Thursday, 23 October 2014

Our Week in Pictures

Not sure if it's a week/weekend or what kind of time period in pictures this is if I'm honest. The days are getting a little muddled since the busyness of the wedding, having family down and Tom having some time off. I can tell you now that we are all so tired. Tired and happy but so tired all the same!

My brother's family came to stay for the wedding and then for a few days after as well. Unfortunately we were all a little 'under the weather' and the actual weather was just terrible. Tom bought quite a few umbrellas incase of rain on our big day though so we were well prepared! I'm kinda in love with the colourful stripy one, if it has to rain you might as well have a jolly umbrella to shelter under right?

The day after we got hitched we stayed over in a local hotel called The Avon Gorge (which overlooks the suspension bridge). Tom actually won a stay there months and months ago with his work so it seemed like a good a time as any to use it. We had dinner, drank a bottle of wine and snuggled into bed watching TV while the rain hammered down outside, It was all rather lovely. I was trying to think what it might have felt like if we had not known each other very long before we got married or if we didn't have a child together. I don't know any different of course but it felt sort of perfect to reflect on all our years together already and all the plans we have for our years ahead. I told Tom I want to have another big party to celebrate in five years time, ha! ;)

First married selfie ;)

The rest of the week was spent trying to catch up with the ten billion emails I seemed to have accumulated over the past five days or so as well as lots of coffee. Wilf was poorly so I'd kept him out of nursery and as such I'm trying not to feel overwhelmed with the bright red sign that tells me how many emails I need to reply to *gulp*.

In case you were wondering about any of the clothes in the pictures above

On me:

Stripy Umbrella - Next
My Yellow Raincoat - c/o Joules
Shoes - Orla Kiely for Clarks
Pink Coat - Zara
Yellow dress - Sonnet James
Bag - c/o Nica
Blue Maxi dress - Oliver Bonas (sale)
Yellow Jumper - Primark
Stripy Dress - Vintage gift from Tom

On Wilf:

Boots - c/o Joules
Raincoat - TK Maxx
Green Jumper - c/o COS
Leggings - Zara
Orange Jumper - Mango

(think that cover's everything, shout if you are curious about my families clothes and I'll ask them ;))

We are off on our honeymoon this weekend without our little buddy for the first time ever. I know he will be absolutely fine and am secretly (or not so secretly) looking forward to a few child free days with Tom. Then we can get excited about Halloween!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Wish List

1, Two - Tone fine knit dress 
2, Lynsky Joy boots 
3, Teddy Coat in white
4, Charm Necklace from People Tree (take 10% off everything with code TIGER10)

My style used to be really quite girly, favouring bright, colourful, floral prints and tea dresses as a firm staple in my wardrobe. As I've got older funny enough I've become a bit more braver in mixing up my style a bit. I mean don't get my wrong I still live in dresses and really I'm not sure I'm ever going to be comfortable in jeans (until I find the perfect pair maybe?). I'm also much more in favour of dresses I can feel really comfortable in, so I'm finding myself searching more and more for wardrobe items like loose knit dresses like this one from Esprit in darker shades. 

I love that with neutral shades you can actually dress up without looking too dressed up. I love pairing these quite masculine boots with a simple dress and teddy coat. The People Tree necklace just compliments the whole outfit perfectly. I used to have a similar charm necklace years ago that I lost so I'm really tempted to get this one as I think it will go with so many outfits. 

Halloween ideas - For the Kiddo

1, Oeuf NYC Fox beanie 
2, Mouline Roty Filou the wolf mask
3, OMY Paper costume
4, Super Heroe PJ's
5, Suzette the owl mask

I always wanted to one of those mums who made costumes and was super crafty..maybe I will be one of these days but for now I'm kinda happy to just buy Wilf's outfits!

Out of all of these I think the third is my favourite closely followed by number two.
I actually have a discount code for anyone wanting to purchase last minute halloween items!
TIGERLQ: Save £8* on Kids Fashion, Furniture & Toys
*Minimum purchase £80. Non-cumulative with other current vouchers or promotional offers

What would you pick?
*contains affiliate links

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Vegetarian and Vegan food guides - Paris

(I think I ate about two avocados a day when we stayed in Paris!)

We went to Paris a few months ago and for me it was the first time in the city. I completely and utterly fell in love with the place and I'm so excited to go back with Tom for our honeymoon this weekend!

When ever we go away I leave the planning to Tom. I think that's why our relationship works well, he's the organiser and I'm more of a 'spur of the moment' type person. Whilst I am usually in charge or booking the travel once we get anywhere Tom will have researched the area for weeks before and checked out the places to explore. I'm fully prepared to admit that our trips away run so smoothly (so far) due to Tom's researched and this really comes into place when it comes to places to eat.

As you are probably aware myself and Wilf are vegetarians (Tom it sort of one by default and will very occasionally eat organic meat when eating out with his family). In the UK it's never really a problem eating out (although some places could have more exciting menu options if I'm honest) but in other countries it can sometimes be tricky picking places to eat. When we took our trip a few months ago I was so grateful that Tom has researched all the great veggie street food in each area so no matter where we were wondering about we always had a near by option to head to.

House Trip have recently launched a Vegan and Vegetarian food guide for three major cities (Paris, London and Berlin). Having browsed their Paris guide I'm now totally craving a vegan burger from Hank and I even found out Soya has a resident cat that sometimes joins you for your meal!

I think something like this is perfect for veggies and vegans on city breaks and I can't wait to see what other cities they add. It's even helped me discover some places to visit on my next trip to London. Are there any gems you think are missing?

In association with House Trip 
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