Friday, 6 March 2015

What Wilf Wore - Melijoe

As I've mentioned so many times before on my blog, I love fashion. I love the how it can be such a creative process, how putting together a look can make you feel a certain way, I love how it can add to a photograph or make you feel more playful. I also love (love!) dressing Wilf and whilst he is three and still lets me choose his clothes for him I am taking full advantage of this! ;)

 I worked with Melijoe kids french fashion for this 'What Wilf Wore' which in an online store that specialises in independent and designer childrenswear. I actually picked out another pair of leggings as well that I'll include in a separate post but I love this little selection!

Cardigan by Billybandit
T-Shirt also by Billybandit
Leggings by Billieblush

I tend to get Wilf's leggings from the girls section as not many stores stock leggings for boys over three. I love them on boys though, they are so easy so play in and less fiddley than jeans or things with zips and buttons (especially when it comes to dressing himself).

If I had a girl to dress I would totally go for this and this (actually I'd love those in my size) clearly I have a thing for the Billy/Billie collections!
The new Stella Mc Cartney Spring/Summer range has just come out which would be perfect for a special occasion like a birthday dress/outfit. I love that shark dress!

*we were sent these items for Wilf but all words and thoughts are my own

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Our weekend in Pictures

So as you may have seen from this post that for part of the weekend I had a bit of a change to my hair. The top pic was when it wasn't quite finished as I hadn't had the front ones put in yet and I hadn't quite worked out how to style them with my hair but I think I've got used to it a bit more now.

We spent Saturday morning taking our neighbours kiddo Stella out to the farm with Wilf. They do a pretty good breakfast and coffee so well done I had to have two cups in a row..well that and the lack of sleep I seem to have lately (Wilf had a cough and then our cats started fighting with a burglar cat so coffee was much needed!).

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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

everyday is a celebration

I'm a great believer that everyday should be a celebration. I feel like lately there are so many reminders about how short life is and how the things we take for granted can be gone the next day. Clearly some of these things are out of our hands but I do think having a positive attitude has helped me turn around my day when I'm getting in a bit of a funk.

My little boy always helps to remind me to put the silly back in our day and so on a Monday morning we set out with our friends Lori and F to walk around our beautiful city with some colourful balloons.

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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Sago Mini - Fairy Tales

I'm a great fan of children's apps. I believe that 'screen time' doesn't have to be seen as a bad thing when done in moderation and I actually think they can be a really beneficial learning tool as well as a fun activity for your kids.

We discovered children's apps when Wilf was about two years old and give them full credit for averting boredom when travelling. A few times I've had to travel long journeys with Wilf by myself and there is nothing worse than getting to that point on the journey when your child has had enough. They are also a great treat for afternoon slumps when you both need a rest and as we don't have a television I feel happy to let him play on them for a couple of hours a day. 

One of Wilf's all time favourite apps actually happens to be Ocean Swimmer by Sago Mini, I'm not quite sure how we stumbled across it but I immediately loved the colours and illustrations as well as the humour to the animations. Sago Mini games aren't garish like some children's apps can be and I also love the non-competitive element that seems to run through them all.

Sago Mini asked if we (well Wilf!) would like to try out their new Fairy Tales app and see what we thought. The Fairy Tales app follows a similar structure to the Ocean Swimmer game Wilf loves so much which was an immediate plus point. Jinja the cat is the main character and flys around an enchanted forest meeting fairy tales characters. What I loved about this game was the cross over from fairy tales we know so well and the Sago Mini interpretation of the characters.

I love that it still holds the 'silliness' that amuses children and parents alike as well as a gentle exploration of the world in the game. What I find really interesting is how much Wilf likes to talk about what is going on whilst he is playing and using his imagination to describe why each character might be doing what they are doing in the animation.

We made a little video if you would like to see a little more and you can download the app here to play the game for yourself!

Sago Mini are giving the first ten people to comment on this post a free code to download so you can try the game out for yourself (or rather your little ones can!).

In association with Sago Mini you can find more of their games here

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