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Thursday, 21 July 2016

What Mama Wore - People Tree x Zandra Rhodes

Sardinia mark warner beach
People Tree zandra rhodes tigerlilly quinn mummy blogger fashion
people tree zandra rhodes mummy blogger sardinia 
My final outfit post whilst we were in Sardnia! I definitely recommend jetting off to a sunny country for an excuse to pop on a pretty dress and pose ;)

Sardinia mark warner beach
People Tree zandra rhodes tigerlilly quinn mummy blogger fashion

You might remember way back when I was seven months pregnant and I visited the amazing Zandra Rhodes to view her latest collaboration with People Tree. If not then cast your eyes this way.
This was my absolute favourite dress from the collection which featured some of her print designs from the 80's. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and was so excited to bring it along on our latest trip away.

Sardinia mark warner beach
People Tree zandra rhodes tigerlilly quinn mummy blogger fashion

I'm fairly tall (5,8) and I would say it's quite short on me so I'd probably wear it with leggings or denim shorts in the UK but for a beach holiday then it's perfect, very light weight and flattering as well as being cut to be none clingy and just so comfy!

I love that with a dress like this the print speaks for itself and you don't really need to team it with much else to make it a stand out outfit. I paired it with these Boden sandals (for the astute amongst you spot my mosquito bites on my feet, ah! They love me).

Don't forget you can get 15% off at People Tree on full priced items with the code TLQ15
P.S my post on our trip away will be up soon, I just need to finish off the video!

What do you think of the range? 

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

What Mama Wore - Red striped dress

red striped asos dress

The second of the outfit posts I managed to shoot whilst in Sardinia! I can't tell you how much it helps being in beautiful surroundings with the sun and an Instagram husband to hand too! ;)

red striped asos dress mother and daughter
red striped asos dress
red striped asos dress

I picked up this dress from ASOS and made it breastfeeding friendly by cutting out two slits underneath the top panel! I'm no seamstress but you wouldn't really notice once you've popped a baby under the top bit, it does make me giggle when I think about what it would look like if I showed you!

red striped asos dress mother breastfeeding friendly

Mabli is wearing a dress from Mothercare and little shorts from Mini Boden

p.s this is my attempt as milk maid braids, I feel like they look ok straight on but are a bit weird at the back! maybe I just need longer hair? Although in this heat I'm feeling like I want to chop it all off to be honest!

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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

What Mama Wore - Sophia Shirt Dress

So we've just got back from sunny sunny Sardinia! There'll be a post to follow on how we found it but in the meantime I wanted to get this post live whilst the weather in the UK is currently matching the Italian sun. This was my absolute favourite outfit to wear on this trip, it was light and stretchy and just so comfy in the heat. Tom said it would have been a great tennis dress too but to be honest I just couldn't bare thinking about doing anything in the heat than dip in the pool or read my book!

Mabli joined me for this outfit post in a Mini Boden dress. I can't believe how big she is getting! (and how much like Tom she is looking!)

boden sophia striped dress mummy blogger
boden sophia striped dress mummy blogger

dress / bag (on sale now!) / sandals / sunglasses

boden sophia striped dress mummy blogger
boden sophia striped dress mummy blogger

Since Tom's gone back to work it's been a lot harder for me to do posts like this because I don't have anyone to take my pics! Fashion posts are by far some of my favourites to do so I guess I'll have to work something out on the days I have a few hours to work, maybe I'll have to beat my fear of using a tripod in public!

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Back to school...

So these past few weeks have been strange ones. We've started to gear up to the idea of everything to do with school and Wilf starting in less than two months now (!). We recently visited the school again to go round with Wilf. Tom took the day off too so we could all go as a family. We are 100% happy with the school he is going to and I really genuinely think he is ready and will thrive there but it doesn't stop me feeling nervous for him.

When we were walking around he loved the idea of all the bits and bobs he could do but whenever we went in a class or playground he hid behind me holding my hand tight. I keep thinking about that and whilst I know that's totally normal it makes me well up a bit about leaving him there. I know we've done settling in at nursery and that was also quite heartbreaking too for a few days, I'm glad we did it though as he loves going there and is upset to leave when we pick him up. I know that school will be the same and we'll both just have to get over the initial separation. My little boy becoming a school aged child, how did that happen so fast?!

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