Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Me and Mine - June

I've had the end of June circled in my calendar for weeks now. It's when I turned 17 weeks pregnant and therefore hoped that like my pregnancy with Wilf I would start feeling more normal. I'm so pleased to say that has been the case and I'm finally able to enjoy some time with my family without feeling so sick!

The month the weather has finally heated up and we've been enjoying glorious summer weekends, taking boat trips down the harbour, grabbing brunch and mainly just hanging out the three of us. Whilst it is still the three of us!

We've been taking a lot about things like baby names and all the exciting stuff that comes with the expectation of a new arrival. We actually have our scan next week where we'll hopefully be able to find out if we are expecting a baby boy or girl!

I've been feeling super hormonal and emotional lately which is probably pretty tough on Tom to be honest. There was an afternoon I ended up stamping my foot and running to bed crying all to do with lunch options! I don't really remember being quite so emotional last time round but I've probably just forgotten what it was like. I've been feeling baby kicks too and although they are not yet strong enough for Tom and Wilf to feel them it's a lovely little reminder of this new addition I'm carrying.

Wilf ever the excited big brother has been talking to the baby in my tummy, he keeps asking when it will be able to walk or crawl and the other day he picked out a few of his puzzle games he no longer played with and said he'd like to pass them on to him/her. I love that he's so excited and although I'm sure there will be tricky moments when we become a family of four and he is no longer the only child, I'm just so glad that he's so very involved already.

This week I'm sending you over to the lovely Lucy to see what her lovely family have been up to this month!

Monday, 29 June 2015

wish list - love the sign

1, Baby dinner set by Doiy 
2, Lego food box
3, Rufo drum 
4, Mobile Home by Studio Roof
5, Nature is a Present print

I want to introduce you guys to a new-to-me webshop called Love The Sign. I'm in full 'baby shopping' mode lately and that doesn't stop at cute baby grows. Although this baby won't have a nursery but be sharing our room (and to be honest Wilf was in with us for 18months as well) I want to decorate at least a corner of the room to the new arrival, mainly just for the fun of preparing it!

I selected the above items from the store with both Wilf and the new baby in mind. We saw the lego head storage boxes at our stay in the Airbnb place in Copenhagen and I've been thinking about getting one for Wilf ever since. I love the attention to beautiful design in all the designs on the site and although I've only focussed on children's products there are tons furniture and accessories for adults also. Certainly worth a look if you are after some more original designs!

In association with love the sign

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Quinn’s Park Rangers vs Copenhagen

Another post from Tom today as he fills you in on some of the places we went to in Copenhagen. I say 'we' but for half of the holiday is was just Wilf and Tom whilst I was feeling ill. Obviously I wouldn't plan feeling so bad on another trip but the silver lining was the guys got to have a lot of quality one on one time. Tom will be posting about that soon I think but in the meantime if you planning a trip to this city and love parks then this is the post for you ;)

It can be windy in Copenhagen, which means that the weather can change very quickly. Fortunately (well a combination of excellent urban planning and not building on every available space) means that the centre of the city is surrounded by parks. Along with being very flat and relatively compact, it means that Copenhagen is a great city to visit with children. Here are the ones that we visited.

Wilf really enjoyed running around the paths of the rock gardens pointing out which trees and plants were his favourites, and we saw a red squirrel! There is a complex of several old glasshouses dating back to the late 1800s. This culminates in the fantastic tall, round glasshouse in with spiral staircases to a gantry. I remember visiting similar places with my mum when I was little and feeling like I was in a jungle, so I was glad to be able to take Wilf to this fine example.

This is a well-kept park containing the Rosenborg Castle, home of the Danish crown jewels. We enjoyed (although slightly damp) stroll through here to get from the botanical gardens to Nyhavn.

Wilf and I visited this park whilst Fritha was having one of her naps. The park is only a few minutes’ walk from the Stroget and has two playgrounds. One is a staffed one with really good play equipment and a lots of sand. The other is looking a bit run down and probably better for slightly older kids. However, it did have a little café next to it with ice cream and beer.

We visited this park on a sunny day after picking up some picnic items from the delis and bakeries in Fredriksberg. These are lovely picturesque gardens with bridges over meandering canals. You can take a guided rowing boat tour around the gardens. There are plenty of ducks, swans and geese, an island with white peacocks, and in one corner of the park you can see the elephants of Copenhagen Zoo. We ate are picnic on the lawn in front of the Fredriksberg Palace. There is also a soother/dummy tree where children hang their dummies when they have outgrown therm.

Not a park as such, but a fun fair with gardens and in my opinion must visit place in Copenhagen. We enjoyed strolling around looking at the different colourful rides and architecture. Wilf and I had a boat ride on the lake, and we all enjoyed a ride telling the stories of Hans Christian Anderson using mechanical puppets. There was also a great playground with a Moby Dick / Shipwreck theme. Is it a bit overpriced – Yes. Will it fill you full of wide-eyed joy and amazement whether a 3 year old boy or a 32 year old man – Definitely.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

a hotel room for the day?

When I first heard from Dayuse about booking a hotel room for the day my immediate thought was well 'people only do that for one reason' (if you know what I mean!) but actually having thought about I'm convinced otherwise and hear's why.

Have you ever wanted to check into a hotel to use their members only pool for the afternoon or maybe their private roof top bar but not wanted to pay tons for an overnight stay? Or perhaps travelled to a place for an event for the evening but needed a place to get ready? Having wanted to do all the above it kinda makes sense to pay a day rate for an afternoon to be able to use those facilites if you don't need an overnight stay or can't afford an overnight stay.

The hotels on offer on the site range from 3-5 stars and are between £33 to £115 pounds which can add up to a 75% reduction on using a room in the day instead of overnight. I actually love the idea of hanging out in the fanciest hotels for a fraction of the price.

What do you think, would you use this service?
in association with Dayuse

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