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For the longest time I've suffered with anxiety, I've written about it a bit over here and over the years I've found lots of ways to help manage it and work out the things that trigger me the most. Sometimes it's not possible to not be in situations that can cause stress but it's good to know I have some techniques to help me work through them.

As a mum I can find that feeling overwhelmed and frazzled can really set me off. Training my brain to not spiral has been a big help you get caught in a negative cycle like that. For example, 'my toddler is having a tantrum publicly, I'm a rubbish mum for not knowing how to stop her'. Instead I tell myself ' I am a calm and patient person, this feeling of frustration is OK, we can work through this together'. It doesn't always mean I can stop her tantrums but it helps me feel calmer in the situation.

Generally though I find that my biggest cause of overwhelm and anxiety is when I'm feeling run down, or having done too much. For me this often means travelling to much, talking to people too much (that sounds weird I know but I'm an introvert and struggle with talking amongst a lot of people).

It's only recently I've discovered a correlation between how I feel mentally and how my body is reacting physically. I feel run down, my body is tired and my skin goes really dry. It's like my whole body is saying 'stop! look after me for a bit!'

So when the AVEENO® team got in touch and asked if I'd like to work with them trying out their Dermexa range I was really interested in the concept, as their ethos is that it is key to live a balanced life. And especially as they were so interested in the idea of treating your body as a whole, no mental health/physically health separation. More the idea that your mind is just as much of your body as your skin and should be considered when looking after your skin.

I was invited to their offices to speak to their dermatologist and phycologist to learn all about skin but also about looking after our mental health too. For me my skin flares up on my legs (I get dry flakey skin on my lower legs) also my elbows and knees and when I'm really run down or stressed on my face too (especially under my eyes and by my nose).

I'm so excited to come away with not only some brilliant mindfulness tips but also to try out the Dermexa product range. I am definitely one of those people that never stick to a skin care routine. I almost never moisturise after a bath or shower (I know I know) so I'm really keen to actually set myself a little morning and evening routine.

I'll be sharing my thoughts over on the blog (and IG) on how I initially find them and how I feel after using them over a few weeks. Cant wait to share how I find them with you!

In partnership with AVEENO®

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