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I can't tell you how pleased I am to be sharing this post with you about one of my favourite subjects, plants! I'm thrilled to be working with The Joy of Plants which is an amazing site with tons of plant inspiration for the home. They also have an Instagram account which I'd urge you to check out as there are so many beautiful pictures as well as tips and ideas.

So here is a little house tour of the plants we have in our home and why we chose them. I'm always looking for more plants for our home, I think like books you can never have enough. I'm creating a jungle!

The above plant is the Begonia Maculata (or the Polka Dot Begonia) which we have on the kids mantlepiece. The children's room is really large and bright so the perfect place for a lot of our plant collection. I love the spotty leaves it almost looks like they have been painted on. Isn't nature amazing?
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We have two hanging plants in their room too, the purple plant is the Tradescantia Zebrina which has antioxidant properties. It's a super easy one to care for too, which is great. The children actually both look after the plants in their room as part of the household tasks for pocket money (more so Wilf than Mabli I'll be honest).  They water and mist the leaves every few days, I think is a great way to have a responsibility and to care for living things whilst incorporating nature in their day.  Wilf also can boost his pocket money by wiping the dusting the leaves of some of the larger plants around the house like the cheese plant in our living room.

The other hanging plant in their room is called the Aeschynanthus or the (lipstick rasta) it's amazing how its leaves grow almost like they have been plated together!

In this corner of the living room we have the Scindapsus Pictus or the Argyraeus hanging down above the armchair. I love it for its large leaves. It also has air purifying qualities removing airborne toxins found indoors like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.

I have a little snake plant (a moonshine version so it looks a little different) next to my bed for the same air-purifying reasons.

Moving onto our side return which might be one of my favorite areas of our home for the number of plants it has in it! It has really high walls and obviously a lot of light so the hanging plants love it!
We have a number of plants here but some of my favorites are the chain of heart plants which is super versatile, also spider plants which are again a really versatile plant and lovely easy starter plant.

Here is the children's room again doing their pocket money jobs!

I don't know about you but whenever we leave the house we come back with a hundred sticks and leaves to bring with us. I swear I have a pile of them by the back door I'm trying to sneak out. Kids I think can see uses and interest in plants in a way we often forget to. A project one Saturday morning was to try and copy the beautiful patterns on our Zebra Plant.  You can see what Wilf created from it below, Mabli's was a little more abstract ;)

Lastly, one of my favourite plants is this simple Philodendron Scandens which is an evergreen climber. It makes for a great focal point. Next to it is Wilf's air plant which the easiest plant ever to care for a really fun one for kids to look after.

I hope you liked this little plant house tour and how we incorporate them into our family life. Thanks again so much to The Joy Of Plants for teaming up with us for this post. You can find their site here and get all sort of plant inspiration!


When 2 become 5 said...

Wow, firstly you have a beautiful home!

Secondly wow again. I am not keen on house plants, I always think 80’s crap but my partner loves them. He will be happy to know that you e changed my mind.

They look so sleek and fresh in the home x

PackThePJs said...

I have lots of tradescantia plants - I replant them every year with cuttings. The original plant would have been around 30 years old!

Neha said...

I wish I had green fingers- these plants look so good especially the patterned leaf one. I think they add to a room. I need to find some I can’t kill

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