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Avon Valley Christmas
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christmas a time for family and friends
I'm not really making resolutions this year (apart from the general, maybe drink a little less, exercise more, go to bed earlier) but one thing I'm intending to do is to blog over here more. This year marks ten years of recording my thoughts down on this little space. I would never have thought I could have kept up with something for so long to be honest! Back in the day, I would blog at least once a day but as times have changed, Instagram too off and the introduction of stories I think naturally I used this space a little less.
That being said it's pretty much the only space I feel really free to write, I don't worry about or algorithms or likes. It's a space that feels a little calmer and slower. When I posted a few throwback posts and pictures over on my Instagram stories I had so many lovely readers message me to say they had been following my life for a decade (crazy!) or that they missed reading my blog. So for that handful of people, this is for you ;)

Avon Valley Christmas tigerlilly quinn
British Shorthair Cat

Our Christmas has felt a mix of very relaxing and very stressful, I imagine that probably sums up Christmas for many. Relaxing in part because this year I've really embraced unplugging, playing board games, watching TV and spending time with friends and family. My youngest siblings spent the big day with us which was really lovely. I think it really made Wilf's Christmas in particular as he's had so many people to play with. The age gap between me and my youngest siblings in the same as between them and my children which is kinda odd I guess but works really well when we are all together.

christmas a time for family and friends
christmas eve family time

It was stressful in parts because Christmas is overwhelming and also Mabli was poorly for most of it. On the big day, she was too poorly even eat chocolate (a sure sign that kids are actually ill) and cried for a lot of it. Her temp was spiking 40 for a few days and we were a little exhausted. On top of that, I think she found (and is still finding) the experience full-on. There have been a lot of tears (both me and her) and a fair few occasions of public screaming when we try to leave the house (her not me although wouldn't that be liberating?).

in cold blood

(the book Tom got me for my bday and I finally managed to finish over the holidays)

moomin pjs

For the most part, it's been wonderful having a full house and whilst my sister headed back earlier my brother is still here before he returns to uni (he is in his first year). I hope they had a nice time and I didn't put them off having kids for life ;)

I've very proud and grateful for them both and the kids love them so much. I'm so happy to be getting to know them more now as adults and that Wilf and Mabli know them more like older siblings than boring grown-ups.

wapping wharf mighty quinn

Is it even Christmas if you don't have matching PJs? Tom bought us these from the Moomin range at Uniqlo.

southville bristol

I think its also important to state that families are complex and flawed and all sorts of emotions in between. My parents are out of the country on a last hurrah traveling across Spain in a camper van as my mum's illness progresses (front lobe dementia). I'm grateful we were able to make Christmas special for my youngest siblings but obviously feel all sorts of sadness about the situation we are in. I'm also estranged for another member of my family, for now, a decade which is something that is absolutely for the best but still no without sadness and my elder brother is on the other side of the world and is yet to meet one of my children because distance and money and all the rest of it in between. Families are complicated and if you didn't have a picture-perfect one know that we didn't too. There were many wonderful memories and many 'oh my gosh I need a break from my children!' moments too!

Want to know one of Wilf's best moments? When a seagull pooped on us both!

Thankful to be heading into the next decade and reflecting on all we've achieved and experienced together over the last ten... and so many more lines around our eyes!

bristol frozen dress
siblings Christmas

To everyone that has followed along for so long THANK YOU for sticking around. For those a little newer thanks for finding me. Here's to 2020!
Speak soon xoxo 

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