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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Gifting with HomeSense this Christmas

It's December which means that we can finally fully embrace the Christmas season...even those who have been celebrating it for the past couple of weeks already ;) Yesterday Wilf and I put on Christmas songs and finished decorating our tree that we'd started on Sunday (even if I rearranged them a little in the evening because I'm a bit particular like that).

I love Christmas, I love everything about it but mostly I love the being with the ones you love, and I love spoiling the ones I love. I recently visited my local HomeSense for some Christmas inspiration and ideas for gifting the special people in my life.

I found some brilliant Lego storage heads that I'd wanted to get for Wilf for ages after seeing them in our AirbBnb in Copenhagen earlier in the year, and this star light that I really want for our own home (although I have no idea where I'd put it!). They also had an amazing selection of Brio toys which I love!

I thought I'd put a selection together of some of my other top pics in case it helps with Christmas inspiration!

I love the colouring on this woven basket, I've been looking for some for a while now so would love to stumble across these in my local store - £24.99
Sand and Cactus vase, because I'm finally into succulents a million of years after everyone else - £16.99
Copper Lamp, who doesn't love copper and this lamp is just perfect- £49.99
Wood and Metal drinks trolley, a more pricier item but so unique - £129.99
Candle holders, there is something about candles in the wintertime isn't there? So festive too! - £4.99

 What do you think of my selections? Have you visited your local store lately? Find any treasures?

In collaboration with HomeSense

Monday, 30 November 2015

Me and Mine - November

So our 'Me and Mine' this month was pretty rushed. I had been hoping there would be a new addition to the family by the time the end of the month but looks like I'm having another Decemeber baby!

We took these pictures after taking Wilf out for ice cream with his buddies for a early birthday treat (his birthday is in two weeks but we weren't sure what life would be like then so thought it would be nice to spend the day doing special things with him). We don't usually put up the tree and decorations until December but it was another one of those 'let's spend time on it now rather than seeing what it's like in a week or so'. You'll have to excuse the brown plaster behind me, we've only just finished putting that wall in our living room so the wall and the doors have yet to be painted (hopefully this week depending on when this little lady arrives!).

Out of about twenty pictures we took this was the only one where one of us wasn't a blur (or if I'm honest I wasn't happy with how my chin/s looked - thanks pregnancy!). Wilf was feeling a bit impatient to just get decorating the tree already, especially after all the sugar from his ice-cream trip this was literally the last shot we took with me saying 'can we try one more?'. Sometimes that's life though and although I know it's not a 'perfect' picture I'm still glad I captured us all this month. Especially as next months 'Me and Mine' will definitely have our fourth family member in it!.

This month has been a funny one, for the second part of it we've all sort of been 'waiting'. There's been a lot of me stressing out that things haven't been done 'before the baby arrives' and I was working on the shop until I closed it last week which was a lot more stressful at nine months pregnant than I thought. I actually said to Tom I've been so uptight I think it probably would have been impossible for me to have gone into labour!

It's my 30th birthday today which I keep forgetting about as it just doesn't seem that important at the moment. It also means I can just postpone it until next year and get to be 29 for another year ;) however if this little one decides to arrive today as a birthday present to me that would be fantastic thanks!

What have you guys been up to this month? Did you manage to get a snap together? This month I'm sending you over to Lucy from Capture by Lucy to see what her and her lovely boys have been up to this month!

Sunday, 29 November 2015


Last Saturday was a bit of a write off. Tom and I were both snappy, Wilf was being a little unreasonable and for some reason we were unable to keep our cool when it came to any kind of 'naughty behaviour'. Lunch time took two hours and involved tears and threats and I basically felt like a crap mum, we cancelled the treat we'd had planned for the afternoon as a consequence, although in hindsight it was a bit of a over reaction. 

We managed to turn it around by the end of the day with a evening walk and drink at our local pub to blow away the cobwebs and I vowed for Sunday to hold more patience (it did).

At 39 weeks I feel like I'm on the verge of such a big change but not knowing when it's going to happen is driving me a little mad! I feel tired and massive and so ready to have this baby now, I feel guilty that I can't hug my 'almost four year old' as I used to because of how large my tummy is. I feel guilty that I'm not focussing on this baby as much as I did with Wilf in these last days.

 Tomorrow I turn 30 and there are no signs of this baby coming any time soon. Wilf enjoyed a sleep over at his cousins last night to give Tom and I a little break and I did wonder if his absence might start things off (it's hard to be super chilled around when you are focussing on mama duties). It's silly but I had so wanted this little girl to arrive whilst I was still in my twenties but I'm making a vow now to stop thinking about 'when' and just try to enjoy these last days with Wilf and I as much as I can.

Wilf's birthday is actually a week after I'm due so I will have either had had a baby or be overdue and because of that we've decided to do something special for him today instead so we can really focus on him. We'll still have his cake and presents on the actual day but as soon as he's dropped back home from his aunties house we're off for ice-cream with his buddies and then spending the afternoon putting up the tree.

Next week I have a massage and acupuncture booked in just to give myself something to do more than anything! We'll see if that starts anything but in my heart I know I just have to have patience. Babies come when they are ready and there's not much I can do about that.

Any tips for keeping sane during these last days of pregnancy? Any tips for what brought on your labour? I'd love to hear them!

p.s incase you were wondering Wilf's coat and trousers in the bottom two pictures are from here (and on sale) and his coat in the top pic was from Yellow Lolly but is no longer in stock (sorry!). 

Friday, 27 November 2015

Black Friday Wish Lists

Being 39 weeks pregnant and being told at my last midwife appointment that I shouldn't expect to go into labour anytime soon (apparently the baby is even less engaged and she'd expect me to go at least a week over..*weeps*)

So all I've been doing over the past couple of days is internet shop. This baby better come soon or I'll be penniless! I thought I'd share some of my favourite sale picks (as it is Black Friday after all). Hope you like them!

black friday sale picks bode joules clarks cath kidston

1, Orla Angelina (all the Orla Kiely for Clarks shoes are now 50% off - I want this pair so bad!)

2, I seem to have become obsessed with PJ's lately! mainly because getting into bed at night it sometimes I look forward to all day lately. Plus I know I'm going to be in them for a few days post birth and you still want to feel nice don't you? Love these ones from Cath Kidston.

3, I'm really loving LaRedoute lately. They used to be a big part of my childhood as they were the only place my mum would order from via catalogue. I remember pouring over it and imaging what I'd buy when I was a grown up. I love this bag and it's currently 50% off.

4, I saw this dress at the Boden Christmas press day and fell in love. It comes in black too and feel so 60's and perfect for the season.  I really miss fitting into normal clothes!

5, This coat, ALL the love for this coat

black friday sale picks for children

1, Guards Kids knitted jumper (40% off selected items at Cath Kidston

2, I've wanted a BlaBla doll since I was pregnant with Wilf, I can never decide which design I love the most but this unicorn is amazing!

3, Want/Need this dress in my size, but might have to buy it in a one year old size in advance

4, I love these A Mini Penny necklaces from my friend Morganna's shop, I can't decide which one I love more this one or the giraffe, or the elephant, or..

5, Another Cath Kidston find but oh so cute

6, Another of my favourite indie shops is having a big sale, we got this Fisher Price camera for Wilf from there a couple of Christmases ago!

7, I have this little Christmas jumper for the baby! Can't wait to put her in it. 
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