Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Our Weekend in Pictures (or that time I played being a mamma of two)

We have such a great community where we live, neighbours that you can literally call on for some sugar (or the modern day scenario use their wifi when your's stopped working 5 mins before a live hangout). Most of us seem to have kiddos roughly the same age too so during the summer it's been lovely to share a cup of tea chatting over a garden gate whilst the littles play in the street.

On Sunday we headed out to stretch our legs at our local city farm and seeing one of our neighbours needed to get some errands done picked up a little addition to the party.

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

For the home

Totally in love with the TVINGEN range at IKEA.

Face cloth - £1
Towels - £4

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Bargain hunting

A week or so ago Wilf got a sickness bug which lasted 24 hours then came back again two days later for another 24hours. I had a similar virus which didn't make me sick but made me feel SO tired and subsequently we couldn't leave the house for a couple of days. It wasn't the most fun.

We had been given a voucher by TKMaxx and challenged me to find an outfit for both Wilf and I from our local branch. Knowing it would be another week or so until we managed to make the trip I entrusted the voucher with Tom and waited to see what he would come up with.

TKMaxx used to be my first port of call after my student loan would come through when I was at uni and their Carmarthen branch was where pretty much where all my clothes were bought during those 3 years. I still remember the time I found those black 24 inch waist designer jeans reduced by about £200. Luckily being 18 and I lot thinner than I am now they fit me perfectly, I doubt they would reach over my knees now. It was that heart flutter when you realise you have found that hidden gem, that bargain that no one else will have. Much the same as vintage shopping in a way.

Tom is really pretty good at buying clothes for us so I wasn't too worried about what he would return with although I know it's often pot luck with what you find at the shop that particular day.

For me this beautiful french style jumper £24.99. I teamed it with a white shirt from Yumi, a red skirt from Zara and a bag from Nica. Tom and Wilf are both wearing check shirts from TKMaxx, £14.99 for Tom and £6 for Wilf.

Tom also picked up this amazing cowboy style rain coat for Wilf which came in at £15.99. He didn't have a chance to wear it until the weekend just gone, you can really feel Autumn in the air now can't you? He's been telling everyone about his new 'horsey coat' so it's definitely a winner.

We also picked up another shirt for Wilf which is a little too big for him to wear now but was too lovely to pass up, it's another flannel checked shirt in case your wondering. We seem to have becoming a bit country inspired recently! We actually still have a little left on our voucher as the grand total of our outfits were under £65. Pretty good haul hur?

Are you a bargain hunter? Found any good gems recently?

Monday, 25 August 2014

Your toy story

Meet Benji he's in his early 50's and I think still looking pretty great.

Benji was my daddy's teddy bear and was passed down to Wilf on his first birthday. Wilf's first birthday was an emotional day for so many reasons, seeing so many people who loved him sharing a year of his life, Tom and I celebrating a year of parenthood and this little bear.

I remember playing with Benji as a child myself. My mum also had a childhood bear called Pumkin which she still has and I remember playing with them both together. I used to make clothes for the pair (out of paper) Benji used to rock some lovely skirts. I don't remember having a teddy bear I loved but I did have a couple of dollies, one of whom I drew chicken pox all over when I had it (and she never got better from). I don't have a picture of her but I do have my lovely sock doll...

Every Thursday for the next four weeks John Lewis will feature a 'retro toy' on their micro site along with the toy's history. First up is the classic teddy bear!

John Lewis Insurance wants to hear your special childhood toy memories by sharing them on Twitter or Facebook. Also, why not keep up to date with John Lewis to see what retro toy will be featured next week!

I thought it would be fun to share the rest of Wilf's favourite bears too (as a few of them are pretty retro!). He has lately become very into the Care Bears films on Netflix and I'm not too proud to say we let him watch one in the morning if he wakes early and we don't to get up at 5.30am.

I found these guys in our local charity shop, what a find ey? What's your toy's story?

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