Saturday, 28 February 2015

Me and Mine - February

It's crazy how a month can fly by! Taking one photo a month of your family really doesn't seem like a difficult task but I'm reminded how if I didn't have this prompt I wouldn't have taken any over the past two months!

This photo was taken on a little family walk we took on the weekend. We always try and get out for breakfast at least once over the weekend, it's one of my favourite things about my week if I'm honest! We've had a few ups and downs this month from things going on in our lives but I'm always reminded how my little family are there for me (and a night out with friends helped too!). I'm so happy to be putting the winter months behind me as they've felt like they have dragged on a bit this year (or maybe they always feel like that and I just forgot) and Spring feels so close!

We have a little family break to look forward to next month which we're so excited for and I really want to start getting into more activities with Wilf again like swimming and toddler gym. I swear the weather makes me just want to hibernate and not commit to to doing much more than coffee stops and eating cake ;)

Hope you've had a lovely February with your family, I can't wait to see your Me and Mine pictures for this month! Remember that everyone that enters will be automatically entered into a competition to win a collage cushion with Photobox. 

This month I'm sending you over to over to the lovely Lucy who set up this beautiful project.

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Friday, 27 February 2015

Dream kitchens

Whilst I think we've done a great job in doing up our home there are certain features about it that cannot be changed. Due to the type of home it is (victorian) it has a very narrow galway kitchen which means it's often pretty dark and lacks much space to do anything.

As such I often find myself staring longingly at kitchens like this with big open spaces (and an island!). I've been using the Wren Kitchen planner to design my dream kitchen, like the ones shown in this post. I'm really into the Linda Barker range especially the modern designs.

Having a small kitchen means I'm always looking for space saving storage solutions so I love their storage range, things like this corner storage is just an igneous idea. One of things I really regret about our kitchen is our dark wooden work surfaces, I thought I liked wood but actually it makes our kitchen seem even darker. As a blogger it would be so much easier to have a white work surface like these ones.

I think out of the ones above the third is my favourite, I love the simplicity that runs throughout it.
What would your dream kitchen look like?

In association with Wren Kitchens 

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Style in Your City - Sleep

This fortnight for 'Style in your City' we're going to try something a little different and it's all about spotting your city style or a city you've visited. We want to see what catches your eye and it could be anything: colourful buildings, street art, fashion your loving, art you've seen, or stunning interior design.

A few weeks ago I took a trip to London and has the pleasure of staying over the night before in The Artist Residence's new London branch. 

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Ten Clever DIY Ideas

If your home is anything like mine then you probably have a ton of DIY products on your 'really need to do this someday soon' list. I'm always looking for simple ideas that can make a big difference to our home. We are currently looking a new storage solutions for the bedroom because someone *ahem may have a little too many clothes..

I thought it would be fun to compile a 'top ten' of some of my favourite I've found online lately.

This top image is from this blog (it's not actually a english language blog but you can get the idea from the picture!) I love the colour's she has painted to crates too.

2, I love this magazine rack idea from one of my favourite blogs ever.

3, How about this cute wallpaper steps? 
4, This is such a good idea on how to frame calendar art
5, Got to love these peg board ideas!

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