp for Apartment Therapy) 


Dirt is Good - Learning through outdoor play

When it comes to learning I whole heartedly believe the best way to encourage it is through play. Children are naturally curious and there isn't a day that goes by that both my kiddos don't ask me a hundred questions. Often prompting me to go learn the answers to some things myself!

We are working with Persil to spread awareness of Outdoor Classroom Day: on the 17th of May thousands of schools around the world will take lessons outdoors and 
prioritise playtime. In 2017, over 2 million children in over 100 countries took part. Play is so important for helping children's development and it's a project that as a parent I can 100% support. Despite us all knowing how important play is, we are currently experiencing a global play crisis, undermining children’s growth and chances of achieving their full potential. Driving this change will take many hands

The website has some brilliant information and resources for both school and parents. Wilf and I had a look at their 'Get Inspired' section and chose the lesson 'Natural Expression' . After weeks of rain we lucked out with a sunny weekend and so we headed to our local park to see what things from nature that could inspire us. Wilf loves art so he wanted to create a landscape from the things we found. The field had been freshly mown so it was perfect for collecting as the leaves for our trees!

Mabli got really into it too and we had lots of conversation about what flowers were weeds and why the grass needs to be cut.

We couldn't actually find any sticks in the park so headed to the woods to find some. This is the moment before me and Wilf went to look for some bluebells and slipped on our bums, ha! We both laughed a lot about that and it was a very clear reminder that dirt is good, and pretty funny too!

When we got home we used the sticks for the base of the trees, the cut grass as the bushes and tree tops and then later some scrunched up paper for clouds!

Despite us all knowing how important play is, we are currently experiencing a global play crisis,
undermining children’s growth and chances of achieving their full potential. Driving this change will take many hands. That’s why Persil, who believes every child should have the opportunity to learn and develop though outdoor play and exploration, supports this global movement and encourages families to embrace dirt and experience life, with all its messiness. 

It makes me sad to think that outdoor play and getting dirty isn't so commonplace anymore but I have to admit that in a technological age I'm often guilty of getting outdoors less. Especially with the usual British Weather! It's a reminder as always to get back to basics and learn the simple way through touching things, running around getting dirty, asking many questions, being silly, creating art and just playing in general! 

If you are a parent wanting to sign-up then you can do so here - https://outdoorclassroomday.com/

This post is in partnership with Persil

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