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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Me and Mine June

LOVING Wilf's face in this pic, couldn't put down his brownie for a second

I thought I'd combine my Me and Mine pics this month with a little staycation we recently went on to Bath. I appreciate Bath isn't actually the city we live in but they are so close I'm still sort of calling it a staycation. We recently visited for a family shoot with the lovely Nell Mallia and it reminded us how much we love it, pretty streets at every corner and such beautiful parks!

We decided to stay over to make it feel like a real holiday and stayed at Brooks Guest house who also have a hotel in Bristol (where Tom proposed!) so it was nice to see what their sister hotel was like.

We were asked by Boots Soltan to go on a 'summer experience' and when I think of British summer, unlike most of the population who think of the beach I think of a picnic. I do like the idea of the beach but..all that sand and a 6 month old who would probably put it in her mouth filled me with a bit of dread so a picnic in the beautiful park seemed a lot more appealing.

Now Tom is back at work we are cherishing his Thursday's off even more and so we headed down on Wednesday night so that we could spend a full day with him there. It was really nice seeing the city not on a weekend when it feels quite busy, the photo above of us all was taken at Royal Cresent and we were the only ones there!

When I see a pretty door I'm always look at Tom like 'Tooooom, pleease could you take my picture??' and he rolls his eyes and does. Trouble is when you are in Bath you come across pretty doors here there and everywhere! 

And when you see a hedge with pink flamingo's on it you've got to get to it and pose!

We picked up lunch at Chandos Deli (who also have a branch in Bristol funny enough) and went a bit crazy pretty much ordering one of everything, we definitely had eyes bigger than our tummies that day.

As someone with pale skin I do love the sun but also have to be pretty careful of not burning, I think it's something I've always taken notice off and never really tried to tan because I just burn and go back to being red, it was never worth it even as a teen when friends would put baby on themselves to tan (!). I did struggle with being pale especially when I was younger, once my sister in law actually asked me why I'd come out wearing white tights thanks so my milk bottle legs ha! As I've got older though I've really embraced it as being part of me and how I look and I'm kinda a little smug about the fact my skin doesn't really have a lot of sun damage.

I have a whole post coming up on how I got on at a Boots Soltan event seeing how the sun has effected my skin over the past 30 years, also whats my skins age was..so look out for that one!

Quick breastfeeding stop.

This kid is such a goof ball (also sort of wanted to use these as celebratory pics on Friday..but you know how that went, oh dear).

One day we we get a picture where Mabli is not looking the other way!

I can't believe it's half way through the year already, honestly the fast 6 months of my life I think, even faster than how quick the first few months went with Wilf. My baby girl is half was through the first year of her life, she's starting to eat, she's sitting up and she's trying to crawl, my little boy has this last summer before school..it's all going so fast!

I'm determined to make this summer the best one yet, the first one with both my kiddos and before school starts. Lots more picnics planned for sure!

Don't forget to catch up with what the other hosts have been up to in June by checking out Lucy / Katie / Lucy / Alex and Jenny's posts and link below to share your June 'Me and Mine'

Boots Soltan put us up for the night at a Hotel and paid for our picnic but all words and thoughts are my own

Friday, 24 June 2016

Life's little luxuries

Since becoming a mum my idea of luxury has changed quite a bit, I've come to appreciate the little things like a long bath or a hot cup of tea. In many ways its made me more content because things I previously took for granted like having time to myself to read a book or having a lie in are so coveted now. 

One of my top little luxuries both pre and post motherhood have been clean sheets. I rate it right up there as one of the most satisfying feelings ever, especially if it comes after a lovely bubble bath and some new soft pjs too!

I'm teaming up with Comfort in this post to talk to you guys about my #littleluxuries, which I thought was pretty fitting considering just how much I love the cosiness of getting into a freshly clean bed. After a lovely weekend of pottering about the house and seeing friends me and the kids spent Sunday morning washing our bedding and testing out the Intense Luxurious conditioner on the sheets. 

As usual when it comes to doing housework with the kids they make it twice as long but also kind of twice as fun. There's often a LOT of bed bouncing and getting inside covers and pretending to be ghosts, never a dull moment with a four year old and a six month old (especially now as she's starting to be on the move!).

I have to say the smell and softness was a definite hit for us all, we ended up spending most of the afternoon just hanging out in bed reading books and taking selfies ha!

Whilst I might not be having spa days or swanky nights out anytime soon I pretty content with the little luxuries in my life being things like a good cup of coffee, a box set in the evening with my husband and the softest of fest fresh luxuries smelling sheets on the bed.

 Even if I have to share my bed with toy aeroplanes ;)

What are your little luxuries in life? I'd love to know!

in association with Comfort fabric conditioner 

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Nomi Highchair by Evomove

So now my baby is eating..(wait what, wasn't she just born?!) we've had to think about all the products that come with this stage in life, namely a highchair. I've always been quite into the idea of us always eating meals together, I know this is something we're fortunate to be able to do as Tom doesn't work late and is always home to have dinner (actually to make dinner ha!). Subsequently we all end up eating at about 5.30 and then Tom and I get hungry again and snacking just before bed but that's another story ;)

I was approached by Evomove to see if Mabli would like to give their highchair the Nomi a go. The Nomi is a highchair thats built to grow with you child and also comes with a smaller baby attachment but as Mabli is now 6 months and can sit up she didn't need this.

I remember the other day giving her asparagus and she was trying to nibble on it wincing a bit at the sour taste, we were laughing so much, we swapped it for apple and the sheer relief at being able to eat something tasty was amazing, I love this stage in babyhood so much.

Holy Cute!

Mabli, like Wilf is pretty used to having the camera pointed at her it's like she knows what the clicking means, she's like 'hey mum!' and throws me a big smile, I just can't get enough of her gummy smiles!

The Nomi was actually designed by Peter Obsvik who designed the famous Stokke Tripp Trapp chairs. With that in mind it wasn't a surprise that this chair was designed to be as ergonomic as possible. The foot rest is designed to provide good support for your babies feet & help them be in an upright position.

Once they have grown out of the high chair feature it can be taken off to be turned into a chair that will support a child until teenage years so they are quite a good investment especially if you are buying the newborn attachment too and using it as somewhere to hold your baby rather than a rocky chair for example.

What drew my attention to it though was the look of it, its stylish and fits with our aesthetic without compromising on function. I am a big fan of Scandinavian design as they just seem to be able to do furniture so well, simple, beautiful and practical.

You can find the model in various different colours and also wood colours, we chose quite neutral colours to fit with our table and other seating. You can choose to add own various attachments like the cushions Mabli is using here and also a tray attachment that we do tend to use as otherwise she just pushes things off the table!

You can find more details about the Nomi on the Evomove website. 

What do you think of the design?

We received this item for purpose of this review but all words and thoughts are my own

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Fathers Day Weekend Vlog

Hello! I thought I'd do a little Fathers Day video this past weekend and I'm just popping it over here in case any of you guys wanted a watch. It features these AMAZING Moomin cup cakes!!

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