pop up paradise

Pop Up Paradise, a weekend eco camping

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Sorry, it’s been a while! We spent the weekend camping at the Pop-up Paradise eco campsite in Chew Valley with friends and I wanted to share some pictures here before I forget.

I’ve neglected this little space lately as frankly, it feels a little like groundhog day so whilst we left Bristol for the first time in about five months (albeit down the road twenty minutes) it felt like the right moment to try and breath some life into this space again!

pop up paradise eco camping
Pop Up Paradise Eco Camping

It’s our first time holidaying with friends which were so so lovely and we camped as a bubble. On arrival we all had our temps checked and there were loads of precautions set up around the site to be COVID 19 safe. There was a one-way system amongst the camping, hand sanitizer everywhere, showers cleaned between each person, and tables being booked for your bubble and cleaned each time of use.

pop up paradise eco camping
Tinkerbell bell tents

We decided to book bell tents via Tinkerbell camping which was ace as we don’t have a tent. They come supplied with airbeds and lights and are really spacious and cosy. They got a bit boiling on the day it was 32 degrees but after working out you can unzip the bottom felt a bit better. It was also cold at night so not problem there with the heat. Our one and only issue that spoilt the sleeping aspect was there were no family friendly area or noise curfew so some of the old ravers with no kids had music playing just behind us until well gone 2am. As such we were total zombies and after a second night of bad sleep it did feel like it had impacted our stay. The field just over where people had brought their own tent seemed super quiet and I imagine was a much better experience. Luckily all the kids slept well it was just us parents who were surviving on a few hours. One of our group did go ask them to turn it down but with not much luck!

camping with kids

Being in Bristol the camp site was only 25 mins away but not having a car meant the cost got ramped right up with hiring transport and the COVID cleaning charges too. Another reason to get that sorted as if we had the camping kit and a car it would have only been £25 a night per adult.

pop up paradise eco camping coffee cart

One of the reasons we wanted to book this camping was that there were places to eat. We were lucky to be placed just by the coffee van (although it only opened at 8!) and down the hill, there was a restaurant that served all your favorites (can you even have a hipster eco campsite without smashed avocado??)

The whole experience for the kids was just amazing, in fact, I don’t think I really saw Wilf the whole time other than him running back for snacks! It was so great to give them that freedom, not having to watch out for cars, etc, and just seeing them in the distance exploring the field. The amount of people allowed to camp has been reduced to comply with COVID which meant for a pretty exclusive camp experience. With all these months staying home and not interacting with friends then being allowed to spend this time out in the open and just being free to be kids was incredible to watch.

pop up paradise eco camping

We ended up walking across the road on Saturday to Salt and Malt for chips and ice cream and find some shade, we totally forgot to bring our masks so had to fashion the kid’s sun hats to order. We live near the Bristol branch but have never visited the one on the lake, such a beautiful view I’d defo recommend, plus their halloumi and chips are so good.

pop up paradise eco camping tinkerbell tents
pop up paradise eco camping

As we are probably very unlikely to have a holiday this year it felt really good to get away for a couple of nights even if it was just down the road. I’m not going to lie getting home and into my own bed (after a hot bath and so much tea) felt AMAZING. I think I might be a convert to camping and I’m especially excited to go away with friends again too.

Pop up Paradise is running until the end of August and you can find out more here
(we paid for our weekend away)

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