An update on getting a skincare routine and incorporating Mindfulness Techniques

You might remember I posted a blog a few weeks back about the connection between my mental health and physical health. I'm so thrilled to be working with the AVEENO® team on this project and exploring more about how taking care of myself and incorporating a skincare routine can benefit my body as a whole

I've recently been taking time out to practise mindfulness and their are a couple of techniques I've felt help with that. 

The first is anchoring, which is basically trying to anchor yourself to something you can focus on. For me its my breath. So taking five or ten minutes out of my day to really stop and to focus on how on my breathing, to relax and to notice how my body feels. Breathing deep breaths and concentrating on it leaving my body automatically puts me more in tune with how the rest of me is feeling. 

I'm also taking care of ensuring I'm really switching off before I sleep, no more looking at my phone until the last few minutes of the day. I've taken a book up to bed and I'm trying to read a chapter to wind down and forget about the worries of the day. 

As well as this I'm really taking time to start a proper skincare routine. I have to admit I usually find I'm 'too busy' to properly moisturise after my morning showing but I'm excited to really stick to one since working with the AVEENO® Dermexa range. 

The first product I'm using is the AVEENO® Dermexa Daily Emollient Cream. I love how this product doesn't lather or bubble because it doesn't contain any of the 'nasties' that produce that effect. The texture is really soothing and creamy and doesn't have a very powerful scent. 

After this I'm using the AVEENO® Dermexa Daily Emollient Body Wash which my skin seems to react really well to and almost feels like its drinking it up! Again the scent is really subtle but the cream feels luxurious and nourishing. 

Lastly the product I’m loving the most so far is the AVEENO® Dermexa Fast & Long Lasting Balm. I've been popping this in my bag and using it on my hands, elbows and knees but I know it will also be great for the patches on my face when I have dry skin flare ups there. 

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be using them daily and I'll be sharing the results over on my Instagram so do check in to see how I got on. 

Do you have any tips for a balanced lifestyle? Both mentally and physically. 
#BalanceofOats and #SkinStories

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