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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Wilfs Imaginary Pet

When I was a little girl I used to spend hours and hours drawing. I'd invent 'paper people' I'd cut them out carefully and make them clothes, pets, houses, whole lives! I still remember the excitement I felt when I realised I could just draw and invent new toys to play with, OK they were pretty flimsy and often had to have limbs supported by toothpicks and sellotape but I loved that I was able to create these things that came to life.

Wilf has only recently gotten into drawing, I actually was surprised as I was drawing much earlier and assumed that he would be the same but now that he is putting pen to paper I LOVE seeing the things that he comes up with.

Pet Plan got in touch a few weeks ago and asked if Wilf would like to design his perfect imaginary pet that they would then turn into a softie from his drawing. I absolutely loved this idea and couldn't wait to see what Wilf and then they toy creators would come up with!

I didn't actually tell him that this would happen and just acted like it was a normal afternoon of colouring in and chatting around the table so when the softie arrived last week he couldn't believe his eyes!

I love what they've done with it, don't you?! It will be something for him to remember for such a long time!

 Petplan cares for the welfare of our pets. We have two rescue cats and they are like our first children! People asked us when I was pregnant if we'd be getting rid of them which shocked me, of course not, they are members of our family! I do think pet insurance is part of being a responsible pet owner, we would. You can check out Pet Plans dog insurance here and cat insurance here.

In Partnership with Pet Plan

Monday, 25 July 2016

Bringing the outdoors in with Command Brand

command brand hook diy planters

If you remember back when Mabli was just a few weeks old I started working with Command Brand as their ambassador for the year. Along with a bunch of talented ladies we were set the task of coming up with ways of using the Command Brand products in our homes as part of make overs or DIY's.

I'm not sure if you've come across these products before but they are basically a must when it comes interior projects. You don't need any nails or screws and they don't mark the wall when you take them off either!

Back at Easter I came up with this egg box craft and now as we are fully embracing the British summer I thought it would be a fun idea to get some green into our home as well as in our garden.

command brand hook diy planters
command brand hook diy planters

I picked up these yellow hanging planters in the Oliver Bonas sale and the orange house from the Tiger store. I then used the Command Brands hooks to place them on the wall, I used the large hooks at the top and then two of the smaller hooks at the bottom just to hold the weight securely.

command brand hook diy planters

I love how something as simple as hanging some planters in our dinning room can really change the feeling of the space. If you wanted to switch them around all you need to do is pull on the sticky tab at the bottom of the hook and then it comes away from the wall without taking any plaster or paint work with it. Such a good idea for people like me who are fickle and change up their home decoration a lot!

command brand hook diy planters

Can you tell I have a thing for succulents and cacti? I did once manage to kill a cactus though, I think that's probably a skill ;)

command brand hook diy planters

What d o you think of this quick and easy interior project? Have you used Command Brand products before?

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Thursday, 21 July 2016

What Mama Wore - People Tree x Zandra Rhodes

Sardinia mark warner beach
People Tree zandra rhodes tigerlilly quinn mummy blogger fashion
people tree zandra rhodes mummy blogger sardinia 
My final outfit post whilst we were in Sardnia! I definitely recommend jetting off to a sunny country for an excuse to pop on a pretty dress and pose ;)

Sardinia mark warner beach
People Tree zandra rhodes tigerlilly quinn mummy blogger fashion

You might remember way back when I was seven months pregnant and I visited the amazing Zandra Rhodes to view her latest collaboration with People Tree. If not then cast your eyes this way.
This was my absolute favourite dress from the collection which featured some of her print designs from the 80's. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and was so excited to bring it along on our latest trip away.

Sardinia mark warner beach
People Tree zandra rhodes tigerlilly quinn mummy blogger fashion

I'm fairly tall (5,8) and I would say it's quite short on me so I'd probably wear it with leggings or denim shorts in the UK but for a beach holiday then it's perfect, very light weight and flattering as well as being cut to be none clingy and just so comfy!

I love that with a dress like this the print speaks for itself and you don't really need to team it with much else to make it a stand out outfit. I paired it with these Boden sandals (for the astute amongst you spot my mosquito bites on my feet, ah! They love me).

Don't forget you can get 15% off at People Tree on full priced items with the code TLQ15
P.S my post on our trip away will be up soon, I just need to finish off the video!

What do you think of the range? 

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

What Mama Wore - Red striped dress

red striped asos dress

The second of the outfit posts I managed to shoot whilst in Sardinia! I can't tell you how much it helps being in beautiful surroundings with the sun and an Instagram husband to hand too! ;)

red striped asos dress mother and daughter
red striped asos dress
red striped asos dress

I picked up this dress from ASOS and made it breastfeeding friendly by cutting out two slits underneath the top panel! I'm no seamstress but you wouldn't really notice once you've popped a baby under the top bit, it does make me giggle when I think about what it would look like if I showed you!

red striped asos dress mother breastfeeding friendly

Mabli is wearing a dress from Mothercare and little shorts from Mini Boden

p.s this is my attempt as milk maid braids, I feel like they look ok straight on but are a bit weird at the back! maybe I just need longer hair? Although in this heat I'm feeling like I want to chop it all off to be honest!

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