Love the little things - Wilf learnt to swim!

Indulge me in this post as its definitely one to mark down as proud mum moments but after all this blog is and was always meant to be a record of our lives.
I'm so proud of both kids for so many different reasons but I really wanted to write about this memory and not forget how much it meant to me at this time.

If you follow me over on Instagram you'll know that since Wilf starting swimming lessons at the local pool around 6 weeks ago he has been having a pretty awful time of it. He was apprehensive anyway but when we spoke about how fun it would be to be able to swim (especially on holidays or water parks) he told me 'I was a bit nervous but you made it sound so fun I'm excited!'.

Imagine how guilty I felt after his first lesson which resulted in, the swimming assistant turning around and leaving him mid-length to sink into the water and come up gasping for air and sobbing. The rest of the next five weeks (we kept returning and he kept trying his best with no complaint just a sort of foreboding what was in store) full on knocking knees, tears, bad dreams..

A few people had told me about a swim school that ran in the holidays in a different part of town and after also seeing the flyer at our school we gave them a call and booked him in for the half term holiday. The idea is they have a 30 min lesson daily for 5 days with a small class, Wilf was in the very beginner class and they made sure to ask how confident he was etc before starting.

I feel teary writing this but he started the week with full body shakes and ended it laughing, smiling and completing his 5-meter badge! The instructor Mike was honestly the kindest and most patient man ever (despite Wilf clinging to him so tightly he pulled out a few of his chest hairs!) If you are local then defo check out Clifton Swim School (who I have no affiliate with!) as I honestly couldn't fault them and am so grateful for. I'm also of course immensely proud of Wilf who battled his fears and overcame them.

We have decided to end his weekly lessons now as he did one more and really didn't get much from them (different teacher each week and only about 5 minutes spent on each child). Although I'm not knocking them entirely as Mabli joined the pre school class and is loving it so it just goes to show 'different strokes for different folks'! 

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