Tuesday, 31 March 2015

big softies

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As some of you know I'm a big lover of animals. I've been a veggie my entire life and I'm really happy to be continuing this in raising Wilf. The majority of charities I have monthly donations with are animal based because animal welfare is something I feel really strongly about.

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Me and Mine - March

I'm so thankful that March has moved us out of the gloomier months of the year and earlier in the month me and my little family took our first mini break of the year. We went to Brighton for two nights (which you can read about here if you like). Whilst we were there we stumbled upon a Photoautomat in a vintage shop, I think I literally squealed and asked Tom if we could please please take some pics. Over the years Tom has got a lot more game for things like this so thankfully he thought it would be fun too and I love how the pics have come out.

It was one of those weekends which felt like a real break, we weren't doing anything particularly exciting other than mooching about a city that was new to us but it felt like such a breath of fresh air (quite literally actually). I love looking at all of our faces in these shots, especially when we are all pulling silly ones! It always makes me marvel when I see shots of us together and can pick out which parts of Wilf look like me or Tom or which mannerisms he's picked up from one of us. It gives me such a sense of belonging when I think of our little family and as cliché as it sounds I can't really properly remember what we were like before him. I know life was much more boring before we became this little team and I can't imagine wanting to spend my time with anyone more than these two.

We also took this little family selfie in our hotel room whilst we were there and I think it's going to become one of my favourite pictures ever. Proof that you don't need a fancy camera or tripod to make sure you are capturing all of you together!

I'd talked quite a lot in the past about whether we were content with being a family of three or whether we would consider (if we were lucky enough) to add another kiddo into the mix one day. I honestly hadn't felt broody one single bit until the end of the last year but we've talking more and more about the possibility of expanding our family and it's idea that we're thinking about a fair bit of late.

It's a tough one in many ways as there are lots of things that worry me about going through pregnancy and the new born stage again, although I actually really enjoyed giving birth I found myself in quite a funny place in those early months so it's something thats quite a daunting thought. My close friends tell me it's so different the next time round which is a comfort at least. The other thing is that pregnancy isn't always successful for me as long time readers may know and the thought of going through such a traumatic time again worries me more than I really let on if I'm honest.

I'm not sure what will lie in our future will hold but I know regardless of what it does I am beyond lucky and grateful and thankful to be a mummy to my little boy and be part of our little unit.

This month I'm sending you over to the lovely Jenny (I just this evening realised I actually read all her posts in my head with her lovely american twang ha!). I'm really looking forward to seeing everyones pics this month.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Life Lately

A collection of things that don't really fit into any sort of post but I wanted to share with you guys none the less!

Wilf took his first ever bike ride (with stabilisers of course) the other day. Just up and down our street but a reminder about how our little boy is growing up. He really is a little boy now, no longer a toddler for sure.

We are off on our Three Cities adventure at the end of the week. I can't wait to be back in Paris, it really is one of my favourite cities in the world! We were sent this beautiful print of the city by illustrator Jenni Sparks through Evermade, we've spent ages poring over the print and all it's little details. I can already see me adding some of her other city maps to my collection!

I've been adding more and more to my online shop including a favourite of mine..these unicorn money boxes!

What else?

I've been back and forth to London a fair bit lately, I visited the other day to attend the Ideal Home Show with Hammonds so I'll post properly about that soon.

The rest of our days have been hanging out at home and staying local. This is a silly selfie I took on the day I returned from the Home Show, I asked Wilf to pull a funny face and I can't stop laughing at this picture!

I'm really feeling like a spring clean so I finally got round to taking 3 bags of bits and bobs to our local charity shop which feels really good! We are planning a few changes to our home after our return from our trip and hopefully to change up our garden too. I have to say I get itchy fingers when it comes to interior design so I love to move things around every now and again!

That's it for things lately I think! Thanks for checking in! xx
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