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Monday, 31 August 2015

Me and Mine - August

We are currently away on our last family break as a family of three! It's mad to think that the next time we set off on a plane we will have a little person with us. I think this must be the last time we'll ever get away with just having hand luggage too ;)

August has been a great month for our family and although I've not really got the energy levels that I seemed to have in my pregnancy with Wilf I'm feeling a lot better and so we've been doing more things as a family too. One of the things we love to do is play tourist in our own city so we've been taking advantage of visiting local attractions and generally enjoying Bristol in the summertime. As we still have a year until Wilf starts school I'm very much looking forward to term starting so we can enjoy all our usual haunts without them being too crowded..especially as it's our last year we will be able too! *sob sob*

Tom and I have decided that we are going to take advantage of the new maternity/paternity laws and so when the baby arrives I will actually only take two weeks off and he will then be able to take the rest of my maternity leave. It's such an exciting time for our family to have this opportunity and although we are finalising details it will mean that during this last year before school starts Tom and Wilf will have a good few months together which I know will mean so much to them both. I'll blog more about it once we have everything sorted but it's starting to feel real now there are only three months left of the year..and three months to wait for the little one to arrive!

I know September is a big month for lots of my friends with little ones starting school this year so I wish you all well with the big leap! I can't wait to see what the months brings our family!

This month I'm sending you over to the ever lovely Jenny who's just come back from her summer in the states. Looking forward to seeing all your pics!

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Just Refresh

Baking isn't quite baking unless your face is covered in icing and cake mixture right?

So yesterday Tom popped Wilf on the back of his bike and they waved me off on their way to nursery and breakfast club. I have to admit lately I've been really feeling exhausted when it comes to this pregnancy so I breathed a sigh of relief in bed and wondering when it would be appropriate for me to get out of it..

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Friday, 28 August 2015

Ethical Winter Lookbook with People Tree

Hey All! I can't tell you how glad I am it's Friday, I feel like this week has been so busy (and rainy) and that I've really not ticked hardly anything of my 'to-do' list either. My little sister has been visiting  which has been lovely and now Wilf and I miss her a lot.

I put together a little Autumn Winter lookbook with People Tree a couple of weeks ago for their Eco Edit. It was really fun to put together and as always I love their new pieces! You can shop with 10% off anything in store with the code TIGER10 or also get 10% their sale items with TIGERSALE10..they have a pretty big sale on right now so you could grab a real bargain (I especially love the Orla Kiely bits).

Anyway, I hope you like the video! Have a lovely weekend

Thursday, 27 August 2015

On board the Matthew

Although I've now lived in Bristol for almost seven year there are still lots of places and things to do here I have yet to try. I think having a child helps you want to explore some of them even more have the time as you feel like you are doing something for them (even if you are enjoying them just as much yourself!). The Mathew was one of those things we had spoken about sailing on 'one day' and never quite got round to it so when Visit Bristol asked if we'd like a little trip then we were really keen to give it a go.

We stopped for lunch first before boarding at The Stable which is a restaurant on the harbour side that serves pizza and pies. mmmm pizza...

And then it was time to set sail!

The sun started shinning just as soon as we set off and it was lovely to just sit back and take in some of the pretty views along the harbourside. Tom and Wilf headed up and down the ladder to the deck (I tried to follow them up there once but it was a bit too much for this pregnant mama!). We took the hour long ride which was perfect I think for the attention span of a three year old, the hour felt like it went really quickly too actually.

Tom and Wilf by the cranes where the Mathew is moored before setting sail.

How pretty is this city I live in? I just love it!

Thanks for Visit Bristol for treating us to a sail on the Mathew! 
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