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Friday, 23 June 2017

Share a little kindness?

Hey guys! I wanted to share a video I posted to my channel this week as I thought it's an important subject to chat about. Honestly its been so hot this week hasn't it?! On one of the hottest days we were walking home from the school run and lady from the Sikh Temple called us over and handed me a cold can of Fanta and Wilf a bottle of water and I was so taken aback by this simple act of kindness. It's reminded me of how little things can mean so much. Hope you enjoy the video and do like and subscribe (if you fancy it!)

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Summer Wish List

As this weather keeps on spoiling us I've put together a little wish list of some gorgeous summer items to keep feeing and looking cool in!

1. This beautiful Next Cover Up also comes in  a 'mini me' version!

2. Salt Water Sandals - I have these in tan and white and they are comfiest sandals I've ever owned (plus they are waterproof!). Thinking I should add a yellow pair to my collection.

3. M&S Long Sleeve Maxi Dress - M&S are one of my favourite shops at the moment and this yellow number is so bright and stylish.

4. Boden Sunglasses - I just love the pink tips on theses frames.

5. M&S Floral Print Jumpsuit - Another seasonal favourite from M&S.

6. Matalan Girls Straw & Pom Pom Tote - How cute is this bag?!

What's on your summer wish list?

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

David Lloyd for families

With a few weeks left of school and the UK going through a mega heatwave right now we are really feeling the summer. I'm so looking to six weeks off with my buddy after his first year of school but I'd be lying if I wasn't daunted by the weeks stretching ahead with no childcare and entertaining two kiddos, especially adding to that the fact I work from home.

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Afternoons in the sun

A few snaps of the past few days, in this glorious heatwave! I say 'glorious' but by bedtime I'm definitely cursing the heat and the fact neither of my children will go to sleep.

On Sunday (Fathers Day) we met up with Tom's family and had a little picnic in the park, I didn't manage to get any pictures of Tom that day (whoops!) so on Monday we decided to eat dinner in the park and I'm so glad we did. It's reminded us how nice it is to break up the routine a bit and forget about bedtime routines now and again, especially when its too hot to sleep anyway.

Thanks for always being a human climbing frame for the kids Tom!

Mabli is 18 months now and her personality is really starting to shine. She is a crazy little mischief maker with a ever so naughty glint in her eyes always. It's such a contrast to how chilled and calm Wilf was as a toddler. I can even only remember one occasion before he was three that he ever had a 'tantrum'. Mabli on the other hand has about one a day ;) I think I'm going to have my hands full with this little fire cracker. I wouldn't have it any other way though..

Wilf appears less in my blog now since he started school, largely because he is there for most of the week but also because as he grows up I think he will just naturally appear less. He's never asked me not to take a photo (and will often ask to look at photos on my Instagram and 'heart' friends pictures) but I'm conscious to be respectful of his childhood. Especially as he now has a few hours a day away from me, making his own friends and memories. It's a reminder that I'm letting him go and be his own person. I addressed this subject a little in this video if you're interested.

FYI these are the most comfiest harem pants EVER - here

I hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine too and have had a lovely weekend! I'm sorry it's been a while since I checked in, summer makes me slow at everything! xx
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