Thursday, 2 October 2014

Wedding Stuff

It occurred to me over the weekend that there was only two weeks until we get hitched...I'm not sure how it snuck up on me so fast but now as I write this there is a little over one week until we get hitched. Oh my gawd!

I'm sort of flit between being super laid back/excited/nervous/stressed and then laid back again in a weird circle about ten million times a day. I don't think I'm as stressed out as a lot of brides sometimes are, our wedding is going to be super low key affair and I'm hoping that will mean we are more chilled too. That being said I want it to look pretty and let's face it I want to look pretty too.

Last minute things occurred to me this week like 'maybe I should have some kind of clutch because what will I do with my phone' so this beautiful thing* was ordered. I'm hoping I haven't forgotten anything else!

A couple of friends contacted me to ask when there invites would ever arrive and I realised they are still on my mantle piece..things like that. It's all good really.

Clearly I'm not about to show you my dress but I thought I could show you my shoes and accessories. I went with Swedish Hasbeens for my shoes, they are the same pink as my bouquet which is being felted by my talented pal Lizzie who is also making my fascinator and the boys button holes. I didn't want a big heel and I know I can dance the night away in clogs!

I feel so lucky that so many of our friends are sharing their talents and making bits for our special day. My friend Little Birdie is making our cake toppers and my friend Jess is making the flowers for the tables!

I think because everything is going to be handmade, borrowed, low key and fairy simple there won't be too much to worry about on the day. I'm sure once we've got the official getting married bit over with we can relax a bit.

We got these 'push pop' confetti's from Henbox* I'd seen them in online stores before but they had always been in the US and the one thing I've learnt from this whole arranging a wedding experience is don't buy things from the states you will get hit with SO much custom tax it is unreal..and yes I got my dress from the states *sigh*. Anyway, you can buy them in the UK from these guys which is a relief. Also genuine question how much confetti is too much/too little?

I feel like there is SO much good stuff you can arrange and buy and make for a wedding it's become a bit overwhelming. Maybe because I've arranged a wedding in three months it's a little intensified but I've decided to not check my Pinterest board anymore as this is it, a week and a bit to go, eek!

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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Ordinary Moments - Perfect Play

The past few weeks have been so busy, what with the upcoming wedding (less than two weeks, yikes!) trips away, work and just general life! I really cherish the slow days I have with my little boy, trips to the local grocery shop, a babyccino date with our favourite stories to read whilst we're there, an afternoon spent going down the slide at the park. Simple pleasures that leave me feeling tired and happy and like I'm on the right track in life. 

Wilf is growing up so fast and in two years he will be starting school, something I can't even imagine right now but know it is in our future. It's not a secret that if we are lucky enough we would like to expand our little family some day and I know that these days together just him and I will be harder to come by.

I love dressing Wilf and I'm grateful that he is still of an age that he'll let me. Although fun designs are what I look for when shopping for him it's more important that they can be clothes that don't restrict him. That he can play in all day long, that can get mucky and not need to washed in a complicated way. I always think a sign of a good day is knees of jeans covered in mud!

Oh how I love this little goof ball of mine

On Wilf:

Both Jumpers - c/o Mango at House of Fraser
- the orange jumper comes in adult size too!
- I found the white pattern jumper in the girls section, always good to check in both :)
Jeans - H&M
Turquoise trousers - Mothercare
Boots - Dr Martins
Hat - (passed down from Tom)

On Me:

Jacket - Zara
Skirt - Vintage
Scarf - Next*
Trainers - Veja

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A little treat

The other day an email popped into my inbox to invite me to a spa day with the folks at NEXT. I of course took them up on the offer and on Thursday I arrived at the luxurious Champneys for a day full of pampering with a bunch of other blogging mums!

We were actually not allowed our phones in most of the areas of the spa which was an odd feeling for me. I am really aware that I am a little too attached to my phone and being connected to the internet although I always justify it as my work is so internet based. I have to admit I struggled to switch off and relax as any child free time is usually spent trying to get as much done as possible. I've realised that 'doing nothing' certainly is a skill and not one I've quite mastered yet!

We were treated to some amazing pampering treatments and then in the evening a lovely meal and chance to really chat and catch up with some lovely women. An absolute treat and one I feel very lucky to have attended, thanks Next!

One of the girls from Next was wearing the most amazing skirt and it inspired me to put together a little outfit from their new range. I'm really tempted to get them all if I'm honest!

1, Faux Fur Jacket*
2, Yes Weekend bag *
3, Grey Ankle Boot*
4, Midi Pleat Skirt *
5, Tassel Bangle*

p.s the skirt totally just fell in my online shopping bag shhh don't tell Tom!

Monday, 29 September 2014

The Flower Effect

The other day I had a knock on the door and a very cheery lady handing me this huge bouquet of flowers. I have never considered before how it must feel to work in a flower shop but delivering beautiful floral bunches of loveliness to people must be a pretty lovely way to spend your day.

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