Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Vegetarian and Vegan food guides - Paris

(I think I ate about two avocados a day when we stayed in Paris!)

We went to Paris a few months ago and for me it was the first time in the city. I completely and utterly fell in love with the place and I'm so excited to go back with Tom for our honeymoon this weekend!

When ever we go away I leave the planning to Tom. I think that's why our relationship works well, he's the organiser and I'm more of a 'spur of the moment' type person. Whilst I am usually in charge or booking the travel once we get anywhere Tom will have researched the area for weeks before and checked out the places to explore. I'm fully prepared to admit that our trips away run so smoothly (so far) due to Tom's researched and this really comes into place when it comes to places to eat.

As you are probably aware myself and Wilf are vegetarians (Tom it sort of one by default and will very occasionally eat organic meat when eating out with his family). In the UK it's never really a problem eating out (although some places could have more exciting menu options if I'm honest) but in other countries it can sometimes be tricky picking places to eat. When we took our trip a few months ago I was so grateful that Tom has researched all the great veggie street food in each area so no matter where we were wondering about we always had a near by option to head to.

House Trip have recently launched a Vegan and Vegetarian food guide for three major cities (Paris, London and Berlin). Having browsed their Paris guide I'm now totally craving a vegan burger from Hank and I even found out Soya has a resident cat that sometimes joins you for your meal!

I think something like this is perfect for veggies and vegans on city breaks and I can't wait to see what other cities they add. It's even helped me discover some places to visit on my next trip to London. Are there any gems you think are missing?

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For my Granny

My lovely granny Dianne Strickland passed away on Friday. I wanted to share some pictures of her in happier times and share with you all what a beauty she was. I didn't grow up very close to my grandparents (on either side), not like some people do when they live in the same town or visit regularly. However I have very fond memories of the times we did spend together and I have a lot of respect and admiration for the lady she was.

My granny favourite thing in the world was to read. She read so many books and remembered all the interesting details in them that she went on lots of mastermind type quizzes on the radio. Her specialities were in literature as well as being a cryptic crossword champion.

Her favourite things were drinking tea, reading books and chatting to her best friend. As there is no social security in South Africa when my granddad lost his job and unable to find another they moved to the UK (where my grandad was from) with the last pennies they had. I find it amazing they were able to move and find work across the world when there was no Internet and at the risk of being homeless any day! Her and her best friend Paula would write to each other constantly and missed each other terribly. I always remember hearing her talk about their friendship, it's so sad they had to be separated.

I remember how astonished my granny was that in the UK you are allowed a state pension and to live in a home provided by the council. Despite not living in the most exciting of locations she was happy in her home reading her books and making endless pots of tea. When I was a child she would make the most fantastic cakes and when I stayed for dinner she would aways serve a bread roll with butter on a side plate with our dinner, something that seemed quite fancy to me at the time. My grandad passed away around ten years ago and during the last two weeks of her life she mentioned him visiting her and sitting on the end of her bed. I like to believe this was a comfort to her.

All these photos are taken in the 50's and 60's in South Africa, isn't the shot of the lion so fantastic?

my mum and auntie as teenagers - I just love this picture!
 My granny on Christmas day in South Africa

I can recognise myself in pictures of my granny, and in my mum and my niece. I think it's best to think of her as the woman she was in these images, a similar age to myself now, and to live my life as happy and fulfilled as I can make it. 

Monday, 20 October 2014

me and you

I don't think it's going to be a huge surprise that my 'Me and You' pictures this month are going to be from our wedding.

I had been focussing a lot on the meaning of marriage, what it meant to me & to us as a couple, how I fitted in to the traditional aspects and which parts I felt comfortable with.

I was never ever the girl that wanted to get married, I never dreamt about it as a child, I never planned my dress, I never drew my signature out with the surname of my crush at the time, it just wasn't something I ever thought I would do. When Tom proposed I of course said yes, it was a wonderful romantic gesture and I knew that if I was ever going to marry anyone it would be him so why not?

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Win two Timorous Beastie cushions worth over £90 each

Tom says I have a cushion addiction and it may be true..OK it is very much true, in fact I often fantasise about having another sofa in our living room just so we can have more cushions for it..

Hammonds Furniture are giving away two Timorous Beastie cushions worth over £90 each to one lucky reader. Hammonds also have a brilliant range of built in wardrobes which is something I've often thought about getting done for our bedroom. Storage is one of our biggest problems and I love the fact they they can be fitted to rooms of any size. When you live in a victorian home or a loft conversion this can be perfect for sloping ceilings!

To enter the comp all you need to do is enter the rafflecopter widget below. This one is super simple as all you need to do is follow Hammonds to enter. You can also tweet and follow me on twitter for extra entries. Good Luck!

All entries with be added to the Hammonds and Tigerlilly Quinn's newsletter of which you can opt out of at anytime.

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