Refreshing my work office with Philips LED bulbs (AD)

Anyone who has kids know it's always a juggle. Whether you are a working mum, a stay-at-home mum or a working-stay-at-home mum it often feels like you are being pulled in all directions and always on the go.

I started working from home when Wilf was about 18 months old. From working on my dressing table in our bedroom of the old house to moving to the kitchen table and now my own desk in the living room. I'm working with Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) in this post to show you how their Philips LED SceneSwitch range has transformed the way I work at home and spend time with my family.

We decided to move our kitchen table through to this living space a few weeks back, even though the kitchen had lots of natural light, we felt like it was the best use of the space in our middle room. The only downside was that with no windows it did feel very dark at times. My job involves shooting pictures and a lot of this depends on getting good lighting, it also meant we were not able to read/work/school projects as it was just a bit too dark!

Signify sent us their Philips LED SceneSwitch bulbs, which have three brightness settings without having to install a dimmer switch. To change to a different setting, you just turn the light off and on again at the wall. I was amazed first off at how easy these were to install, thinking that something like this would need an electrician when actually, they are just really simple to screw in bulbs!

--> You can see the difference in each light setting on the collage above. The three settings change from full brightness to 40% less and then 10% less of that. The colours go from white light (perfect for shooting pictures) to warm light (brilliant in the evening having a family meal together). In the winter I think we would use the highest setting more and then less as the seasons go on.

Another example of the different settings below, going from full to mid brightness. I also added a single bulb to the lamp above my desk - meaning we can have the rest of the room on low light whilst I used the brighter setting for work.

Not only are the bulbs brilliant for all the different functions we need to use them for as a family they also use 80% less energy which means you are saving money and thinking of the environment too.

I feel like Spring is the perfect time for little home improvements like this and adding these bulbs to our living room has made a big difference in how we are able to use the space.

You can buy the Philips LED SceneSwitch bulbs from John Lewis
and Amazon 
and there are other filament style bulbs in the range to give off a more vintage feel also! What do you think? Would you add them to your home?

This post is in partnership with Signify. 

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