Is porto good for families

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This has been one of my most requested posts lately and I'm finally getting round to sharing. Mabli started childcare this week (more on that later!) so I have some dedicated time to breath some life into my slightly neglected blog. Anyway more on Porto!

If you follow me on IG you will know we absolutely loved visiting this city as a family and I found it so much more child friendly than other city breaks we have taken. We've visited Portugal a few times now and although we loved Lisbon I did find Porto to have a much more relaxed vibe

 porto portugal for families

The first place we visited was World of Discoveries which is a museum about Portuguese navigators sailing across the ocean and exploring different countries. The best part was the animatronic journey across the world on a mechanical boat! We are big fans of traditional 'rides' like this (our favourite place for things like this is Efteling!) and we all loved it!

We were done by lunch and headed next door to a vintage shop and cafe. It was so sunny that day it felt like British summer even though it was December!

I'd definitely recommend visiting this antiques shop if you are into that kind of thing but even if you're not the cafe outside was so friendly. Lots of options for kids too (ours had a toastie and fries).

We walked back to our Airbnb along the river which was beautiful. We found we could walk most places in the city but when we ventured to some places a little further a field we used Uber. The kids have backpacks that turn into booster seats (from Trunki) which are perfect for travelling. Mabli is technically a little too small for hers but we feel its better than not using one. We also found that Uber drivers in Porto were so good about seats, all them carried at least one child seat in their boot!

porto portugal for families
things to do in porto for families

One of the most beautiful places we visited was Serralves which is a place I'd been so excited to visit since I looked up the area for our trip. I really wish we'd gotten there a little earlier in the day actually as two hours didn't quite seem enough. The kids have loads of fun running around the garden and we also visited the art exhibition in the house.

We actually did something new to us and booked a photographer to meet us there for a family shoot. I'll share those pictures in a different post but it was such an amazing setting and one for us to really remember our time there.

porto family stay
porto portugal for families

Another beautiful place we visited was the botanical gardens. They also had an exhibition on which was brilliant. We spent all morning here and then grabbed an Uber to the beach for lunch. I'll write a separate post on veggie / vegan places to eat as there was so many!

porto portugal for families by the beach
porto portugal for families crazy golf

We visited the beach area twice and played crazy golf as many times ha!

is porto good for families yes

Another beautiful spot we visited one evening was the Crystal Palace gardens. Tom took this snap as I took Wilf down to check out the little turret along the walls (to him it was a castle). I think its one of my favourite pictures of our time there.

porto art galleries

Other than that we spend most of our time pottering around, popping into beautiful art galleries and posing in front of colourful tiles and walls!

porto for families walking
porto coloured walls walking with families
 is porto good for families porto building walking

If you want to see where we stayed then check out this post. A post on where we ate will be live ASAP.
I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you have any questions about any of the places we visited!


Hello it's been a while! Life Lately + Three Birthdays!

December is a busy month for us, not only is it Christmas of course it is also both the kids birthdays and our anniversary. All of it kicked off with my birthday on the last day of November. I'm never sure how I feel about birthdays, not about ageing but more so the expectation. To have a good day, to be thankful enough to be having enough fun etc etc. Tom and I both go in for a slow one, I once suggested a birthday party for Tom's 30th and he said if I ever threw him one, even a surprise one he would just turn around and leave ha!

Anyway I spent my 33rd having a lovely lunch with Mabli and Tom and then birthday cake with us all once Wilf was home from school. That's pretty much my ideal day, two nice meals and spending them with my little pals.

This photo wasn't taken on my birthday but the day I got new glasses a few weeks later.  I wanted to include it as..Tom in the background..

Happy ten years together Tom!

Wilf ended up having a big party as he has just started a new school so it was a bit of a treat to be able to invite so many of his new pals and have entertainment etc (we went with the Adventure Team incase you are local).

And he got to wear a Christmas Jumper to school on his actual birthday as it was jumper day. That was his day made! I mean look at them together! I can't handle how much love I have for these two little people.

For Mabli's birthday we just went to our local city farm for a run around and then birthday dinner and unicorn cake at home. I feel like at three she doesn't need a big party yet (there's enough pressure for that when she starts school!) and also she doesn't actually know any other kids her age yet!

So that was the three birthdays. I probably didn't take as many pictures as usual but I really wanted to leave off the pressure of recording every second and just take it in this year. The last part of the year has been a pretty busy one and I'm always conscious of how that ramps up during December!

I'll be back with a Christmas post soon! If only for recording these moments for me (and my M.I.L who checks in here for pics of the kids ha)



Porto - Where we stayed

Porto - Where we stayed  Airbnb
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Hey pals! First things first as I've not popped over here yet and its the 8th, Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break. It's a funny time of year with so many mixtures of emotions I hope that if it was fraught at times you can be gentle with yourselves :)

Aannyway we just came back from our first trip abroad in over a year, which isn't out of the ordinary I know (especially when you factor in moving house) but it reminded me how much I love exploring different parts of the world.

I've had a fair few requests over on Instagram to share the Airbnb we stayed at as a lot of you are now planning trips to Porto which is so great to hear! So I wanted that post to be the first thing I did over here. I'll share what we did and where we ate etc in a separate post (or two!). We stayed for five days which I felt was the perfect amount of time.

where to stay in porto

We stayed at Porto Apartment 5 which you can see here. We use Airbnb pretty much solely every time we travel and whilst this post is in no way affiliated with them I should point out if you've never used the site you can get sign up here. This way you get money off your first trip (I also receive £15 if you take a trip).

On Airbnb now you can filter properties by being 'family friendly' as well as filtering it by booking an entire place, number of bedrooms, amenities etc. It's important to us of course that a place is suitable for kids but I love that you can still pick really stylish places like this one. The location was in the sort of hipster-ish area rather than the more touristy spots by the river which I'd definitely recommend. Three doors down was a vintage shop and vegan donut place and a few shops up was a vegan burrito place and burger/record store!

where to stay in porto portugal

how long to stay in porto
where is the best place to stay in porto portugal
how many days to stay in porto

During our stay (over the New Year) there were two other guests staying at different times over the week in the apartment above but we barely heard them. The courtyard outside (on the floor of this apartment) is a shared courtyard but we never saw any of the guests use it.

We often end up splitting each child with a parent during the night so that they don't feel worried when they wake at night. The only concern we had before we booked this place was that one of the mezzanine levels was onto the living room. We basically tackled this by putting the kids to bed together in the room near the front of the apartment then moving one to the bed upstairs (mine and Wilf's) when we went to sleep. I don't know if that will sound weird to some people but I wanted to explain sleeping arrangements in case the mezzanine level might make others wonder the same.

All in all we loved staying here! I'm not sure if this will be also be the case but we realised that when we booked out a full week we also received a discount of around 30% which felt like we were getting a few days free! We've only ever spent a few days at places before so it's something I'm going to keep in mind for the future incase other places similar deals!

More Porto post coming up! 
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