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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Visiting my sister in Bologna

I can't remember if I've mentioned this before but my littlest sister is currently living in Italy, Bologna to be exact. She is studying History and Italian and as part of her degree gets to spend a year studying in an Italian university.  I can hand on heart say that at twenty there is no way I'd be able to move and study in a different county, especially one where I wasn't 100% fluent in the language so I'm really proud of her. We'd been meaning to take the trip out and visit her for a good six months so finally made some time this Easter to pop over. Bologna is such a beautiful city and one I'd defiantly recommend visiting. I didn't take a bunch of pics as I was mainly just hanging out with my sister and also we were only there for one full day. After that all of us headed to Venice for a couple of days to hang out a bit more in a different city. I'll post separately about that one!

On our full day in Bologna we visited Le Serre Dei Giardini Margherita for a couple of drinks and some lunch. It was so beautiful especially with the Spring weather and they had loads of veggie options too. I think because they serve what they grow in the garden there, in fact I don't think there was actually any meat on the menu. It was all seasonal and delicious! I had a lasagne and Tom and Serin had a breaded tofu dish, I could have eaten them both twice over mmm

If you're visiting the city and you're veggie (or not!) then I'd definitely recommend it. It's right on the edge of these large beautiful gardens where we saw terrapins and lizards and the kids ran around the play park. Such a beautiful spot! My sister says she comes to get a coffee and revise there during the week, I imagine its a brilliant place for people watching.

My little sister is such a good aunty to these kiddos of mine. If only we weren't quite so far away. They love her so much!

Thanks for being our human tripod for this pic sis! ;)

I've included the little video we made of our trip in Italy, it includes footage from our stay in Venice too but I'll be sure to do a separate post on that as well! Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend!

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The most beautiful dress

Dress found here 

Hey guys! Sorry it's been over a week! I feel like I'm always apologising for lateness over here but with the two week Easter holidays and us going to Italy to visit my little sister I'm just had less time to get online. Well, that's not entirely sure as I'm still over on IG a lot but I always feel like I need to sit down properly to blog. So it's finally a child care day and I have a warm cup of coffee (bliss) and a couple of hours to catch up with you all. I hope you had a lovely break!

You might have noticed I've been doing video a bit more lately and part of that is because I've joined the Channel Mum team. I'm really excited to be trying something a bit new and I love watching YouTube (probably more than I love watching actual TV! I think I must just be nosy by nature). So hopefully you'll enjoy seeing more of my face over there and I'll pop the videos here too just in case you miss them.

On that note actually I have a DITL (day in the the life) video live right now. It was one of those videos that took ages to get going. In fact I filmed an intro on Monday and Tuesday and then failed filming the rest of the day but persevered with Thursday, ha! I hope you like seeing these kind of glimpses into my day. If you have any recommendation of videos you'd like to see me do then let me know in the comments. I know I know I really need to do more on our home as it's the most requested subject I get asked about but it's just so hard to tidy the house for ha!

Anyway, this dress is THE DREAM. I still can't decide where will be practical to wear it because um it's white and I have two kids but I pretty much feel like a fairy in it so it's a keeper for sure (and 25% off at the moment too FYI)

Speak soon!

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Gender Reveals.. Did we have a prefrence?

Hi all! We've just come back from Italy and I can't wait to share some snaps with you and our thoughts on visiting Bologna and Venice! We're knee deep in holiday washing and general life admin right now but that's what weekends are for right?

Anyway I thought I'd pop on quickly to share my latest video in can you fancy a watch. I'm talking about gender reveals. If you remember we found out Mabli was a girl all together (with Wilf) and recorded it in the video below (its one of my absolute favourites as you can see the moment we discover she was a she!). I love having a little boy and would of loved to have seen with develop that close brotherly bond but I have to admit that I had I had another boy there would always have been part of me that would have wondered what it would be like to have a girl. Mainly for that 'mother/daughter' relationship that I really hope we have as she gets older.

Actually a friend of mine wrote a brilliant piece about her feelings on having two sons when she also wanted a daughter, you can read it here if you like.

I know its SUCH a sensitive topic but I think its one that should be spoken about. It goes without saying that all we want are healthy children, I know what its like to experience miscarriage and I'm SO grateful for my two children but I also think its OK to also say you might grieve the idea of a certain bond or wonder what having a son/daughter might be like too.

What do you think?

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Cat you speak cat?

I've always been a cat person but when I met my husband I kind of realised I wasn't a 'proper' cat person. I mean Tom is just obsessed with cats, one of his favourite pastimes used to be going for walks and stopping to stroke and chat to neighbourhood cats. I'm pretty sure if we didn't have kids we would have about ten cats at least by now ;)

We got our two cats Rockie and Maddie from a rescue centre. The lady that used to own then was a breeder and I think they just got too old to be bred or whatever (plus there were about twenties cats in that place). We were told that Maddie would only live in one room and was too shy to go out but I think it must have just been the environment she was in as within a few weeks with us she was totally fine. They are pedigree British Shorthairs and Rockie used to be a show cat (he even won best cat in the SouthWest in 2009 or something ha!). They are getting on to be about 11 now (we think!). It's safe to say their lives changed quite a bit when we adopted them. We've partnered with Lily's Kitchen in this post to share a little about our cats and how well we understand them.

Click below to read on (and see more cat pics!)

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