That 3.28 break time and our work from home routine

Tom and I just celebrated a year of us working together! It feels longer (in a good way ha!) and I now can't really imagine life any other way. I certainly don't ever take this for granted and feel so lucky we able to both be at home with the kids, even if its only for when they are little.

I'm working with Galaxy in this post to share a new delicious product they've recently brought out, Galaxy Rounds! Available in two flavours, chocolate and salted caramel the combine Galaxy chocolate with shortbread. Tom and I were tasked with the job of giving them a review ( I know, I know but someone has to do it ;)). My favourite was definitely the Galaxy Salted Caramel and Tom was more of an original Galaxy chocolate kind of guy.

Did you know that apparently the average Brit stops work around 3.28pm for a snack? I definitely think that regular breaks keep up sane when working from home, especially working and parenting together we see each other a lot. I'm still working on creating a more definitive work/home life balance, for instance not talking about work over meal times or before 9am. It doesn't always work like that but we're trying to get a bit more routine into our day.

Another things we've been trying to do to keep a bit more order in our lives is only work from the kitchen table rather than bringing our laptops to the sofa. I also find this helps the kids know that we're just catching up on an email or something rather than just browsing the net so they can be busy playing in the living room whilst I'm blogging at the other end of the house but can see them clearly.

As you can see Galaxy also sent us an alarm clock so we can be sure never to miss our 3.28 snack! Wondering if anyone would notice if I reset that alarm for more regular intervals ;)

The new Galaxy Rounds will be a cupboard staple for this work from home environment I think. I'd recommend they become part of yours too!

In Partnership with Galaxy Rounds

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