Monday, 6 July 2015

Weekend Wears plus Toolally Jewellery

 We've had a super chilled weekend this past one as we have a few busy ones ahead. Plus the weather (in case you haven't noticed or been told by someone at least 100 times a day ;)) is SO hot that anything other than laid back is just not going to happen at the moment for this pregnant lady!

On Saturday we headed out to our local supermarket to pick up some items for a picnic and then attempted to desperately find some shade. What I love about Bristol is that you can be in the midst of urban-ness and then in the countryside in the space of a ten minute walk. 

I managed to scrape my hair into a top knot for the first time in years (although it did involve about a thousand bobby pins) and it helped keep my face a bit cooler. I'm not 100% sure it's a style that suits me thought tbh, and Tom said I looked like Little My so there is that..

I'm wearing some non maternity trousers from H&M that have probably had their last outing until after I have this baby as it was a little bit of a squeeze! My top is from ASOS maternity and my bee necklace is from Toolally

Wilf's outfit is from Indikidual, Tom wasn't sure if it might be a little on the girl's side but I think it's pretty unisex...

On Sunday we decided to be c.r.a.z.y and head out to IKEA (yes on a weekend, we clearly are mad) which was 100% my choice because I was craving their cinnamon rolls. Of course we ended up spending £50 on other random bits and bobs as you really can't go to IKEA without spending money no matter how hard you try. 

I'm wearing a tunic top from People Tree which is currently in the sale (you can actually get 10% extra off the sale with TIGERSALE10 if you fancy it) and a bird necklace again from Toolally. Wilf's making me share the necklace as apparently it suits him more, I literally have to ask him if it's my turn to wear it when I want to ;) I love the range as it suits my love of colour nicely, and can brighten up low key outfits when you're having a bit of a chilled day!

Thanks to Toolally for sponsoring this post! 

Thursday, 2 July 2015

what home means to me

I've written a fair bit about our home and the work thats gone into it. When we first bought the place it needed a lot (lot!) of work and as such we were able to buy it at a pretty bargain price in an upcoming area. Now almost five years down the line we are really starting to be proud of what we have achieved. Granted it is almost always messy, running a shop from my home and having a small child isn't ideal for keeping things neat and on top of that neither Tom or I possess a 'tidy' gene but we're getting there.

When I was pregnant with Wilf we had only been in our home for under a year and whilst we were trying to do things slowly and as cheaply as possible we realised we really needed to get some major work out the way before we became parents. Thankfully we the help of a good friend we (or rather Tom and our friend) were able to rip out our barely workable kitchen when I was 8 months pregnant and fit a new one on a very small budget. Wilf was actually born three weeks later at 39 weeks so we managed it only in the nick of time.

I'm not sure if it's being pregnant again but we are on a mission to get some major work done on our home again before the new arrival. We have decided to partition our really large living space back into two rooms. Although we initially liked having such a wide open space it often makes it hard to feel 'cosy' and so we'd like an actually living room and separate dinning room. This also means that I'm able to use the dinning room as my shop storage (which I already do but means our living space is also part shop which isn't ideal!). We've also decided to turn our back windows into french doors onto our garden as it will be nice to be able to see the kids play outside whilst doing whatever inside rather than having to go through our tiny kitchen and utility room to get outside.

When we first moved into our home we were both working different jobs to what we currently do and myself in particular wasn't feeling very fulfilled. Tom had taken over a temporary management job that was causing him a lot of stress and when I fell pregnant we realised that quality of life was much more important than money so Tom decided not to continue with the role and take a pay cut whilst I and decided not to return to work after having Wilf. It was quite a hard time financially and not without its stresses as I know Tom felt pressure from being the sole earner for us all. Now we are four years down the line we are in a much better position work/life balance wise and I feel so proud to be able to be the one who is able to earn from my own business and afford to make these changes on our home. It certainly feels more of a home now too.

I'm working with Legal and General on this post who have put together an article on taking measures to protect your home. You can read their tips and advice here. I've grown up moving home countless times (I think it was around the sixteenth mark by the time I had left for university) and although part of me loved the adventure of a new home, a new area to explore I also craved that stability of having one place to call your base. I think that's why it's so important to me to have our home now, with our growing family and all the memories this house holds (giving birth to Wilf on our living room floor being one of the best ones). We have genuine friendships with our neighbours and have seen them start to grow their own families too, we chat to our baker and grocer and know we'll bump into our friends at the local park something I'd never really had before and is why I feel so strongly about our home I think.

in association with Legal and General 

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Me and Mine - June

I've had the end of June circled in my calendar for weeks now. It's when I turned 17 weeks pregnant and therefore hoped that like my pregnancy with Wilf I would start feeling more normal. I'm so pleased to say that has been the case and I'm finally able to enjoy some time with my family without feeling so sick!

The month the weather has finally heated up and we've been enjoying glorious summer weekends, taking boat trips down the harbour, grabbing brunch and mainly just hanging out the three of us. Whilst it is still the three of us!

We've been taking a lot about things like baby names and all the exciting stuff that comes with the expectation of a new arrival. We actually have our scan next week where we'll hopefully be able to find out if we are expecting a baby boy or girl!

I've been feeling super hormonal and emotional lately which is probably pretty tough on Tom to be honest. There was an afternoon I ended up stamping my foot and running to bed crying all to do with lunch options! I don't really remember being quite so emotional last time round but I've probably just forgotten what it was like. I've been feeling baby kicks too and although they are not yet strong enough for Tom and Wilf to feel them it's a lovely little reminder of this new addition I'm carrying.

Wilf ever the excited big brother has been talking to the baby in my tummy, he keeps asking when it will be able to walk or crawl and the other day he picked out a few of his puzzle games he no longer played with and said he'd like to pass them on to him/her. I love that he's so excited and although I'm sure there will be tricky moments when we become a family of four and he is no longer the only child, I'm just so glad that he's so very involved already.

This week I'm sending you over to the lovely Lucy to see what her lovely family have been up to this month!

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