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Today marks a year since Tom handed in his notice at the university! It felt particularly noticeable to me yesterday when it was Wilf's sports day. Although Tom's old job was actually fairly flexible he still had to leave after the first hour and this year he was there the whole (two and a half hours!) and was able to take part in the dads race. I know that was so important to Wilf so I was feeling particularly grateful that we are were we are now.

It's funny looking back that I mentioned in this Q&A video that Tom leaving his job and us both working together was part of the bigger picture. I didn't really anticipate that happening for another 5 years so when we made the decision only a few months later it was amazing.

We'll be coming up to a year this August and I think I was finally sit down with Tom and run through any questions anyone might have about our decision (I have been promising to do this for over 6 months now whoops). It's not lost on us that all this was possible because of the support of you guys so for that I will always be so grateful!

Anyway I wanted to jump on a do a bit of an update (it feels like forever since I've done that, I blame the heat!)

The kids have been so much fun lately, they are playing with each other more and more and the gap between them seems like it shrinking. That being said Mabli is at an age where she is prone to winding Wilf up and being a leetle unreasonable to get her way. I'm so proud of how patient Wilf is with her 90% of the time and the other makes me want to scream 'can you two play nicely for like 5 minutes! ;))

I took a few selfies and wondered for the ten millionth time 'fringe or no fringe'

I met up with some lovely pals included this beaut Molly in the very instagramable Albatros Cafe in south Bristol.

We ate watermelon and my knees looked like angry little babies ;)

Me and Mabli played lots of silly games. I absolutely love this age, she is such a little character! I think when Wilf was two and a half I started to feel like I wanted another child for the first time because it was just such a wonderful stage of our lives. We are defo done with having any more kids so I need to just soak up these lovely ages!

We also ended up dressing up as three lions haha, actually it was four lions..and we looked more like tigers. It made NO SENSE! but was fun all the same

Tom turns 36 in a week and we're not planning anything big (actually we never plan anything big so I don't know why I said that) especially with moving soon. I am going to take the kids out to pick up little gifts they picked out and then I think we're just going to go out and eat pasta.

We've been half enjoying the sun half melting in the heat. I know it wont last much longer so I'm trying my best not to complain but the evenings are the worst when it's still 29 degrees in their room (even with two fans!).

I think thats it for the past couple of weeks, I'm trying to update my shop my instagram page too so check over there.

Are you coping in the heat? whats been your favourite thing over the past fortnight? I'd love to know! 

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