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Monday, 20 February 2017

For the love of wall hangings

I LOVE a wall hanging, in fact I love them so much that I often wish I had more more space so that I can get more for our home. As it is we have one that I love (here) but I thought I'd list some of my favourites at the moment below.

Happy Friday wall hangings are all now reduced, going for around £24.99, grab a bargain!

I love Clementine Pepper's wall hangings, I actually have one of hers hanging up in our own living room

This dusty pink wall hanging from Home Place is so wonderful, as is everything in their store (be warned!)

A bit of a different one but I love these from Trouva, would be perfect for a children's room! Which is your favourite?

Friday, 17 February 2017

New Video - Babies and Sleep!

Hey all! Hope you had a lovely week, and if you were on half term like we were, you survived it! I popped a new video on my channel today so I thought I'd just mention it here too incase you're not a subscriber over there!
Have a lovely weekend! x

Thursday, 16 February 2017

A pop of florals

I posted a picture of this top on Instagram the other day and you guys all loved it so much I felt like it needed its own blogpost too ;)

We've been really enjoying half term so far although I guess we are coming towards the end of it now & that does make me a little sad. I've loved hanging out so much with Wilf again & he's honestly such good company. I say it pretty much every year (apart from three..three was tricky) but my favourite age is now. I guess I've had it a little easier as I have had some childcare mornings too when I get to sneak off to the cafe, open up my laptop & drink hot coffee. We've managed to fit in play dates most afternoons too which are especially nice when they involve a cheeky glass of fizz too hey Lucy?

I picked up form New Look the other day (for less than £20) it's actually sold out on their site right now but you can still get it as ASOS here.

I'm loving everything and anything with florals right now which I think might be a sign that I'm longing for Spring to properly arrive. I can really feel it just round the corner though! I love this time of year for planning for the rest of it, I can never truly decided on my favourite season as I love them all for different reasons but I think Spring just feels so promising, like that feeling in the morning when you have the whole day ahead of you.

We just booked our flights and accommodation to go visit my sister in a few months, she moved to Italy last year and I can't wait to see her, it's been ages!

Photos by Lauren Jayne Hall 

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Trying out juicing and three simple recipes!

Before I start this post I should mention that I know that 'eating better and being healthy' are often cliche resolutions we give ourselves after Christmas. I've never been too great at new years detoxes be it 'dry January' or exercising. I find January such a hard month that I wonder why we often try and make it even harder for ourselves. Instead, as February is in mid flow I find myself noticing signs of Spring cropping up. It's not so dark on the school run, daffodils are blooming and I'm finding myself not wearing 'quite' so many layers when I leave the house. So with the new season right round the corner I'm finally looking to making some healthier changes to my lifestyle.

I'm very much set in my ways when it comes to the food and drinks I have and as a mum who survives on fairly little sleep I have to say that caffeine features a lot in my day. Phillips challenged me to their 'healthy habit swap' and suggested that, with the help of their Advance Collection Centrifugal Juice I might look to make some small changes that could lead to some bigger health gains.

I've been working with Phillips and trailing this product for around three weeks now. The first thing I used it for was swapping my morning cup of coffee with a juice. If you follow my blog and Instagram already you'll know that this one might have been a toughy! I LOVE my morning coffee and I usually cannot function until I hear the soothing click of the coffee machine coming on ;) HOWEVER I had to say that I have been really enjoying a morning juice instead. I'm still drinking a cup of coffee later in my morning but I've been starting the day with a carrot and ginger juice, the ginger feels like a nice kickstarter to wake you up properly when I would ordinarily rely on caffeine.

Phillips actually have a handy app that has lots of juicing recipes on which makes life a lot simpler. I have also tried just experimenting by chucking all sorts in there but I think I'm going to stick to the recipes from now on. Some of the ones I came up with just didn't go together at all ha!

My three favourite picture here are the carrot and ginger, the celery and pear and the melon and pineapple.

I actually usually get a sweet craving around 3pm (school run time!) and am often found reaching for the biscuits so instead I've been trying going with a sweeter juice like the 'Watermelon cooler' I've just been using honey lemons instead which is why in the photos mine is so yellow.

This me using the app to make the 'green booster' which contains celery, lemon, parsley, pears and spinach!

I thought it would be fun to demonstrate me using the machine in a little video below. One of the brilliant aspects about it is that it has 'FiberBoost' technology which essentially means that is allows 50% more fiber into the drinks so you have a more wholesome juice. The other great aspect about it is its super easy to clean, it uses on a few parts and they can all be bundled into the dishwasher You can find the juicer here if you want to find out more about price points or sizing etc.

In association with Phillips photography by Lauren Jayne Hall 

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