Thursday, 20 November 2014


I constantly feel lucky that I am able to work for myself, it has always been my dream to and I literally cannot imagine not living a freelancer lifestyle anymore. Funny enough I discovered as I sit writing this post today that it's 'National Freelancer's Day' which is pretty fitting!

I think it terms of working for myself it was quite a slow learning curve. I've been doing this for around three years now and I'm still learning new things everyday. A lot of my friends wonder that working for yourself (and by yourself) can be pretty isolating. Whilst I can see how this might have been the case say ten years ago, I think with rise in social media and the internet you really aren't ever alone ever. Through social media I've discovered a community of freelancers whom I can chat with and bounce ideas of but it taken me a good couple of years to actually get the point where I found this support. If I was starting out now I would probably be a bit of a loss of where to start if I'm honest.

As a freelance illustrator I found it increasingly hard to find where work was, I would trawl through twitter on the off chance that someone might be tweeting about an opportunity and whilst some work did actually come about this way (illustrations for Company Magazine and the Metro) it was also very time consuming and often fruitless. Although my career path has taken a different turn now, I often wonder how difficult it must be for new creatives to find communities and projects to further their chosen career path. 

I was introduced to Hiive a few weeks back and registered myself onto the site. Rather than being yet another social media platform (lets be honest we don't need any more!) Hiive has a strong emphasise on education and training. You can join 'swarms' (it's a hive get it?) where you can bounce ideas off people for any projects you have as well as hearing about what other people are working on. 

I love that they focus so much on courses and opportunities as it makes it a really exciting place to check out. The vacancies listings would be perfect for freelancers of various skill sets to find work applicable to them. Something that I imagine will only get more useful and exciting as the site develops.

Do you work for yourself? What tips would you give if you were just starting out in the freelance world?

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Me and You

'Me and you, 
Me and you.
Last time we spoke i thought we were through. 
I found a map,
I found a map,
I found a map, 
I found a map. 
And now i know the way you can just go 
Back, back, back, back.
Back, back, back, back.

Help yourself out, shoot history in the mouth,
It's all that's left to do.
Look me up in some phonebook
Under, Me and You.'

Slow Club - Me and You

When Tom and I first met I was not supposed to be starting out in a relationship with anyone. I was supposed to be discovering what it was like to be single, something I hadn't been since I was 17 and at 22 felt like it was the right time to be. My friends told me 'do not get into another relationship' and 'spend a least a year learning what it's like to be by yourself'. I thought this was probably the sort of thing that would be good for 22 year old me. When we met I had a few weeks left in Bristol before I moved in with my friend in Newcastle and I under no circumstance should fall for someone in these in-between weeks..

So although we both knew we really liked each other I still went ahead and moved. 

It was a weird few weeks, full of great times with good friends but also with a sense that I wasn't in the right place. Tom would write me letters (real actual letters with sweet gifts inside them like stickers and home made cards) and we would talk on the phone all the time. One day a few weeks after I had been there I was looking for jobs at the library computer and I got a message from him with a link to this Slow Club song. Actually it was a link to video on YouTube and as I was in the library I couldn't listen to it I did however google the lyrics.

Six weeks after I left I returned to Bristol and we've been together for almost six years now. 
And married for one month. 

This picture was taken on our honeymoon (the only picture we are both in, I need to get better at using the self timer on my camera!).

Don't forget to join in with the other lovely ladies in our Me and You project. Lucy, Becky and Kirsty! 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Bella Casa

image via death to stock photo

Hey friends! I have a little giveaway to tell you about today ran by Furniture Village. 

There is the opportunity to win this Fenice Sofa, from Private Label by Natuzzi Group, and whats fun about this comp is that all you need to do to enter is create a Pinterest board. Who doesn't love creating Pinterest boards?

The theme is 'Bella Casa' so anything Italian is perfect, it doesn't have to be soley interior based either. If you fancy a peek at mine I've embedded it below. All you need to do to enter is the below, you can find out more info and submit your board here

1. Make sure you’re following @OfficialFV on Pinterest
2. Create your own Italy-inspired board, name it #BellaCasa and include our “Pin it to Win it" competition image
3. Submit the URL for your board, along with your contact details, via the form below.

Just remember it's important to pin the 'pin it to win it' image or you won't be entered into the comp. I'll be reviewing the entries and picking a winner next Wednesday!

Good luck and can't wait to see your boards! 

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Follow Fritha Tigerlilly's board Bella Casa on Pinterest.

Wreath Making with Laura Ashley

The other day my friend Lori invited myself and group of our blogger pals to a wreath making workshop with Laura Ashley.

It was set in the beautiful location of the Mockingbird cafe on Alma Vale Rd in Clifton. I'd not visited the cafe yet but know the area well as I used to work just minutes walk from there. The cafe is fantastic with a southern themed menu including breakfast biscuits (I chose the egg & cheese biscuit with chilli jam - so good!) and pretty much the best coffee ever.

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