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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Eddie Meer & Barter in the Bush

Since becoming a mum of two I've been slowly learning how best to parent them both and meet their needs. For the most part this is easy with the littlest one but sometimes it means I can't be as present as I'd like for the bigger one. I know both of us find times when I'm stuck breastfeeding or have a baby asleep on me frustrating at times because it means I can't get down on the floor to play Lego or get him a snack or whatever his needs are at that particular time.

Something we have been able to do together though is read stories, I can fairly easily read whilst holding the baby and its a lovely calm activity we can do together (even when you're pretty sleep deprived!). It's also something that so far Wilf has never tired of, that boy would read book for hours straight.

We were recently sent Eddie Meer & Barter in the Bush by Tom Campion and published by indie publisher Barker and Barker Kids.  Although it's a story aimed at a slightly older age range Wilf still enjoyed the story which is about a gang of meerkats (always a good start, who doesn't love meerkats?) and their adventures in the Botswana Bush. It's a story full of the funny situations these mischievous meerkats get into and includes beautiful illustrations by Olivia Watkins.

Whats more you can actually buy a children's range with these beautiful illustrations at Barker and Barker, including posters and cushions. I love how they translate to interiors, my favourite item being this hippo poster! 

What do you think of the range? I love the idea of having your favourite characters on a cushion don't you?

in association with Barker & Barker

Monday, 8 February 2016

Life Lately - Our life in pictures, a collection of photos and ramblings that don't fit anywhere

I hope you forgive this jumbly bumbly type of post. I have so many pictures I've taken over on my Instagram page that I've forgotten to upload here that I thought I would plonk them all in this one and do a sort of brain spill.

So whats new? Mabli is now two months old (how?!) and we are firmly settling into our new family dynamic, wondering how she was ever not here and enjoying all things newborn and lovely. The baby sleeps a lot better than Wilf did (he woke every 45 minutes for 18m!) and will sleep a good two or three hour stretch during the night waking to feed then dropping back off. I'm also massively fortunate in that Tom is still off and I often get to lie in until 8.30am. I've mentioned before but the experience of having a baby second time round is (in my experience so far) a lot more relaxed, we are more chilled, we kind of remember what we're doing and if we don't we don't stress about 'the right thing' we just do it our way.

A couple of nights we had a bout of screaming (for two hours straight!) which was pretty fraught, I think it may have been wind (but then again who knows!) and I have to admit to snapping and shouting. It's something I need to work on because although I think we are allowed to have those moments I also need to remember that Tom is on my side and not the enemy when I'm tired and worried. In the end we had to pop her in the bath at midnight to calm her down, something I'm reminded my parents did with me when I was midst tantrum a couple of times because I would get overheated and the water would be the only thing to calm me..like mother like daughter I guess!

I've thrown myself back into work over the past couple of weeks but I'm also learning to say no to things and not get too overwhelmed with my schedule, especially as it's still such early days on having a new baby. One thing I'm quite excited about it being asked to speak at a Marie Claire event in April. I even get a little feature in the magazine which is a massive honour! I go through feeling very nervous about the idea to looking forward to it. Tom will be coming with me and the baby for help and moral support so that definitely will help.

On a wet and windy day last weekend I took this quick snap of Wilf and posted it to IG. I was so surprised and thrilled when a lovely reader drew this picture of it and sent it to us! You can see more of her work here if you like. Thanks again Lauren!

This week is actually set to be quite a busy one with a couple of work events and family visiting. I had to prep for a shoot tomorrow where I'm doing some easter crafting, so a couple of evenings back saw Tom painting egg boxes for because the baby wouldn't let me put her down, so thankful for that guy!

What else? Oh! we finally bought a coffee machine and it's changed our lives ;) after a bunch of research at 3am in the morning I went with this one. The only problem is we are now on about 3 or 4 cups a day, might have to get some decaf beans to mix it up a little! 

Wilf has suddenly become massively into superhero's and we're playing a lot of batman and 'pink power girl' (I've been named by Wilf btw). His imagination has come on a lot and he's been describing bath monsters and stink monsters and all sort of situations in which we need to defeat them. He's quite keen to include Mabli so I bought her a little Batman onesie which he thought was hilarious, it's the little things right? He's also taken to 'reading' her books which is just about the sweetest thing e.v.e.r. I'm sure there will be many many moments where they are at each others necks but at the moment the love he has for her is giving me all the heart eyes, equally she beams at him whenever he is near so I love to imagine they will be thick as thieves!

I think that's it for now! Thanks so much for reading and for all your lovely comments and messages. I really do love this online community and am reminded so with the having a new baby just how supportive you all are xx 

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Wonder by Cosatto - a review

cosatto wonder hepburn review

You might remember seeing our pram from this post when we took Mabli out for the first time to our local park at three weeks old. Wilf was so excited in his role of official pram pusher, it was so sweet to see his little face as he reached up to the handle and stomped along in the rain with it.

It was actually our first real outing as I'd been trying to recover at home and rest and relax over the Christmas period so I wanted to wait a few weeks and spend a bit more time with the pram before posting a review. If you've not heard of these designs they are the Wonder by Cosatto and come in three different patterns, the Hepburn (which we have) the Bon Bon and the Kew. They have only created 500 in each pattern so are limited edition designs launched at the start of this year.

The first thing I should say about this pram is it's quite honestly the most beautiful pram I've ever seen. You literally cannot walk down the street without people commenting on how it looks or asking questions about it. Much to Tom's amusement I think as he doesn't get quite so excited about pram designs ;)

I really love the retro design and the scandinavian feel to it. In fact during our recent visit to Copenhagen we saw lots of these types of pram (although not in quite so nice patterns) and you would often see toddlers in them sitting up rather than moving onto seats like we do in this country.

Although we are only using the pram attachment at the moment it also comes with a car seat attachment and also a seat for when your child is a bit older (which can be fitted both forward facing and parent facing). So it is a full travel system, it also comes with:

Coordinating couture style bag with changing kit. Attachable to hanging points on the chassis handle.
Coordinating and fully adjustable lined parasol.
Cosy Toes lined with padded sumptuous knit for ultimate comfort - ribbed (Kew), bouclé (Hepburn), cable (Bonbon).
Chest & tummy pads for plush security. 
Specially tailored raincover with each mode.
Mosquito net.
Tyre pump.

cosatto wonder hepburn review
cosatto wonder hepburn review

The pram is fixed wheel which does take a little getting used to but the suspension is really bouncy and so movement feels easy. Plus the baby loves being bounced in it to send her to sleep! We also tend to park it up in our dining room and place her in it whilst we are eating dinner, she loves the black and white patterns on the inside of the hood which was an added bonus!

The only thing I would say we have struggled with is public transport and fitting ourselves into small cafes. Where we live the coffee shops tend to be quite tiny and lacking much space so there are ones we've had to avoid do to the size of this model. Equally city living and public transport is made a bit trickier, as we don't drive we do rely heavily on both the inner city train and the local buses and so if they are busy it's meant we haven't been able to get the pram onto them which has been tricky. We've tended to decide whether we'll use the sling or the pram depending on what we have planned that day.

This is the third Cosatto model we've tried out and we've loved working with the brand, their designs and patterns are always so fun and unique. You can see our Ooba review (which we loved!) here and our Giggle review here.

You can also see my pregnancy diary written on their blog here if you fancy it!

(we were given a Wonder by Cosatto to review but all words and thoughts are my own)

Valentine Gift Guides for Him & Her

So Tom will back me up on the fact that I may be pretty bad at gift buying.. I once got him a book all about how to cook different types of egg dishes..a book I got given for free at an event. Yep panic gift giving at it's best. To be fair I think I was 6 months into motherhood and frankly had left his birthday to the last minute and then hadn't had enough sleep to even work out what was an acceptable gift these days..I did kinda know that a book about eggs was a bit lame though ;)

Tom on the over hand is pretty stellar at gift giving (which makes me feel even worse!). We sort of stopped buying valentines gifts when we became parents but Tom continues to make me a cards from him and Wilf (and I guess Mabli too this year maybe). I actually did buy Tom a gift this year round because it was something I genuinely knew he wanted and that was the Adidas shoes in the pic below but I also picked out some other items I thought might work well. 

Adidas Originals
Nathan Breton Jumper (get a further 10% off with TLQSALE10)
Paraphernalia organic T Shirt - This T is from our friend Laurence and Tom actually has another of the designs. They are amazing quality and really unique designs (plus you'd be supporting an indie business).
Chunky cable knit hat
Skagen watch

Women's gift buying on the other hand is something I think I'm pretty good at..as long as its something I'd buy for myself. So basically if you have the same taste as me..you're sorted ;)

Dolly dress (I'd have to live vicariously through anyone getting this dress as I couldn't breastfeed in it but I love the sixties vibe and cute yellow pop!)
Griffen Mia shoes
Geometric Necklace - isn't this amazing??

Hope you liked my picks!

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