Wilf takes pictures

What happens when you give your 7-year-old your camera and a hipster app that only allows you 24 pics, a tiny viewfinder and three days before you get to see your pics.

Also, imagine trying to explain to your kids you are SO OLD there weren't digital cameras when you were their age ;)

I just love the pictures Wilf took, it's like a little view through his eyes, especially the ones where we have to bend down to his height. He also took some really lovely pictures of his granny and Tom which I won't share here but think it's so nice to see what's important to him.

Also this pic haha!

Lastly, he asked me to take a picture of him and his favorite softie 'Unipug' its a bit of a sad tale as we accidentally left him at granny's and although they will be reunited very soon he is so sad about it!

The app we are using is called Gudak and is really fun especially if you want to let your kids use your phone to take pics but have a limit on the amount they can take. I think it made him really think about the shots he wanted to take which actually I need to practice too a bit more.

Anyone remember having to buy disposable cameras for a night out or holiday? And the excitement of getting the film back! 

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