Thursday, 16 April 2015

Married 6 months and some pre - wedding pics

Tom and I worked out over the weekend that we have now been married 6 months (Tom says it feels like longer ho ho ho). It's coincided nicely with my friend Laura sending us the rest of the photos she kindly took at our wedding so I thought I'd share some more here.

I love the picture above, bucks fizz on the walk over the road to my neighbours to get my hair done, felt like Christmas morning!

I actually love the pictures of before the wedding almost as much as some of the ones of the actual event. I had gotten up at 5.30 suddenly remembering that the venue might not have wi-fi and hence wouldn't be able to play my spotify play list. I was frantically making one for my iTunes instead as my friend Dona arrived at 8am which I told her to take over as I got Wilf ready.

My little sister and brother had arrived the night before and I was putting the bins out (oh the glamour!) as my big brother and his family started walking up our cup-du-sac. It felt so refreshingly normal and so lovely to have my siblings with me.

I did intend to put them all up but clearly that would make a mammoth picture heavy post so I might separate them into three and leave these ones here as they are. I don't see my youngest brother very much these days so I love these pictures of him, I'm bias but I think he's a very handsome teen.

I loved having Wilf around me as we got ready for the day, he always says since then 'remember when me you and daddy got married?' and it really did feel like a celebration for all three of us. Wilf is my little shield, I feel stronger and more confident holding his hand and being his mum.

I can't believe how little he looks in these pics and it's only been 6 months!

I'll share more pics soon if you fancy a peek!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Style in Your City - Traveling


Our trip from London, through to Paris and then Amsterdam lasted ten days which was the longest we'd traveled as a family. Tom and I had a rucksack each for all our things which included about five outfits each and about ten for Wilf because his don't tend to stay that clean! 

It was quite tricky to work out what to bring because I tend to dress for what mood I'm in that day and something I think I might really fancy wearing one day I might not want to look at a week later. I'm not usually a jeans type of girl but I packed my black levi's as I felt they were the most versatile item to fit with different pieces. 

One of the items I was really glad to have packed was this shirt dress pictured above from Anthropologie. I hate travelling in clothes that feel restrictive or too hot so I wore it during our journey from Paris to Amsterdam and also once during a beautifully warm day on the rooftop in Paris. 


Wilf is wearing this top from Boden (now on sale) and these trousers.

I'm also really glad I picked my new trench as its such a classic piece that went with pretty much anything. I was really feeling the comfy understated city vibe whilst I was there and just throwing this over a breton striped T I found in a vintage shop there and it made me immediately feel a bit less scruffy!


I've recently gotten into shirts and I picked this cute one up from Ebay. I always do this weird thing where I wear dresses all winter and come spring I'm like 'I might try some jeans again' I think I have my seasons mixed up.

People generally say when traveling you should wear neutral or darker shades as you don't know what the culture or styles are. I have to say this was definitely the case when I visited Berlin a few weeks back. I stuck out like a sore thumb in my bright pinks and yellows against the greys and blacks! I feel like maybe I'm almost growing up wearing a bit more of a understated look..maybe
We would love it if you wanted to link up and join in with 'Style in your City'. This fortnight we're changing the rules a bit to make easier for you to showcase your city style. We want you to hunt down what catches your eye and shouts style to you. We'll pick be showcasing our favourites on our blogs each fortnight.

Last week I loved this post from Cardboard Cities 
My favourite IG picture was this one from @tamsinberry 

We're running this as a bi-weekly feature and you don't have to have a blog to join in or live in a bustling city for that matter, simply use the hashtag #styleinyourcity on twitter and/or IG with a photo and tag @wildandgrizzly and @tigerlillyquinn.
You can find Lori on Instagram here and twitter here.You can find me on Instagram here and twitter here.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

New items in the shop!

Just to let you know some new stock as landed in the shop (or rather landed with our poor neighbours whilst we were away). It's all online now though and there is also a massive sale on to make way in our living room for everything ha!

After my recent trips to Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam over the past couple of months I had to buy these 'friend of' postcards by Omm Design, you can see the Berlin set here, Paris here and Amsterdam here. On the travel theme I love these travel wallets, I actually kept one for myself during our recent time away and it was so useful for keeping everything separate like tickets, passports and hotel info.

I've also added a few cute games to the children's section and a bunch more prints too. One of my favourite new items is this coat hanger, it has a cat print on the back! Oh and macaroon magnets are back in stock, but be quick they sold out in a few hours last time!

Hope you like them! xoxo

Sunday, 12 April 2015

A trip to the Ideal Home show and an interview with Julia Kendall for Hammonds

A few weeks ago I headed to London as a guest of Hammonds to visit their stand as sponsors of the Ideal Home Show. I always enjoy a day away in London during the week, I love the routine of it, my coffee on the way, people watching on the tube and hustle and bustle of city life. I've tend to be up in the big city around once a fortnight and it always fills me with inspiration whenever I go. We've recently come back from ten days away spanning London, Paris and Amsterdam so it's been great to spend three consecutive days in the big smoke rather than the fleeting visits they usually are.

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