Street Food in Bristol: Top Places to Grab a Bite to Eat

Good food doesn’t always get served on fancy dinnerware alongside a polished, sparking glass of bubbly. 

It can come in plenty of other ways too, including via the increasingly popular street food vendors. Street food has evolved a lot over recent years; no more is it the idea of a greasy battered fish with some chips that have seen better days. Nowadays, street food has skyrocketed into the realms of gourmet cuisine, with vendors across UK cities serving up delicious fare from their vans, snack shacks and popup restaurants that is as mouth-watering as it is reasonably priced.
If you’re heading to a Bristol for a day don’t feel like you should automatically head to swish restaurants for your dining experience. While they do, of course, provide culinary magic, street food shouldn’t be overlooked. Perfect if you’re out and about during the day, street food can be found in most areas of the city. These ones come highly recommended – not just for the food they create, but for the whole experience that they offer.

Edna's Kitchen
This is my new favourite place in Bristol for street food and hands down the best falafel (sorry Falafel King, you've been out done!). I've so far tried three options on their menu and can really recommend the halloumi wrap. It's situated by Castle Park so although it has outside tables if needed you can also take your food to the park and enjoy the view of the river too!
I've not visited for a while but they really do have the best pies, perfect for crisp autumn days! Although they have a few options I think there are only a couple veggie ones so adding another to the menu wouldn't go amiss. 
Al Bab Mansour
The moroccan place in St Nics market is one of our favourite places to eat. We even went for lunch there before we got engaged! If your not super hungry you can ever just drop by for a cup of mint tea.

Do you like street food?


Sarah I said...

I love street food. I keep seeing amazing posts about Bristol, I really want to go there now! x

fritha strickland said...

oh you should! it's the best :) x

Laura @ Kneadwhine said...

I really like Falafel King...

Hyggelig Sarah said...

Mmmm love street food... My favourite falafel is 'eat a pitta' in St Nicks, haven't tried Edna's yet though! Have you been to Friska? That's one of my favourites, quick, healthy food that's really fresh and tasty (and opposite my work, yay!). We are really lucky in Bristol :)

Bunnypudding said...

Ooooh I love street food! I now feel a visit to my local market coming on because of this!

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