Friday, 29 August 2014

A day dream trip

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After three years of not having a holiday abroad this year Tom and I will be having two! I feel really lucky that we are in a position to do this and that we are able to use a honeymoon as an excuse for it. We are actually planning on going to Paris yet again which might sound a little odd as we were only there a few months back. The logic being that this time we will be going without Wilf and will get to go out in the evening and not have to be back in the apartment by 7pm.

I think it will be a little odd to leave Wilf for so long (three nights) as Tom and I have only been away from him overnight together once and we were in the same city! At the same time I know now at almost three he will be fine, especially with family he knows. I'm sure Tom and I won't really know what to do with ourselves and so much freedom! I'm looking forward to meals out (what's that!) and some cheeky cocktails with no worry about the fuzzy head the next day. We've also been planning lots of vintage shopping, we tried to check out the vintage areas last time but there is only so much clothes shopping a toddler can handle. Thankfully Tom's happy enough clothes shopping too, although he's banned me from buying anything else before our trip.

If we were talking dream destination however its probably always going to be New York. I've been using Amadeus to day dream a trip there in December, wouldn't that be amazing??

I've been using the planning tool to set up my daydream vacation, you can see my plan here if you like. The function makes it easy to keep all the information in one place and you can set up as many plans as you like for those 'one day' trips. The flight tool helps you search for the cheapest flight and even shows details like what the weather would be like in that area at the time. I think I'd choose New York just before Christmas (although that would certainly not be the cheapest time to visit!).

It's also super useful for business trips (if you are planning any) as you can use the tool to plan meetings around lower fare times in different locations.

I don't know about you but New York seems like one of those places that aren't quite real? A place that you see so often in your favourite films and blogs it's hard to imagine that people really live there! Hopefully we will make it there at some point. I'd love to go in December or for Halloween! If we ever did to make the trip we would bring Wilf for sure, it seems like such a great place for kids.

I love reading blogs in different cities as I think you get more of a sense of the city and places to go that you might not in a guide book. My favourite New York blog is Hey Natalie Jean I love that so many of her posts include good places to eat, a girl after my own heart!

Have you been to New York? How was it? Where did you go?

This is a collaborative post

Bridesmaid dresses

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1, Amaris Dress
2, Cecilia Chiffon 
3, Ola Dress 
4, Estella Dress
5, Floral Sequin dress

One of the above is the dress I chose for my bridesmaids. Can you guess which one?

Also - wedding guest ideas below!
Happy weekend! x

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Wedding invites

Squeal! As a self-confessed stationary addict getting out wedding invites done was something I have been beyond excited about.

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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Our Weekend in Pictures (or that time I played being a mamma of two)

We have such a great community where we live, neighbours that you can literally call on for some sugar (or the modern day scenario use their wifi when your's stopped working 5 mins before a live hangout). Most of us seem to have kiddos roughly the same age too so during the summer it's been lovely to share a cup of tea chatting over a garden gate whilst the littles play in the street.

On Sunday we headed out to stretch our legs at our local city farm and seeing one of our neighbours needed to get some errands done picked up a little addition to the party.

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