Life Lately - Pokemon, Park Days, Plant Pots and Graduation shows

I somehow just found this blog post sitting in my drafts with all the pictures uploaded, a title and no words. So here are the words.

Going to art shows with the kids where their favorite game is to pick up a business card from their favorite artists (apart from the snooty lady a few months back who asked they put it back). Having been an artist at a degree show I know those cards really don't cost all that much and would have been thrilled if a seven-year-old wanted a little picture of it.

The UWE art show at the Arnolfini was so good, we left with Tom buying the show book and a list of prints we want to buy (not sure how the house will have enough space for the amount of art we want to buy!)

Summer finally hits the UK and these two buddies with their love/squabble/love/squabble relationship both fill up my heart and drive me round the bend ;)

Wilf is nearly ending his first year at his new school and we are behind proud of how he has made friends and really integrated into his new surroundings. This move was so good for him and I'm so happy it worked out like this. Even if it does mean we are carting him around to birthday parties almost every other week ;)

Mabli started two and a bit days just after Christmas at nursery school which she also loves. She has a best friend who she's had play dates with outside of school too. It's kind of odd to be in a situation now where the kids make their own friends and then you meet the parents. I'm so used to them only being friends with my friend's kids because they kind of have to be haha. The last two days of the week are all about miss Mabli before she starts school for real next year!

I'm still learning how to deal with blonde hair..

My new thing is gardening which I hope is a sign that I am really settling into being a grown up. I'm finding it so relaxing to actually focus on one task and also to get outside and touch the earth. Y'know all the good hippy stuff. I might not know what I'm doing but I'm enjoying the process so thats what counts right?

P.S last pic is my totally find of a vintage printing press I picked up for Wilf's Pokemon collection. I actually arranged all these myself for him to find when he got back from school (their old home was a shoe box) and I may have had a bit too much fun organising them for him ;)

Thats all for now, thanks for reading! xx

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