Friday, 24 April 2015

Postcards from Amsterdam

I wanted to share some pictures of our time in Amsterdam whilst I am going through them. There will probably be lots more to come but just trying to make some kind of structure of them, I didn't realise how much work sorting out three holidays in one would be on our return!

Whilst we were in Amsterdam we stayed at the newly opened INK Hotel. Newly opened as in when we checked it in hadn't even been a week. You would never had noticed though going by just how smoothly and professional the place was run. This was probably our favourite hotel of the trip and we loved their attention to detail. All the staff wore custom design G Star uniforms matched with Clarks shoes.

I have to say that although I always though Paris was my favourite city we really fell in love Amsterdam and it totally won our hearts this trip. When we were there last year it was only for two days and we left wishing we had been able to have a little longer to really experience the city. This time we did all the things we didn't quite have time for previously like hiring bicycles and riding around Vondelpark and taking a boat to the North and chilling out on the beach there.

Tom actually has written up a post on some of the places we ate whilst we were here, again out of the three cities we spent time in Amsterdam won hands down in terms of delicious food! The picture above is of Latei a cute cafe with a resident cat!

Wilf was so brilliantly behaved the entire time and we were so lucky with the weather. We spent our last three days a little tired from the past week of travel and so took it really easy which was perfect. Tom is the planner in our relationship and often tries to organise three things a day when we are on a trip which is great when we are wanting to fit in a lot over a small amount of time but can be a bit tiring! With Amsterdam we broke it down to only one (sometimes two) things and it felt like a real break.

I made a little video of our time in the three cities if you fancy a watch! You can read about London here and Paris here.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

A little summer wish list

A little wish list of some of my favourite summer items from three of my favourite brands below!

1, Tassel Gladiator sandals 
2, Santa Fe Jumpsuit (so much love for this jumpsuit!)
3, Amille Maxi dress

1, Light Wash denim dungarees (I love them but fear they wouldn't love me..thoughts?)
2, River Fish Cotton T - Shirt
3, Gola x Cath Kidston (still need to get my hands on a pair of these!)

1, Slim Leg trousers 
2, Secret Slimming twisted front swimsuit (this fell in my bag for our holiday in a few weeks!)
3, Suede Asymmetric Strap Sandle 

Wish is your favourite?

*this post contains affiliate links 

Toast to the top

The other day our toaster broke and then a few days later an email popped into my inbox asking if I'd like one. Funny how life goes that way sometimes.

Whilst Wilf is still an early riser we are lucky enough that he's happy to read in his bed for half an hour or so before he comes in to see us and snuggle up for a little while. Tom then gets up and goes to make us all marmite toast and tea (glass of almond milk for W) and we all eat breakfast in bed. It's something we've been doing for years now, It's one of my favourite parts of the day!

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Terre a terre

A little post from Tom today on a restaurant we visited back in Brighton a few weeks back. It also led him to decide to become a vegetarian which is pretty stirling endorsement of the place in itself! 

I first visited Terre a terre a few years ago with some colleagues, while in Brighton for a conference. I came back raving to Fritha about the meal that I’d had there, especially the vodka infused tomatoes that came with my main dish. We vowed to visit Brighton for a weekend in the near future so that we could visit Terre a terre together. Somehow, a few years passed, before we finally did get on the train to Brighton, but on the plus side it meant that I got to take Wilf to Terre a terre too.
We were invited to dine on a Friday lunchtime. The dining room is spacious enough that we didn’t need to worry about Wilf making noise, but busy enough to have some atmosphere.
For starter I chose savoury churros as I love the sweet variety, and was rewarded with a delicious fusion of Asian flavours. Fritha chose the Arepas (deep fried sweetcorn chermoula chips) and was equally impressed.

For mains Fritha had the Better Batter and Lemony Yemeni Relish, a fantastic take on fish ‘n’ chips using battered halloumi. I have eaten many halloumi dishes and the thing that immediately sets this apart is that the halloumi was creamy rather than salty from being soaked in buttermilk. It is this level of attention to detail that really sets Terre a Terre apart. And the dish was served with another fine little detail – those famous vodka-spiked tomatoes! Wilf got to enjoy a smaller version of this dish (minus the vodka) from the kids menu, which he happily gobbled up.

For my main course I had a baked aubergine dish, again with Asian inspired flavours. Its presentation was flawless. I think the best looking dish of the day and it tasted great too.

For desert, Fritha had some enormous churros with three very indulgent dips and vodka cherries. Once again, Wilf had a small but perfectly formed version minus the vodka. I finished with a refreshing Kulfi which followed the Asian inspired dishes perfectly.

The thing that really struck me about all the dishes was the attention to detail. The minute little additions that make a difference and keep you experiencing new flavours and combinations throughout the dish.

One thing I have learnt writing this review is that Fritha is always drawn to the deep-fried option.
Whilst in Brighton we also visited Ideya and Food for thought. Terre a Terra was our favourite of these three, but Brighton should count it’s self very lucky to have such a wealth of veggie establishments.

My review above may seem overly positive. However, I am not a vegetarian (although only occasional meat eater). I have long since morally and ethically disagreed with eating meat, but old habits die hard (especially for the lazy). But since that meal and eating at the great veggie restaurants in Brighton I have not eaten any meat, nor can I see myself doing so in the future. I always thought that I would one day stop eating meat and that I would have a last meat based meal. However, it was a vegetarian meal of such flavour and quality that finally convinced me. My review is so positive as this was the meal that convinced me to give up meat.

we were invited to dine at Terre a Terre but all words and thoughts are our own
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