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Friday, 22 September 2017

Bloom baby bloom!

It's been a while since I've worn Boden over on this little space of mine but when I saw this velvet floral two piece suit I knew that it had to be mine. Funny enough I *almost* wore this to an event earlier in the week and who should show up but my pal Charlotte wearing this very same suit (and looking amazing in it too). I can't decide if it would have been amazing or terrible to have both been clad in bright velvet blooms but I'm thinking the former actually. We'll have to coordinate better next time ;)

I took this pics with Lauren who I haven't met up with in SO long, she's usually out snapping gorgeous weddings with her husband and summer being one of the busiest wedding seasons we hadn't managed to get together in months.

We caught up in White Botanicals which I'd been meaning to check out in forever. So many cute hanging plants. A lady sitting on another table actually came over and stroked me before deciding she was going to buy the same jacket ASAP.

Whilst I'm not 100% sure I'll be wearing both these pieces together on the school run I am totally up for mixing them together with my normal less striking pieces. I think the jacket would look ace with a natural T and jeans and the trousers with a black roll neck maybe.

I'd been feeling a little like I'd lost my mojo a bit with my blog and the whole social media game lately. Like some kind of existential crisis, who even am I? What am I doing? What is this life?! haha. I always need to cancel everything and ground myself a little when that little voice is flying around my head. I actually bought a new book the other day called 'The Anxiety Solution' I manly bought it for it pastel cover but I'll let you know how it goes.

There are always so many places and things going on that I find it quite overwhelming, I'm a home body at heart and I cancel pretty much 90% of anything I'm invited to. I hope that doesn't come across as rude or ungrateful I just feel the burn out if I do more than two a week ha! That doesn't stop me from comparing or have major FOMO sometimes. It's definitely times like these that I have to remind myself of what I love and why I do it. Sometimes you just need to throw on a velvet floral two piece to remind yourself of who you are y'know ;)

Images Lauren Jayne Hall
Clothing - Boden
Location - White Botanicals
Illustration - Source 

Setting up camp in the garden with a good movie

I've mentioned before what big fans we are of Disney. Like so many I'm sure, they are films that have shaped my childhood, even watching them as an adult I can still feel the magic. One of my favourite things to do is introduce my children to a Disney classic, see their eyes grow with wonder, see them sing the songs, gasp in excitement or even to shed a tear (I'm always the one crying the most though!).

When the weather gets colder and we reach Christmas time, snuggling up with something like Frozen just adds to the magic of the season. Cuddling on the sofa and singing along, I've yet to get bored even on the hundredth showing ;)

I'm really thrilled to be working with Disney again in this post to share with you some of the ways we watch Disney. There's the usual of course, the family movie on a Sunday, all of us in our comfy clothes viewing on the TV screen but by downloading films to your smart phone or tablet you can enjoy the Disney magic where ever you are. You can download them from various platforms such as iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play and Sky Store.

I thought it would be fun to set up a camp in the garden whilst Wilf was at school for him to return to. He's been so tired since starting back that we tend to have dinner early and then let him chill out for the rest of the evening. When he found the blankets and cushions all set up with the fairy lights he was so surprised! Even more so to find we had downloaded one of his favourites (Alice in Wonderland) for him to watch al fresco as the sun set.

Mabli taking a quick snap of the set up - such a bloggers child!

The kids were so thrilled with this set up and it was something super easy to set up but make just that bit more special. I even thinking of doing some special nights like a jungle themed set up to watch the Jungle Book or something. Any ideas of what we could do?

The other place that downloading and watch Disney (and probably our most used) is when we're travelling. I'm always SO thankful for Peter Pan on a flight or Finding Dory on a long train journey. Even if he's watched the films over and over I find my kids really never do get bored of the magic of Disney, there is just something so special about them isn't there?

What do you think? Would you download Disney films to watch out and about when traveling or even just to 'camp' in the garden with? I'd love to know if your kiddos love them as much as me!

P.S there is a neat competition running to win 30% off here if you fancy entering to!

In association with Disney

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

What I Wore in Week!

This is one of my most requested videos (and was actually quite a task to film and edit ha!). I apologise for how short it is, I'm still learning! I also realised that I was clearly having SUCH a cosy Autumnal feeling week as all my looks are very laid back. Anyway I hope you enjoy!

Oh and in the meantime I'm changing things up a little and posting a mid month 'wish list' newsletter which won't be featured on the blog so if you fancy a little peek of that then you can sign up here 

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

These two.

Like ALL kids there are times when Wilf can be pretty 'free spirited' and by free spirited I think you can guess what I mean ;) there's no 'naughty step' in our house but we definitely have a 'thinking step' and it's used pretty frequently.. 

Being a big brother can be hard work sometimes. Sometimes your little sister can wreck your carefully built train track for no apparent reason at all and part of me thinks 'fair enough! I'd be mad too!'. I'm still learning how to be fair to both these kiddos, how to explain that a toddler can't really understand in the same way as he can (despite that cheeky eye glint in her eye!). Anyone have any ideas on how to tell off a 20 months old then I'm all ears. 

Sometimes when Wilf gets that cheeky glint in his eye and he's told his sister to drink some of my wine (that FYI I left well out of her reach but not out of his – true story). Then thinking time on the stairs is required. Trouble is his sister thinks its a treat and jumps up to join him. Tom took these pictures of these two sillies the other day when I was out the house, his first reaction was to remove Mabli so Wilf could 'think' a little longer on whatever he had just done but when he saw him reading to her of course he couldn't. I just love how these photos totally depict both their personalities. 

Thanks for indulging in me in what is essentially an entire post over one picture but this blog is like my scrap book. I gave up on baby books, and milestone cards. Neither of the have a special box full with things like first shoes or locks of hair much to my guilt but they'll have this blog should they want to look at it. Providing they haven't sued me for putting their picture on the internet right? ;)

Oh and some how as well as being ready with the camera to record these sweet moments, my lovely IG husband also happened to dress them both in colour coronating outfits. Top points there Tom, this blog life thing is rubbing off on him slowly I'm sure. That being said having posted all of two Instagram pictures over the past 5 years I doubt we'll ever be an IG couple so don't worry too much. 

P.S in case you're wondering Wilf's bat top from here . Mabli's top here and skirt here.

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