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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Slippers for Shelter

With the winter weather really setting in I'm aware more than ever of how lucky I am to have a warm home come back to, thick comfy clothes to wrap myself and my family in and cosy slippers to pop my feet into at the end of the day. When my nose turns pink on the school run or Tom returns home from work and exclaims that its really been cold out there I try to spare a thought for those with whom the luxury of a warm house and winter clothes isn't a given.

I'm lucky to know some fantastic people who do so much for their communities, women (and mums) who take part in 'sleep out's or volunteer in soup kitchens. This weekend in fact in Bristol there are people organising a collection of coats and boots, soap and essentials that we take for granted to be donated to the homeless. I'm sure you're all aware by now of my addiction to coats so I'm trimming my collection to pass on to those who most definitely have more need of them for me.

I'm writing this post to raise awareness of Shelter's 'Slippers for Shelter' campaign. They are encouraging people to post a picture of their slippers on the 9th of December to raise awareness and of course donations to help the homeless.

Whilst most families are quibbling about who buys who what from their Christmas list, who is seeing which relative on which day or who is in charge of making the puddings, some people don't even have a home to be in on this day. No one should be without a home anyday of the year but with the spirt of Christmas being so much about being with family and everything warm and cosy the idea of being on the streets is such a harsh contrast.

If you want to take part in their campaign, post your own slipper picture or even donate if you can then you can find out about the work that Shelter do here.

(Shelter asked me to raise awareness of the campaign and I will be sharing my slipper picture on the 9th - All words and thoughts are my own)

Staying Strong this Christmas with Actimel #Ad

I'm a Christmas person. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love everything about Christmas. From mulled wine to buying gifts to the cheesy Christmas pop songs that get played everywhere from November onwards (on that note why are there no Christmas hits made since the 80's?). I love it all! I think I enjoy it even more as the years go on, especially as an adult with my own children. The day I crack out my Christmas jumper seems to get earlier and earlier each year too!

That being said Christmas can often be a super stressful time too! I often find that Christmas plans starts to get mentioned somewhere around October and trying to organise who visits who/buys what/cooks that can be pretty tense and overwhelming at times. I'm working with Actimel to share their new video and some positive Christmas vibes!

One of the things that I think often causes the most tension in our extended family is the logistics of it all. I mentioned on my blog before but we made a rule shortly after having Wilf that Christmas day will always be spent with just us and the kids and the other days around the period can be spend visiting grandparents and aunties and uncles. I love that we have this one day just to relax and spend time with each other, life is often so busy so it feels like a real treat just to snuggle down together, watch Christmas movies and eat mince pies all day long!

Other than family logistics I find that Christmas shopping can probably be one of the most fraught part of this time of year. Both my babies were born in December so I started a tradition of getting all our big gifts sorted and bought online well in advance. There are so many brilliant handmade online shops these days that I don't feel like it’s a compromise on shopping small. I feel like this really takes the pressure of manically running about shopping centres trying to find this or that and means we can enjoy doing Christmassy bits on our weekends instead. We do still go out to shop for little bits and bobs and always pick up something from the local Christmas market.

This weekend we decided to do just that, we headed into town to pick up a gift for Wilf's school buddies and then spend the rest of the day getting into the festive spirt by hitting the ice rink and Christmas market for hot chocolate.

I can't say I'm all that graceful at ice skating, I think I needed that penguin aid more than my little boy if I'm honest! We had such a fun morning though and I just love the pics Tom took from the side, Mabli is too little this year but next year I'm looking forward to getting her sat on one of the banana sledges. 

Of course minutes after the flake and marshmallows were eaten poor Wilf dropped his hot chocolate on himself. I was pretty chuffed with myself for bringing a spare set of clothes that day!

My other tips for helping to minimise on the stressful parts of Christmas (especially with kids) would be to just embrace the chaos and get them involved. Tom set Wilf the task of peeling sprouts last year and he was completely engrossed for a full hour, best trick ever! I love to make wrapping gifts a bit of game too (as long as the kids ones are already done) we make sure we are team and Wilf does the sticking down whilst I do the cutting the paper, Mabli isn't quite on the helping stage yet mind you, she just tries to eat everything ;)

I'd love to know what tips you have for 'staying strong' during this season and also what your favourite part of the holidays are! 

This post is sponsored by Actimel.

Actimel contains Vitamin B6 that contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
It also contains Vitamins B6 & D that contribute to the normal function of the immune system

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas decoration shopping with Nectar - Advertorial

In my second post partnering with Nectar (see my fashion post here) I wanted to show you all what I picked up for the home over Christmas shopping via their app. I decided to get all these bits from one shop as I love their range so much.

Obviously this isn't our main tree but I thought it would be nice to have one in the kids room for them to decorate themselves (helps when I'm a bit of a control freak and find it hard to leave them to it on the main one ;)). We basically had a Sunday where we all didn't get out our PJ's, most of us have some kind of cold, Tom made mulled cider and we ate soup. If that's sounding a bit too perfect I assure you the house is a total mess as we still have building work going on and I still haven't started on the Christmas shopping (!)

I actually bought these before the Black Friday sale and now they are even cheaper so worth having a look if you fancy it. I bought the following :

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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Two Christmas looks (day and night) with Nectar - Advertorial

Generally as a rule of thumb, the outfits I fall head over heels in love with are also the ones that make Tom say 'what have you come as? I don't get it'. It's become a joke because those items are usually the ones that people tend to ask me about so Tom is now prone to saying 'I don't like it but that probably means its good'. I have to admit I'm no wallflower when it comes to choosing clothes although the school run has et me reaching for jeans and a few times (shh don't tell anyone) even jogging bottoms ;) my brain just doesn't know what goes with what that early in the morning!

I'm working with Nectar on this advertorial this post to show you two Christmas looks, one is a day time look and the other a nighttime look. I'll be shopping only at online stores that are associated with Nectar so that I can collect points on the way!

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